Interactive Fiction Comp 2014


If you enjoy interactive fiction the entries for this year’s IFComp are out.

I’ve only played Creatures Such As We (which I beta-tested) and absolutely loved. But there’s some top quality authors there and I’m sure there’s some great games.


I enjoyed Creatures Such As We too, and it uses quite a familiar scripting language.


I’m hoping to find some time to play some of the other games (assuming they’ll run on my tablet).

I just played Begscape. I think it does count as interactive fiction, even though it’s not all that interactive and it’s not much of a game. It’s rather depressing. I can see what it’s trying to do and the twine medium seems to work well to get across its message. I managed to survive a whole 13 days.


I am terribly in this type of games probably due i am terribly thinking commands in english. I liked in spanish though. I have to try these maybe I am better in english like two years ago.


Yay! Mara! Hi!

There’s actually a fair number of web-based games. I think most of them are in twine and not choicescript mind you. Just avoid the ones in the fancy languages that need parsers and only pick the games with format: ‘web’ next to them.


Ah ok i more used to the typical insert verb type of if. Then i get confused with get in get into drop , give and worse with three of more words are needed … I just never found the correct word except the basic ones


The results are up at

I didn’t get around to playing enough games so I could actually vote.


There goes any free time I had left… I have so many new games to play. Krypteia and With Those We Love Alive instantly pulled me in (haven’t finished either yet.)

Update: Finished “With Those We Love Alive” by Porpentine. Sobbed throughout and for awhile after finishing it, for reasons I do not entirely understand. My inner arm is still covered with black marker symbols from wrist to shoulder. Just amazing.