No this is not about that i dont have enough inspiration or something like that. its about that i have too much inspiration, i have too many ideas for story’s.
i get my inspiration from everything but the problem is, i cant put those story’s into text. i see everything infront of me like a movie.
i really want to make all those story’s but there are some problems:

  1. i dont have time
  2. i’m not i writer
  3. i cant code

its just awful to have soo much ideas and inspiration but that you cant do anything with this…
so im asking for advise.



I have an idea! Give up… Just kidding. Ever actually started writing? If you see things like a movie try and write it. Sometimes you have to write to find out whether you can write well or not.

For the no time thing, I think most everybody have time to waste. If you are one of those who really has no time at all, that’s too bad.


I am probably one of the least qualified here to offer any form of advice. I am in a very similar situation as you (Except inspiration is hard for me to come by, I have found that writing exercises help me find some inspiration). Here is my advice based on the problems you presented:

  1. If this is enjoyable to you and you want to pursue it then make time for it. If not, then there isn’t a problem since your priorities seem straight. Prioritize your time.
  2. Just write! It doesn’t matter if you do not consider yourself a writer. Jot down your ideas and let your ideas flow onto paper or a word document of some sort. I may be making a false assumption here, but it seems like you are not writing anything. Writing something (no matter how silly or cliche it may be) is better than writing nothing. I would also recommend reading books on writing. I started reading a few because I consider writing a hobby of mine and I feel better equipped to write something more interesting.
  3. Learn how to code! I just looked through some code from choice of dragons and while it certainly can get complex, it actually seems fairly simple to grasp (well, that has been my experience). Here is a link to the choice script wiki tutorial that I, personally, found helpful. I am not finished with all of the articles within the tutorial but I have been learning the ins and outs of choice script. I hope this is as helpful to you as it has been to me.


Im a horrible writer my English its pure crap i got no pc to coded with and two month ago my old phone died and i lost more 20,000 text code included. And you know what i keep trying i keep recognise that my work is not good enough to be a app here but i love share my ideas and talk with people and that serve myself to improve i never be so good as great people here but i love write and i have will enough to continue soon i present a big update to my game with a short adventure intro .

So my advice write is like build a ship or some complex hobbies you need perseverance and love write if you have that come on read wiki about Choice script or pm @P0RT3R i try help u


First thanks for all the help and advise but one little problem: i’ve just read the choicescriptdev and i only understand half of everything that stands there so i will start with an easy project.
With that i mean ill make a game without stats or anything just choices that lead you trough the game.


You can also check the code of a game you have already played. That way it will be more easier to understand. I started out by reading choice of the dragon code two weeks ago. I think I have the hang of it now.


Well, you could try starting off writing really short games, testing out codes. It’s how I started off, anyway. Even if it wasn’t something I thought I’d use I tried and tested it out until it worked.

And so far, from what I’ve seen many people have sort of ‘guided’ people through their writing, giving them suggestions and so on, or you could ask someone to beta your writing (rather than the game itself).


I see things like a movie, too! ;D If it’s writing advice you want, then I’m going to agree with everyone above: Just write!

Since you seem to envision things like I do, I might be able help a bit. Write exactly what you’re seeing down, and when I mean everything, I mean EVERYTHING. Word vomit all over the place, bro. When you feel like you’ve properly laid down what you’ve seen, go back and read it. You might think what you’ve written is terrible (whenever I reread things I write I’m like ‘wtf, potato, that isn’t even a real word’), but it doesn’t matter. Just edit the ever living crap out of it. There’s always at least one good paragraph. Sometimes what you write surprises even you c:

Other than that, I think skill with writing takes practice. Write, write, write! Oh, and read, too. Find authors you like and try to emulate them. I love to do that, and then pick and choose the parts of their styles I enjoy, and others I don’t (or suck at, haha) and then mush it into whatever I’m doing.

I suck at coding so I’m not even going to go there.

tl;dr word vomit everything you’re thinking. practice writing it’s a skill like any other.


@potato I think you just word vomited all over here too :stuck_out_tongue: but you are right. My game and other stuff I write are direct influences from my fav authors.


@assassinsat I walk the walk, bro c;

I love it when authors talk about their influences! I always reread their books and go ‘YES. YES I SEE IT NOW.’ Being original is so unoriginal, ja feel?

I actually really like your writing style, assassin! Is it off topic if I ask you who your favorites are? D:


@potato I don’t know what to say about off topicness since it’s p0rt3r’s thread. But a single comment won’t hurt I hope.

My favorite authors are Bernard Cornwell, Arthur C. Clarke, Isaac Asimov, Alexander Dumas n Arthur Conan Doyle. All great authors and have different writing styles. My game is mostly influenced by Cornwell. Particularly his Grail Quest series.


now i ahve another problem :expressionless: since i have too many ideas i dont know what to start with aaargh


You can always post the ideas and ask for feedback from the community. That might tell you what to write.


Pick one idea and try to flesh it out. If it is really hard for you to pick one, write them down and randomly select one. Think of the plot in terms of the objective your lead character will have, the conflicts that will arise on his or her path to reaching that objective, and the final conflict and how it will be handled. You could even think of specific characters that will play a role in the story and try to place them in situations and consider how they might react to them. Hopefully that will give you some familiarity with your characters. There are no rules when you are writing. If an idea feels like it falls flat, move on to the next one and repeat the same process.


it would be really hard for me to just pick a random one since i make up a story with EVERY song i hear and i listen to lots of music and it seems that i have over 300 songs on my ipod… i think you can guess that i have lots of story’s.
i can do multiple things. write down all the ideas in my head atm close my eyes and put my finger on one of them.
or i can just pick one that i know lots of people are going to like.