Interactive fan-fiction found here!


Basically I haven’t seen proper representation of fanfiction in COG so I made this page, I believe it would be easier to write in drop box and just drop a link in the comments along with a category description and summery in the same post. You should be able to easily find something while in topic. If you wish to post somthing anonymously then send me like along with what you have written and I will post it for you under a name of your chooseing.

I just haven’t seen that much fanfiction besides occasional pm chat and a heroes rise page dedicated to mainly Jury and prodigal.


The Mary Sue Generator, now defunct, buggy, and dead, but still online, was originally created as a Fire Emblem dating sim that spiraled into something somewhat funny and time-wasting written in Choicescript.


If you want the ship to work, it will happen in fanfiction.

Btw@laguz do you have the link?


i do not think this site is for this sort of fiction do not get me wrong i do like a good fanfic from time to time but this site is not for that


Actualy I think its completely legal as long as they dont make cash with it. I even remember an erotic IF done with CS some years ago. I dont remember the name but I dont think there was any problems since it was free.


really? a sex game i thought erotic content is against terms and conditions? correct me if i am wrong


Well like I said I have no idea what happenend with that game and obviously it didnt go anywhere but I clearly remember an erotic game made on choicescript. It wasnt good but it exist. I’m also unsure about sexual content. They need to follow the app store standards but it wasnt an official or hosted title. Just an erotic game made on choicescript and that was published for free on the forum with a NSFW warning


Probably not true.

I remember the days when authors would send cease and desist letters for posting fan-fiction and fan-art online. I was once in a group where there were young teens that were traumatised by their favourite author having done this. I know things tend to be a bit more relaxed nowadays but I still remember that.

There’s been free fan games that have similarly been stopped. I’m not certain if any of these cases have ever gone to court, it’s usually enough just to receive the terrifying lawyers letters to stop people.

I think generally IP rights holders just tend to turn a blind eye to fanfiction, as long as it’s not making any profit, and so it exists in a sort of grey area.


okay sorry i was just caught off guard considering most games on this site are at worst PG-13


Well like I said it wasnt an official title (nor a famfic) but I doubt that choice of games would publish fanfic games. Like you said once though, once its free and not officialy published I dont think there is a big problem no? I dont make fanfics or read them but I assumed it wasnt much of a problem if its a free fan game.

Trust me I was too. It really was a terrible game though.


Choice of Games could publish fan-fiction, under the Hosted Games label, if you have explicit permission from the rights holder to do so. Chances of actually getting that permission, depends on what sort of fan-fiction you’re writing.

If it’s free, and not published, there can still be problems. There’s some companies and people who’re very thorough about sending cease and desist letters and threatening the big guns. Mostly though, it exists in that nice grey area of we’ll pretend it doesn’t exist if you don’t draw our attention to it and it doesn’t get too popular.


That make sense. Thanks for the clarifications!


WOW i guess the internet really has come a long way since then

i think companies have the right to stop fan games as they can confuse consumers and damage the brand name of the IP even if they not charging any money for it


Fanfiction doesn’t have to be M rated. @FairyGodfeather If anyone wants to read fanfiction posted by other users could we simply open a pm for people who want to post and read?

And it doesn’t have to be an interactive fiction anyway. Just writing with the mc and how their story progresses is perfectly acceptable.


I haven’t played any of these, but they’re all interactive fanfiction.


This is something like I wish to start here at COG, I feel that fanfiction would really flourish here. In choice script form or otherwise


Notably the Dragonriders of Pern series, everyone roleplays that but for as I remember there was no fanfiction sanctioned by the writer, who hated it and tried to take as much as possible down.

Generally, in Japan, fanfiction and art, even sold for money, is looked upon as being something to spread the word about of the original series. Which is why doujin booths exist.

Bigger multi national companies like Nintendo won’t actually take much offense with you unless you’re remaking or adapting something (see: Chrono Resurrection).

Notably with the famous Pokémon Uranium fangame the creators were only warned by the lawyers it might cause legal problems in the future, and they removed the download of their own accord, but updates and the production of that game has never actually or officially been halted in any way, and continues to this day.

This is true. The more popular a fan-created piece is, the more likely it is to be taken down.

Oh, and I’m not saying the English hacks of Fire Emblem 4 and 6 aren’t popular, they are massively, but no one’s stopped them or the plethora of hacks (there’s even hack conventions and tournaments!) even though this is also Nintendo.

Like squatter’s rights, if something has managed to exist for so many years with or without legal issue it gets sort of grandfathered in and the companies just have to let it pass.

What do you mean here?


Anne McCaffrey was the one who sent out a large number of cease and desist letters to her fanbase. She refused to allow fanfiction to be posted online. For a great deal of time she also refused to allow any non-sanctioned roleplay, and when she sold the game rights she stopped granting permission to any rp games. She even forbid artwork of her dragons from being posted online and the big art sites at the time had to refuse to allow it. None of this was for profit.

As for profit, there was a woman who asked her permission to create and sell fire-lizard plushies. Anne McCaffrey gave her written permission to do so. (I actually saw this letter.) And then she forgot about it, and sicced her lawyers onto the woman and sent a really nasty letter to her fanbase encouraging them all to harass this poor woman. I saw the scan of the letter though, it did exist. But what fan has the money to fight off the lawyers of a best-selling author?

I knew a lot of people hurt by Anne McCaffreys and her lawyers actions. I’d never want to see people hurt like that by something they once loved. It was an ugly, ugly situation.

I know that the whole MZB situation influenced a lot of sci-fi and fantasy writers in their views on fanfiction. I’m so glad things aren’t as bad as they were.

Well, if I’m writing fan-fiction of say Marvel Superheroes, chances are I’m not going to ever get the permission to publish it, right?

But say I’m a huge fan of a webcomic, and I want to write an interactive fanfiction story of that? I might be able to email the artist and get permission, and then take that permission letter to Choice of Games and go “LOOK PERMISSION!”

Petal Throne’s kind of fan-fiction isn’t it? It’s set in a world the author didn’t create, but she gained permission to write there.

I think there’s some properties it would be possible to gain permission to publish fanfiction in. You’d just need to contact the creators and ask. And perhaps work out some royalties deal.


@FairyGodfeather could we simply ask choice of games to ask permissions from the authors of games to site has commissioned? For hosted I suppose the same would go for those authors as well.

I don’t believe anyone should profit from fanfiction especially when it’s for a community’s enjoyment.


You could ask, they will probably say no. You should do the gaining permission yourself.

Plenty of people profit from fanfiction. Movies are a form of fanfiction of books. Expanded universe stuff for movies and tv shows are a form of fanfiction. Disneys movies are fan fiction.

All those remakes without the original creators involved are fanfiction. You could even say historical novels are a type of fanfiction. Unauthorised biographies. The lines are blurry.