Infimus! - Supervillainy, Self-Loathing And Shapeshifting (12/2/2021 MAJOR UPDATE: Noise Art)

Unfortunately it still seems stuck in a infinite loading loop, I’m not experienced with making games so I can’t tell you what the issue might be, sorry.

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Okay, I’ve looked directly at Dashingdon’s hosted files and it appears there was a mismatch between the file I uploaded and the one actually running in the game. Meaning, it tried to load a scene that didn’t exist.

I think that was it? Works on my end.

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Hey @No_Ichor


I enjoyed the demo! Made me think of… Persona?

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The nice thing about annoying bugs appearing now is that they help you to remember more intuitively the skills you’ll need to develop while practicing–and getting better at writing in–choice script. It might not seem like it in the moment, but trust me on this; practice makes perfect, and you’re doing great! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I found this when playing the demo

Both of the above bugs should be fixed now!

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Never have I been so happy to see a ‘play again’ screen. Glad the bug from before is fixed, the rest of the demo was really interesting! I liked the little scene where we described our character’s life, really fleshed out the story. Can’t wait for the next update :slight_smile:

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Ummmm am I the only one getting a scene where one of the options says “John has it” or something along those lines when talking to the fox?

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I haven’t played much but… this is amazing!:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
I’m a huge fan of the supervillain/superhero genre and seeing such a unique take on it is— as I’ve said before, amazing!:grin:
Btw, the reason that I haven’t played much is because I encountered a bug where I’m talking to the fox about two suns being in the sky, and I had the option of choosing: “You can choose how the sky looks?” And then something came up that said: hall_of_villains line 92: Illegal mixing of spaces and tabs; this line has a tab, but there were spaces on line 91

For some reason, I couldn’t post a screenshot. Maybe it’s because I’m new here. Anyway, good luck with fixing the bug and developing this game. I’ll be sticking with this every step of the way😊


@AMER1CANN1NJA09 nope when I played a couple hours ago I came across the same thing and got a little further in play and it gave me a error message that ended the game prematurely from the sounds of it.

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Okay, the bug in the part where you talk to the Fox should be fixed.

7/22/2021/ - DEVLOG 1: The Plan and the Crew
Things done: Bugfixing, save slots, framework of plots system
Next up: Finish plots system, hideout

I used to play a lot of Payday 1 and 2. Those games are explicitly based on the classic ideal of the heist movie. Think Heat. The crew sits in front of a blueprint of the bank, looks at entrances and exits (maybe they’ve aleady scoped out the area), prepares their equipment, discusses the risks and benefits of different approaches. In Payday 2, this was simulated by the game’s lobby, before the match starts, being a giant blueprint of the area people usually drew dicks on. Might’ve changed since I last played it, dunno. I remember playing with a group of friends and roleplaying the planning of a perfect heist. We’d decide our roles and select our classes accordingly, talk about patrol routes and where to place jammers or hide bodies. Someone would, invariably, accidentally shoot an NPC or fall off a building or clip through a door and we’d have to go loud. But the time spent thinking about who does what, and how, was as entertaining as the act itself. It’s similar in the superhero genre: the enjoyment from any mischievous deed a supervillain might do comes, in no small part, from The Plan, regardless of it succeeding or not. The idea alone is tantalizing.

The Plan depends primarily on who’s involved. Maybe you’ve got a dude who can turn into a giant…antropomorphic…wall. Like in that old Spiderman comic. Maybe someone who can phase through walls, but only if they can see what’s on the other side. Or a robot whose powers are entirely random, depending on the spin of its slot machine eyes. You, the evil mastermind behind it all, might come up with a plan. But you’re gonna need a Crew to help you carry it out. And, of course, this sets the stage for a plethora of fun interactions between the PC and other characters, as well as between the characters themselves. What better time for a heart-to-heart about each other’s emotions than a high stakes chase away from the bank, scrunched together by dufflebags full of cash?

This week I’ll focus specifically on the above: building a system where you can pick from a list of Plots and plan them out in their finest details. You will also be acquainted with your first hideout, for now only a dinky apartment somewhere in central Burgoyne.

