Infimus! - Supervillainy, Self-Loathing And Shapeshifting (12/2/2021 MAJOR UPDATE: Noise Art)

okay, sneaky Monday update. you can now wallow in your imprisonment, and also meet one of my favorite characters. she has already been mentioned, but now you will end up face to face with her. hope you enjoy



huh, thank you, I have no idea how QuickTest didn’t detect that. should be fixed


Quick test only does one play through. Try random test and set it to do between 5 - 10 play throughs. Whether you want to see all the text and choices is up to you but it locates bugs far better than quick test. That is just based on my experience.


Quick update with the leadup to a fight scene. Planning a big one later next week, possibly even by Wednesday - should have a lot of time to work on this, if all goes well.


Ooo I love supervillains, so I’m already super interested to see where this goes! Best of luck to you!


okay, what the hell, I wanted to finish the entire part before updating but it’s perfectly playable now. Going at a steady pace, if that holds up there should be a major update this weekend. meet Adagio, yall. He’s very fun to write.


updated with the end of the Operation! hope you enjoy


theres no return option in the ingame settings


It’s working in my local copy, just uploaded it to the website. Is it fixed on your end? If not, could you please post a screenshot of the page lacking it?

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I have the same problem.

aha, I was looking in the wrong place - it should work now!

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Yikes. Now I get an error message when I open the link.

splash_page line 101: Illegal mixing of spaces and tabs; this line has a space, but there were tabs on line 100

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okay, reuploaded the whole thing, works both locally on the website now, at least for me. sorry for the inconvenience, hope it’s good now

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Not sure if it’s just me, but I’m getting an error message after creating my character in the Quickstart menu.
Our apologies; there was a 404 error while loading game data. Please refresh your browser now; if that doesn’t work, please email with details.

its working now on my end :>

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UPDATE #18 - Infimus Redux

Changed a lot of things. More on the whys and wherefores in a devlog, which should return this week, alongside the rolling out of this as a proper update. I very much recommend a whole new playthrough. But for now, here’s the biggest changes since the last major update :

  • 1/8th of the game (~10 000 wrds) has been totally rewritten. Changed the order of events when you come back to Earth, when you enter the Palazzo, and gave another pass to a ton of other places. In general, I think the game flows much better.
  • Three new scenes in both of the first two Chapters. Features encounters with your mysterious extra-dimensional patron the Black Dame and your psychic crime boss Yes. Also a heart-to-heart with Clutch. Everyone loves Clutch.
  • Chapter 3 has been added. It’s ~15000 words long, and features more Karat. Everyone loves to hate Karat.
  • Various quality of life adjustments. Profanity filter, quickstart menu, 4th wall breaks toggle.
  • Added more dialogue with Karat in the last Chapter.
  • Added a 4th wall breaks toggle. A character does those sometimes, so you can disable ‘em if you’re not into that.
  • Fixed the walrus petting scene’s timeline. It didn’t really work before. This is extremely important.
  • Greatly simplified the way the game is organized in chapters. It had frankly too many title cards before - there’s only 3, now.

Play it on…I would say the beta branch, but I accidentally uploaded it to the main one anyway. So, play it here:


03/26/2021 - DEVLOG #14: Ok, Let’s Do This Again

After a series of extremely busy months, I’ve had a few recent changes in my life which mean I have a lot more time to devote to writing in general and to Infimus specifically. Recent updates have been infrequent and small - I intend to change that. To hold myself accountable, I’ll include a general list of what I’ve done and what’s up next, and how many words I wrote since my last post in every devlog and update. Of course, word count is not necessarily indicative of actual work done: interactive fiction is as much actual game dev as it is writing, so I’ll also try to include code and/or other supplementary work (ex. art, music, prose, etc). It will look something like this:

Things done/Next up:

  • X words written
  • Title cards for [chapter]
  • Implemented [new feature]
  • Rebalanced [mechanic]

So, I’m going to take this as a fresh start. I want to make Infimus sleeker, smarter and sexier. I’ll tackle the first of these in this devlog, the rest this Saturday or next Wednesday. In unrelated news, I’ll also try to get back into crossposting things to Tumblr.


I am very much the archetypical writer: something clicks, I get inspired, and I get so consumed by an idea I can hardly stop working on it. Not that I can’t write without that spark: it’s just harder, less enjoyable, and tends to result in worse work. Unfortunately, that impulse fizzled out somewhere after the introduction, as soon as the protagonist leaves the Hall. It came up again, here and there, but it wasn’t consistent. The worse my work was, the more flaws I saw in it, and the less inspired I was to work on it, which resulted in worse work. That created a vicious cycle I hope to have, through far too many rewritings and rejiggings, escaped out of. The biggest part of this process was redoing the game’s plot.

It was, looking back at it, kind of awkward and poorly paced. The particular pain points, in my view, were the part where the PC comes back from the Hall after visiting the Reveries, and the one where they’re captured by Karat. The whole Noiseart mission was also a bit underwhelming: it should’ve been weirder, more interesting, and allow for more player interaction. Yes and No felt like they kind of came out of nowhere and remained in the background, with the real center of the story being Karat. I ran with that, and have tied all of it - Yes, No, Karat, criminals and corporations - into something more personal and, by the time I finish telling that part of the story, much more tight and satisfying.


Honestly, it make sense for a Supervillain story to be more personal, since Supervillains tend to see the world through a ‘it’s all about me’ lenses and they’d focus more on an actively obstructive superhero than two feuding pseudo-allies they plan to leave in the dust fame and power wise.

Not sure if I make sense but in short the new direction make sense to me so far.


Yeah, exactly. Fighting superheroes is fun, and I want a lot of it in my game.