*input_text for multiple variables?

I’m currently working on the custom pronouns [for NPCs] section of my game, and am stuck at a part.

Basically, there’s an option to input your own custom pronouns for an NPC, to allow players to give a character neopronouns. This option takes you through a few example statements where you have to input the custom pronoun into the blank.

Complete the following sentence.

[i]"And then ____ said 'no'."[/i]

Example: [i]"And then she said 'no'."[/i]
*input_text s_red

But, for a different scene, I have a different variable I need to use, but one that uses the same entered text.

For example, if the player were giving this character xe/xem pronouns, I would need the entered pronoun to be used for both the variable {s_red} and {s_recent}. So, if I were to use both {s_red} and {s_recent} in different scenes, they’d be the same text (in this example, “xe”).

However, I’m unsure how to go about setting up an input_text that goes to multiple variables; or if it’s even possible.

It would make my life a hell of a lot easier; but it’s also possible to scrape by without using it (just with a lotttt of extra scenes and time). Is anyone aware of a way to go about this, if there is one?

Letting me know if this is impossible would also be super helpful and appreciated.
Thank you for your time if you read this or respond!
Feel free to ask for clarifications if I worded anything weirdly.

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You can set any variable to another variable like this:

*input_text s_red
*set s_recent "${s_red}"

*set s_recent s_red
No need for the string format in this circumstance.


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