Infimus! - Supervillainy, Self-Loathing And Shapeshifting

I really like the concept for this one! Can’t wait for more, especially when we can start wrecking havoc >:^)

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Okay, fixed a few more issues during the interview and got some testing apps working. Hopefully a lot less bugs going forward.

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Got to the ‘play again’ screen, so that’s a win! The interview itself was fun, wet blanket though my MC was about agreeing to it. :grin:

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This kinda looks better than Fallen hero, actually. Excited for the coming updates🙂

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Got a pretty meaty update in the works. Will be out Monday at the latest. For now, I’ve uploaded a somewhat WIP version of the stats screen. There’s mostly cosmetic changes left (it looks a bit too busy rn), and maybe a traits system.

So, coming update:

  • Discover the nature and full extent of your powers
  • Pet the walrus
  • Get acquainted with Infimus’ RPG systems, which I’d describe as a combination of those of two of my favorite games - Disco Elysium and Fallout New Vegas.

New Vegas and Disco Elysium.:smiling_imp::smiling_imp: Best villain in games.

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Anybody here seen the movie Tusk? Look it up! It’ll ruin walruses for you. Haha! @No_Ichor No need to play your game, for me, now. I’m doin’ that shit in real life!


You just had to bring that up, I still can’t watch anything with Justin Long in it and I usually love horror movies.


UPDATE 1: Method Before The Madness

  • Walrus petting (after popular demand)
  • Getting blasted with a flamethrower by a viking
  • First version of the player attributes system, which will include Archetypes (classes, basically), Skills, and Traits. Right now there’s only an introduction to skills and skill checks.

Roadmap here.

Play the game at:

This is, in large part, just laying the groundwork for things to come. I plan to be done with a first draft of chapter 1 by the end of this month. That will contain, alongside character creation, an introduction to the game’s world and to certain characters that will play a crucial role through the game. I’ll then take some time to really polish that before moving on to the meat of the game. I want chapters to be something that can be played from beginning to end as a fully featured and fledged out experience: I think that format works best for the kind of constant updates the game will get. But that’s just the plan. Doesn’t usually survive contact with reality.

Thanks for playing <3 and as usual, yell at me about any bugs on here.


Found this:
Error when grabbing the dumbbell.
I think there’s a continuity problem if you select the walrus, nothing about the walrus pops up after choosing walrus.
I’m interested in reading further :slight_smile:

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Looking at this rn.

EDIT: Ok, should’ve fixed the dumbbell issue and a bug inside the walrus scene.