Infinity series fanworks thread

With the infinity series being so popular, I thought it would be nice to have a specific topic where we can share all of the fan creations to avoid clogging up the lords thread. Everything is welcome here, doesn’t matter if it’s memes, fanart, fanfic, etc…

I’ll start with some of my freshest memes



some 2b memes


An excellent home for Infinity Memes.



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I gotta say, I stopped playing this series very early (not very trans) but I’m very impressed by these high-quality memes!


I suck at drawing humans, so let me show you a sertain character as a bunny.

Behold! A bun-bun! With a gun-gun!



How can I simultaneously love something and hate it so much at the same time (also, I’m not sure if the monty Python killer rabbit reference was intentional or not, but bravo :laughing:)

untitled MC/Caz buddycop fanfic that I'm working on

‘This is it, my big chance’ you think as you step into the Fernandescourt precinct. While working near mayor Rendower would have brought you closer to being the youngest captain in the history of the infinite sea, chief Findlay’s precinct is still respectable (if not as glamorous as the Aetoria or Tannesberg precinct) and you might still be able to fulfill your dream.

As you step forward, you’re faced with a bear of a man with an impressive beard, he looks at you with confusion before saying “can I help you, young man? Field day is still a week today.” ‘Typical’ you think, because of your young age, nobody ever believes that you’re a detective. ‘The baby detective’ they used to call you back at home, but you never let them get to you. “No, sir. I’m the transfer from Aldershall.” You say, perhaps a bit too sharply, but he doesn’t mind, instead he smiles “Ah, they told me that you’re young. But I didn’t expect you to be this young. Anyways, I am chief Johannes d’al Findlay. A pleasure to meet you.” He extends his hand, which you eagerly shake, glad to at least have such a friendly superior, “the pleasure is mine.” You say.
“Now, I assume you want to have a tour of the precinct ?”
Chief Findlay shows you around the new precinct, which has a different layout from the old one you note.
At the end of your tour, Chief Findlay takes you to your desk. Next to it, two figures are in a heated argument, which everyone else is ignoring, indicating that it’s a common occurrence.
“I don’t care how much of a dangerous drug dealer that man was! When someone takes a civilian hostage, you don’t shoot at them!” yells The figure on the right, a man with surprisingly pale skin for a region such as Cunaris, and sea blue eyes that go nicely with his skin, if they weren’t intent on glaring at the second figure.
“The hostage was unharmed, and the suspect only suffered a minor injury, which in my opinion is letting him get off easy. I don’t see why you’re complaining, Elson. I still got the job done.” States The second figure, a dark skinned, and quite tall fellow, his cold grey eyes contain the promise of vengeance should seldom continue.
“I swear, Cazarosta, that you do this just to piss me off.” He sighs before storming off, just to have a burly hand grabs him by the shoulder. “Leaving without greeting the rookie, Elson ?” Chief Findlay asks, “sorry you had to witness that. You’re the transfer from Oldershelf, right ? I’m Davis d’al Elson. Glad to meet you.” He gives you a smile which doesn’t reach his eyes.
“Carry on, Elson” Findlay dismisses Elson, he then introduces you to the tall fellow who seems to be filing reports “Rook, this is Caius d’al Cazarosta.” You extend your hand for a shake, but he ignores it “Another country hick with dreams of fame and glory. Why even bother introducing him when you know he’ll run away back to his mother in tears in 2 weeks ?” He says without looking up from his papers. You open your mouth to respond to this rudeness, Chief Findlay cuts you off “is that anyway to greet your new partner, Cazarosta?”.
“Oh?” He simply answers, his face betraying no emotions “another one of those ? I told you before, sir, I work alone.”
“Not everyone can jump out of a 3 story building, Cazarosta, it wasn’t his fault.” Findlay answers patiently, although you detect tiredness in his tone.
“The saints clearly willed me to succeed in my arrest. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have survived that jump. Shouldn’t that have been enough of a sign for my former partner ?” He then turns to you “I will tolerate neither cowardice nor lack of faith.”
Saints-be-damned, you are not looking forward to partnering up with this man.
“I trust that you’ll behave as befits two officers of the TPD.” And with that, the chief leaves you and your partner to yourselves.
“So-” you begin, trying to break the awkward silence, but are immediately cut off by Cazarosta who looks up from his reports “there’s no point in wasting breath on small talk, when we both know you’ll leave in 2 weeks.” And with that little exchange, he burries his face in his papers once again, and continues to ignore you.
A few days pass where you familiarize yourself with the precinct, and those who occupy it.
You notice that the two most distinct people are also the people you first met arguing near your desk.
First there is detective Elson, who you always find surrounded by a group of other officers. And while your interactions with him have been polite, you also detect a hint of smugness in his tone when addressing you specifically.
Then there’s Cazarosta, who you always find swamped with case files, at the shooting range, or at the gym. Seemingly having no free time nor friends. Your attempts at getting to know him have been met with glares, and on one occasion, awkward small talk.
Still, you prefer Cazarosta’s aloofness to Elson’s barbs. And what are partners for if they don’t stick with each other ?
You notice that your decision to get closer, while he doesn’t quite open up, he does tell you a bit about his life. He also gives you some advice in the shooting range, and your marksmanship skills increase substantially.
After a few weeks of the same routine, chief Findlay finally calls you into his office along with Cazarosta and Elson. When you enter, he greets you and motions for you to sit down. “I know you’re itching for some action, rookie. That’s why when I got a tip that someone is smuggling weapons from Antar to Callindria, and they’re docking here to resupply. I figured I’d let you and Cazarosta handle it. You’ll also be taking Elson as back up. Deputy director Englessy also saw fit to send a team of NCIS special agents considering the importance of this operation. You’ll find them waiting for you there. Now go.”
While you’re not excited to be working with Elson, you are excited to be assigned such a high profile arrest on your first field day.
You immediately get into Cazarosta’s Hemi Cuda and fall into an awkward silence. It is finally Elson who breaks the silence “this guy is about to get bitten… By the law. YEEEAA-” you immediately turn and glare at him which causes him to shut up, earning you a nod of approval from Cazarosta.
When you finally arrive at the dock, you notice that the ship you were supposed to board is already leaving. It seems the NCIS agents have alerted the smugglers. Cazarosta is undeterred by this, though. He calmly drives towards a conveniently placed ramp truck. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” shouts elson. “The suspect must be apprehended, and the only way to accomplish said objective is to resort to…unorthodox methods. Is that not so?” Replies Cazarosta, as if he was fetching coffee instead of performing a suicidal leap. Realizing that this ride might get very bumpy, you quickly buckle your seatbelt.
Somehow you manage to land on the ship, but not without damage. Cazarosta’s 'Cuda is completely wrecked, Elson is down for the count, and you think you might have cracked a rib. Cazarosta is without a scratch though, and if he is, he doesn’t show it. He nonchalantly steps out of the wreckage, drags you out, then unholsters his pistol. He then forces you on your feet “sleeping on the job will get you fired, rookie. And that will be of some inconvenience to me.” At first, you think you’re hallucinating from the pain, but you’re sure of it. Was that an attempt at humor of Cazarosta ?
But you don’t have time to dwell on it. Now that you’re able to stand on your own, you and Cazarosta are about to move when 3 smugglers emerge. Immediately you take aim with your pistol and clip one of them in the shoulder, forcing him and his companions into cover.


I have another bunny character!

A certain knife-ear with barbarian eating utensils

By the way, I was looking for character appearances and couldn’t always find them.
Does anybody here know how young Wulfram looks (apart from being youngish, broad-shouldered)? Or Castermaine (I only found that he turned an even deeper shade of red than normal)? Or what color Warburton eyes are (I know he is blond and fashionable, but the eyes)? How do Garret and Renard look (they were described as handsome, but how exactly)?
I need that because of reasons.


I believe young wulfram would be just a few years older than renard. Other than that I couldn’t help you but you could always ask the author for said things or check his patreon (IF that is how it’s spelled) and see if it is there.

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The handsome bastard spy enters the club!



latest batch of 3A memes


Meme based off the latest soldier’s guide to the infinite sea article