Ink and Intrigue [Heart's Choice fantasy WIP] [DEMO is LIVE!]

I’m just curious because I’m planning out my next couple days. I have a dilated eye exam on Wednesday, so I’m going to be functionally out of commission for a few hours as far as any kind of reading is concerned.


For this choice I’d really like a choice along the lines of “I won’t tell the king, but I’ll use this info if it looks advantageous to me”. Something shifty that’s about personal gain rather than loyalty to the king.


I’m so glad that this thing is out!

And I’m so glad that you decided to present a demo for Spring Thing!

All the best! I could beta-test yours and multiple others at once, situation pending.

Once again, this is going to be as good as Their Majesties’ Pleasure. (And Poetry and Passion to boot too.) Looking forward to when the flower is in full bloom!

I pretty much based my current projects of Hannah’s Honor Bound template as well.

Well, the pacing should be better this time.


Thank you! I’m pretty excited about it myself.

You’re the second person to comment on that, so I’ll be adjusting that choice for sure!

Quick Update: Good morning from the west coast of Canada! Thank you to everyone who has already sent in feedback! I really appreciate your time and suggestions.

I’m hoping to do a round of revisions later today. I’ll post here once I upload new files, but I will probably wait until tonight to update the demo in hopes of not interrupting anyone’s playthrough.

Big gratitude to those of you who have reached out for the demo link, and everyone who has commented with encouragement. I hope you have a fantastic day! :herb:


A 4/5 peppers game. Sign me up. Can’t wait for it! :hot_face:


I’m just getting to your feedback now in revisions. Regarding item 2, you’re absolutely right on both counts. :rofl: I went for the latter so as to be less formal, as the king is the PC’s uncle, and they have a very close relationship in which the king would’ve emphasized loyalty and fealty. But if it pulled you out of the story, I might change it to something entirely different, like a fake name for the king.

Your other points are solid, and changes are in progress. Thanks again for taking the time to play and look over the code!


No worries, it didn’t. I’m always a strong believer in breaking the rules when it comes to writing fantasy stories. :smiley:

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Update: I just uploaded new files to dashingdon to reflect feedback received. Apologies if I interrupted anyone’s gameplay. Thanks for all the notes so far!


I’m a slow reader and I’m mildly dislexic so I just got done with ch.1 I’ll send most of my feedback on the feedback form to prevent a long cluster of mess here, but I did have one thing stand out.

I really enjoyed the twist you put on Griffins being shapeshifters and not just a hybrid beast. I’m a big fantasy nerd and enjoy new perspectives and ideas and this was fascinating.


Ok just finished my first run and sent in a feedback from, but I have to say that I’m really excited to see more of the game in the future.

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This is interesting. I’m interested in playing the demo, but I just want to know if the LIs here are involved with each other like the ones in your other game, Their Majesties’ Pleasure? Personally, I feel a little weird and left out if the LIs already have an established relationship without MC.

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Fom the FAQ:

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Thanks very much for your feedback! I really like the additional options you suggested and will see how I can work those in. I’m glad you enjoy the twist on the Griffins being shapeshifters. I love fantasy for the ability to do pretty much anything as a writer (not always easy, but definitely fun)!

As Hannah pointed out from the FAQ, none of the romance options in Ink and Intrigue are in relationships when you meet them, nor are they interested in anyone else. Though a lot of players enjoyed the polyamorous dynamics in TMP, quite a few people expressed similar thoughts to yours, so I took that into consideration when writing Ink. I hope you’ll enjoy it!

There are some spicy moments for sure, if the player chooses. Thanks for your interest!


By the IF gods people actually post IF in this part of the forum? I thought only hosted games gets all the new IFs

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Fewer CoG and HC authors than HG authors post in the forum, partly because a forum beta is more or less a requirement for HG, partly because there are fewer CoG/HC authors under contract than aspiring HG authors. But there are a few CoG and HC authors who seek forum input as part of the development process.


Sure, there are a few that are currently in progress - worth having a look! :slightly_smiling_face:


Update: For those of you who have volunteered to beta test, I’ve just uploaded new files to reflect feedback received in the last couple of days. Apologies if I interrupted anyone’s gameplay. Thanks for the excellent notes, all. Much appreciated!