Each Plot is a more or less self contained scenario which both advances the story and provides opportunities to grow your character and interact with others. They’re intended to be replayable sandboxes - think Hitman levels, perhaps? if you squint? - that can be completed in the order and, most importantly, in the way you want. Actions build character, so what will your Manifold be like? What kind of villain will you turn out to be? Going back to the bank robbing example: do you jump in, puts your masks on, take hostages and blow up the vault? Fry the alarm system, quietly incapacitate the guards and take the cash before anyone can notice? Are you willing to endanger civilians? How will the members of your crew react to your decisions?

I’ll try to fit in something regarding the Crew system, but it will be barebones. I’ll expand it later. FYI, I’m kinda busy this weekend, update may slide to next Thursday.


Uploaded the beta of the Accomplices With No Accomplishments update, rewritten part 1 further. I think I’ve finally found the voice and setting I wanna use. Next week I’ll bring it out of beta, and upload an early version of Forty Cakes.


Nice. Great on you for having a clear direction with the story, can’t wait for how it develops.

One small problem though: the update broke the game.




And yeah, something I will set up next week is an “unstable” version of Infimus on Dashingdon, as a separate game entirely. That should avoid the whole thing going down if bugs like these happen.

DEVLOG 2: A Profile of the Sly Fox
Every good superhero story needs a mastermind. What’s All-Star Superman without Lex Luthor, Watchmen without Ozymandias, any of the best Fantastic Four stories without Doom?* The archetype is as old as the genre itself, with mustachioed scientists or crime bosses planning every step of the hero’s demise. It has endured for good reasons: when your protagonist has immense power, you can either pit them against someone who’s as strong (the old “yeah but my Big Muscly Dude can like hit harder than yours”) or someone who’s smarter. The former can work, sure, but it’s harder to wring a full story out of it. The latter naturally lends itself to long, complicated and sometimes ridiculously contrived plans.

The sign of the Visage, in Infimus, usually marks this kind of villain. The Sly Fox is no exception. His power - being able to create illusions - isn’t particularly useful in a straight battle, and he can’t participate in any kind of actual fight due to the small issue of being dead. But if you’re stuck in an extradimensional purgatory with hundreds of the most inglorious bastards the world has ever seen, it takes a different kind of skill to rise to the top. Being Host of the Hall doesn’t necessarily mean the Fox decides what the Hall as a whole does - that’s to be decided democratically, after all - but it does mean he wields a massive amount of influence, second only, perhaps, to the Black Dame herself. Or Sinkrep, depending on who you ask.

John’s past will be explored at some point during the game. For now, I can tell you he was born in Victorian England, cocooned in wealth and privilege, but fell spectacularly from grace at a young age. Through scheming, backstabbing, and all kinds of mischief he eventually rebuilt his fortune. Rich, intelligent, if not particularly beautiful then certainly charming, he nonetheless repulsed everyone - sometimes men, sometimes women - who ever got close to him. A poet of some renown, and whose heart he broke, wrote him a sonnet that compared him, befitting the imagery of the era, to an island full of cannibals. Beautiful from afar, and for a little bit when you get there. But you won’t stay long without being devoured.

One day, after riding alone through his fields, one of very few villains to ever live past fifty, he sat on a hill and looked back at all he had accomplished. He reached out his hand, and with his powers turned his vineyards into a raging fire, made a ruin of his mansion, a desert of the immense, perfectly groomed rose gardens behind it. He grinned, his eyes like embers, waved, and the illusion was gone. When he came to the Hall, he looked at it, and all of human history, with that same spark.

*I’m contractually obliged to link a MF DOOM song whenever I mention the good Doctor.


The game isn’t allowing me to save the game. Have you included the command *sm_init in startup?

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Fixed, thank you! Yeah, I accidentally overwrote the right version with one that had sm_init commented out.

UPDATE 4: Alone Together

  • Become beer. Or another alcoholic drink of your choice.
  • Enter, stage left: Flowerboy/Flowergirl.
  • Hang out. Just, you know, three perfectly regular wannabe supervillains hanging out on an extremely hot couch.

Play it on the beta branch here:

Meanwhile, Accomplices With No Accomplishments is now part of the stable branch. You can play it here: