Input text popup

When you leave *input_text blank, you get a popup saying, “Don’t just leave it blank! Type something!”

Is there a way to edit the popup text? It’s a bit sharply worded imo, plus it’d be nice to make it more immersive (e.g. In a pirate story, the popup could say, “Avast! I’ll be needin’ yer name.”)


You can’t. You’d have to tweak ChoiceScript’s source code for that.


Wouldn’t doing that make a game unpublishable? I’m sure this is answered elsewhere, but I meant to ask specifically pertaining to this sort of small edit for immersion’s sake.

Probably, but it’s best to check straight with CoG.

If you’re trying to make it an “insert your own name” type thing, I believe the better way to do that would be like this.

What’s your name?
#None of these.
   *input_text name
   *set Name "${Name}"
   "My name is ${Name}," you manage to 
   splutter out.
   *goto blah 

Idk If that’s what you mean? You can write whatever you want ahead of it, like the pirate lingo you mentioned.

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Would it be feasible to edit the popup text, @dfabulich?

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I think rather than editing the pop-up text, it might make more sense to allow the *input_text to accept blank inputs, and then you can write something like:

*label input_name
*input_text name allow_blank
*if name = ""
    Avast ye scurvy lubber! You've got to type a name.
    You've left that box blanker than Ahab's whale!
    *goto input_name

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I’ve implemented this just now in the current latest version of ChoiceScript up on GitHub.