Hi I Just Found This Book Game & Find The Story Interesting & Was Just Wondering Do U Plan On Making Sequels?!

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Hi! That’s wonderful that you’re interested in the concept of Ink and Intrigue! There are so many stories that could be written in this world, and I was just telling a friend earlier today that I could easily make more game jam entries and spinoffs from Ink. I guess I’ve already started with Poetry & Passion, which is set in the same location.

In general, sequels can be tricky to do in interactive fiction if they’re trying to extend the same story, because there are so many paths and branches and variables that it gets to be extremely complicated to wrap up one game, much less bring all of those variables and possible outcomes into another game and keep building on them. What is more often done is to write standalone games in the same world. Ink and Intrigue is a standalone set in the same world as Their Majesties’ Pleasure. I wouldn’t call it a sequel, exactly, but it’s definitely related.

While I do have other game ideas set in this same world, they don’t take place on the same island nor do they focus as much on the Kitherin (though Kitherin do come into play). As far as how many games I plan on writing in this world, that’s something I’m not able to answer right now. I have quite a few concepts, but I’m definitely a writer that needs to focus on one project at a time. Once I finish this one, I’m likely to write another.

Thanks for your question!


As I’m reading over feedback and doing revisions, the hardest decisions are always when I’m not sure if I want to apply a suggestion.

On average, I agree with 95% of the feedback I get, and make changes accordingly. Most of the notes I receive make the game better, and I am grateful for all of them. Even the ones I don’t apply make me think. Sometimes, I consider them for a while before making a decision about whether I’ll make changes.

One such suggestion was to shorten the descriptions of the runes in chapter 3. I can totally see this point (if your eyes are glazing over and you’re skimming the text that’s super helpful for me to know), but I’m also thinking there might be a lot of people who want more in-depth information because dragon runes are such a big part of the game. Perhaps I need to add a choice there so players can decide if they’re interested in more details. I do this in some places but not all. So that’s one I’m thinking about.

Likewise, deciding how many character appearance options to include is something I’ve contemplated since May of last year, when I was doing a 3-week beta testing marathon to get Their Majesties’ Pleasure ready for release. I had a couple people mention they thought there should be more character options then, and I’ve had a comment on that for the demo of Ink and Intrigue.

First of all, wanting more characterization options is totally valid. People have strong opinions on this. There’s a forum topic devoted to this subject, and I am clearly in the minority being someone who would rather skip setting appearance details like hair, eye, and skin color, height, etc. I find it tedious because I just want to dive into the story. I want to be able to set gender, but that’s about all I need. I focus on who my character is and what motivates them. I can envision an image easy enough in my head, so why do I need to make a bunch of choices that delay the story? I realize there are people who don’t see pictures in their heads, so I’d imagine choosing character attributes help quite a bit if that’s the case.

When I write, I focus on how the PC feels, thinks, and acts. What they say and do.

I’m thinking of including eye color and skin color, but then you have to include hair color, and if you include hair then is it short/long/wavy/bald? It just spirals. :rofl:

I will look to see if I can fit a few of these into the first chapter, but I don’t want to slow it down. If I end up leaving it at gender and anatomy, I hope you’ll enjoy the story anyway. But I haven’t made up my mind yet. Feel free to toss your ideas my way!

I don’t want to derail the topic here, as there’s another thread to discuss character options, but if anyone has specific attributes they’d like defined in Ink and Intrigue, I’d love to hear what those are.

  • I prefer lots of character customization.
  • I really only need gender/pronouns definined.
  • I don’t mind either way.
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What options are most important to you?

  • Eye color.
  • Skin color.
  • Hair color.
  • Hair style.
  • Height.
  • Weight.
  • Other.
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FYI, I am unlikely to add size options for nsfw anatomy, but feel free to imagine all you like! Also, I’m really of the opinion that less is more for character optimization.

I know, this is IF, more is more. MOAR WE SAY!

Maybe I’ll come around. I look forward to your thoughts on this, as it’s something I might be adding in the next couple of days.