Ink and Intrigue [Heart's Choice fantasy WIP] [DEMO is LIVE!]

Update: I’ve just uploaded new files to dashingdon with the following changes:

  • Character customization in ch 1
  • Flavor text to reflect customization in ch 1 and ch 3
  • Added uniqueness to spicy scenes with Rae (so it differs more from the encounters with Thea), and adjusted Kai’s scenes to make them feel distinct from Teo’s.

If anyone is interested in testing those changes, I’m extending the beta testing deadline for Spring Thing to Tuesday, March 26th. After that, any feedback will be considered for the public demo and final game. :two_hearts: :herb:


A compromise for the dragonrune part might be to add a glossary/codex? Some books add an achievement pop up at certain stages that notify a player that new lore is available in the stats page. So you could give a shortened version in the text and notify the players with ‘new lore unlocked: dragon runes’, so that the players that enjoy more info can read that on their own leisure? I quite enjoy indept background information, but long exposition dumps are rarely fun.


Unfortunately I’m busy today but if I get a chance I’ll try to play and let you know something.

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That’s a good idea! I don’t know if I will do that at this point, as I feel like I’ve broken the info into bite-sized pieces hidden by choices so the player can decide how much they want to read on runes, but that’s a great alternative. I’ll see if anyone else mentions it when we do beta testing for the full game.

No pressure, and no expectations.

I’ve already received a ton of excellent feedback! If that’s all I get at this point, the demo will be in great shape. I just wanted to extend the deadline in case anyone felt inspired to do another playthough, or anyone who hasn’t gotten feedback in still wants to do so.

I’m extremely grateful for the time and thoughtful notes each beta tester has given to help me improve this demo and ultimately the final game. Y’all are awesome! :raised_hands:


Did everything go good with submitting the game?

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I’m just wrapping up revisions now. I plan to submit tomorrow. :blush::herb:


Glad to hear

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Happy weekend, all!

Update: The demo of Ink and Intrigue has been submitted to Spring Thing!

I’m planning to release the public demo here next week. Until then, I’ll be over here working on chapter 6. I had to put that on pause while doing revisions to the demo, but it’s nice to be making forward progress again. I want to finish up this game so y’all can play the full thing! I still have a few chapters to go.

Leia’s Writing World:

Before I get back to ch 6, I thought I’d share a couple of pictures with you of my writing space. I do some of my best writing standing up. Here’s my makeshift stand-up desk:

Yes, I like rocks and crystals. And the blue dragon hanging out in the purple hat in the corner is named “Seeker of Truth.” She found me at a Ren Faire two decades ago and we’ve been on many adventures together. Road trips, plane trips, forest trips, I’ve taken that dragon everywhere.

After a while, I get tired of standing or I need two screens to compare text and decide to sit down. Yes, I know, I need a proper monitor that’s bigger than a laptop screen. One of these years I’ll add that to my setup.

Here’s my sitting desk, plus some of my shelves:

The painting of the cosmic waterfall on the left there was done by a street artist in New Orleans using primarily spray paint. This guy set up as a busker, created masterpieces in like twenty minutes from spray paint and cans and newspaper, then sold them to spectators. It was fascinating to watch, and otherworldly in its beauty. That piece of art has been with me nearly as long as my little blue dragon.

Fun fact #1: I enjoyed the ACOTAR series but mostly I use the box set under my laptop because it’s the right height. Throne of Glass is my favorite SJM series thus far, though I haven’t started the CC series yet. I’ve been waiting until more books are published so I can binge the whole series in one go rather than waiting a year between installments in whatever shocked emotional state the author decides to leave me in.

Fun fact #2: I’ve never read GRRM’s A Dance with Dragons, but it’s the right size to go with the Paolini book in my standing setup. I have read Paolini’s Inheritance Cycle and enjoyed them immensely.

Fun Fact #3: I did some more work on the temporary art for Ink, which I’ve updated on the first post of this thread. Again, this is not official art, just me playing around in canva so I had a cover to submit with the demo to Spring Thing. But I did have fun with the art. Let me know how you like it!

Fun Fact #4: At this point I’m just procrastinating. :joy:

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! :revolving_hearts: :herb: :dancer:


So that’s where the magic happens! Thank you for sharing!

(And yes, I’m definitely zooming in covetously on your bookshelves.)


I was so distracted by them I almost didn’t read the post! LOL!

Speaking of, have/are you reading the Rebecca Yarros dragonriders series? It’s been pretty fun so far (I don’t know how many she’s planning onm but two have been published and I think the third has a date for early next year.)


I’ve heard that she has five books planned, and there’s going to be a TV series, too. (I have the two books published so far, but I haven’t read them yet.)


I haven’t read the Yarros series yet, though I’m sure I will at some point. I’ve definitely heard the hype and I love dragons. Glad to hear you’re enjoying it!

Very cool! I’d love to see it. They’ve been talking about an ACOTAR TV series for years and it has yet to materialize, and then they went and canceled the Shadow & Bone series, so now I’m jaded and don’t get too excited until the projects are actually in production. :rofl: That said, Christopher Paolini mentioned Eragon is getting a series. I hope they do a good job of all these adaptions. It’s such a tricky thing to get right when you have such big fandoms, but magic when they do a decent job of bringing a story to screen.


I got to hear Paolini speak at a fan convention about how disappointed he was with the film adaptation of Eragon, so I’m glad to hear it’s getting another chance. I assume he found what he said he was looking for if he ever sold adaptation rights again - someone who loved the story and wasn’t just looking to milk the YA fantasy cash cow.

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Indeed. It sounded like there had been some negotiation to ensure the adaption fit his vision. It’s such a great adventure and deserves to be brought to screen in a way that stays true to the story (or at least is in line with the author’s vision for it).

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Read them, you won’t regret it!


Fourth Wing is on my TBR stack!

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You just convinced me to order the series. I may have even pre-ordered the third book (they sold me on special edition sprayed edges for pre-ordering now). :rofl: My shelves will be that much more gorgeous! We’ll see if I wait to read it until January when the third book comes out, or dive into the story before then.


Nice to see that there are other genuine fans of the Inheritance Cycle - most people I’ve spoken to just see it as hopelessly derivative and not very well written. Which isn’t entirely untrue, but I find Paolini’s sheer enthusiasm makes up for it - you can tell he’s really invested in the world and story. Fun fact, I read Eragon before I saw Star Wars, and my reaction upon seeing A New Hope for the first time was, “huh, this is basically Eragon in space”. Although if I didn’t know which came first, I’d guess that A New Hope was inspired by Eragon and not the other way around.

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I haven’t read it for a long while, but I enjoyed being transported into a new world. The idea of bonding with a dragon is timeless and so appealing that I was fully sucked in. So many adventure stories (fantasy, sci-fi, historical, etc.) have things in common, but every writer tells their story in a different way. The fact that Paolini was so young when he wrote Eragon made the feat that much more impressive to me. I was willing to be swept up in the story, and it delivered.

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Have you played Dragon Racer (from Hosted Games)?

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