INFAMOUS IF (BAND WIP) CHAP 2. P1 OUT (178k words)

So during the first confrontation with Seven in the prologue, where they notice your tattoo (or don’t), there’s a bit of a goof in the code - I had the tattoo lasered off, but I got both that, and the text about the tattoo still being there.

And another in chapter one - when getting to the tour buses, when you’re prompted for how you respond to the crowds, the option to find the attention overwhelming and to turn away from the car window is, for some reason, marked as a +5 to Outgoing.

During chapter two, in spite of choosing to ride with Underground Wastebasket and having the bed fight with them, the very next scene for some reason has Soft Violence in the bus with us. And I’m noticing that it’s a rather consistent issue, since there keeps being mentions of Seven’s band on the bus when there shouldn’t be.


Do you guys have any theory about the game? Like why G picked mc’s band? Or who Seven keeps calling? Or what’s the feud between Blake and G about? The cheating allegations?

I think Blake and G were friends back in high school and something happen there, maybe G stole a song from Blake? Or did something similar to what happened to the Seven and the band.

As for Seven, I think their mother might have some health issues and they call her caregiver or something like that to have some updates. The mc’s mother also tells the us to call Lucy so something is definitely going on with her.

Admittedly I’m the worst at predicting things so I’m probably super off.


Just played this a bit, pity Blake is not a romance option. Love me a hot boy in leather! To whit why is the mc saddled with ripped jeans in the edgy photo shoot when Rowan and our rival Blake both wear actually sexy outfits with leather pants? It seems to almost assume the mc has a shy and awkward personality in this scene, which mine doesn’t or at least shouldn’t on account of how much I chose the outgoing/flirtatious options in everything except the songwriting book.

The Dad and Seven are cool too, but not as sexy as Blake. But for me the scenes with the Dad have the same problem as the edgy shoot where it almost seems the game expects the mc to be the shy introverted artist by default and I generally find the game plays much more smoothly if you choose that type of personality but I didn’t do that and wanted my mc to be a more (stereo)typical “bad boy” lead singer.


I feel like number one motivation was definitely to make sure Blake didn’t make it through (which didn’t work). Why MC specifically, not sure, but they do mention they picked the band because MC’s in it, not because of the rest of the band, which gives me not great vibes honestly.


Blake is a subromance option, meaning you can romance them but the author has full control of the narrative and they decide if you’ll have your hea.

As for the mc being shy naive, yeah I also have that feeling and it seems to be the case from what I’ve previously read on tumblr. The mc is new to the industry and is learning how to navigate it, I understand this type of naivety but not when it comes to how you build their personality.

Agree! Besides their obvious dislike for each other G’s probably afraid of what Blake could reveal.

At first I thought G was simply attracted to the mc (the I picked you line mostly sold it) but the author said it’s not it, then I thought they might have picked us for the drama with Seven and to raise rating and give MA more visibility (they probably don’t need it but you never know), but it seems G listened to the band playing and recommended them for the contest iirc, I might be wrong. So now I truly don’t know why us and not another singer.


Yeah, I get the feeling but it doesn’t chime with the mc having been a musician for years now and being given the option for a more outgoing personality. I initially made my mc outgoing (and flirtatious) in everything but his super secret songwriting book. Still it seems at quite a few points the narrative doesn’t really know what to do with/doesn’t work for the more outgoing mc. Like I said after that I also played with a super shy and awkward mc and it seems to me that is what the story is currently geared towards and the author seems to struggle much more with giving appropriate characterization to outgoing mc’s.
You see it in the band dynamics too where Rowan is by default and story fiat to be the sexy, outgoing flirtatious one and that currently makes the outgoing mc fit in awkwardly, the sexy outfit photo shoot being just one example.

As for navigating the industry the mc should, realistically not be as naive and gullible as they are currently portrayed as in some scenes as they seem to have been in the industry since highschool, which, assuming mc is the roughly same median age as the rest of the cast at 27-28 means they’d have nearly a decade of experience under their belt by now. Some of it can possibly be explained by Orion being a somewhat too effective manager and shielding the mc (but apparently not Rowan) more than is good for them. Even so a few more assertive options, particularly for outgoing mc’s would be sorely appreciated.
But really sometimes they do act as if they are 19 and really just starting out, which is not the case in this game.

Isn’t that true in all cases, except for paid commissions and true collaborative works, of course?


I’m going to leave here the ask where the author said it for context.

My main mc isn’t super outgoing but will never shy away from speaking up their mind (definitely not a shy one and I imagined them being very observant) and as I first read the story I understood they’re used to perform pretty much everywhere and when Orion became their manager he helped the band navigate the industry. He’s been their manager for the past 2 years (or more idk) so I believe the mc has some experience but from the ask they’re still learning apparently.

True, I’m just repeating what I read about their romance. It’s the same for Dakota and that other character we met during the assault (the photographer).

Okay, fine, here’s the rub with that though, while in most cases the leader of a band is the lead singer that is not always the case and it is especially hard to see here given how much more, aside from a somewhat volatile temper (but the mc can have a temper almost as volatile) confident, assured and put together Rowan seems to be, why not make them the leader of the band? They seem to have the confidence and the looks for it and currently everybody in the story fawns over them much more than the mc anyway. To me the mc feels more like a shy awkward songwriter than any sort of potential bad-boy lead singer at this point. Which can be fine, the industry needs singer/songwriters too.
But as presented thus far the mc seems a bit unsuited to be the lead singer of a wild rock band and the personal issues seem like a bit of a cop out for how relatively weak the outgoing options are.

Mind you this is just my take but, aside from writing this as a non-interactive novel I have two bits of advice.

  1. Since the mc seems to be a songwriter first and foremost and one who needs to get over some issues at that it seems to me like Leonard Cohen type career arc would have suited them far better, begin from their songwriting prowess and from there get to know the industry and slowly grow into a good performer with a more quiet, understated and subtle charisma, again just like the late, great mr. Cohen. It seems to me career like that would play to the true strengths of the mc as they are currently presented and it would still allow them to write songs for people like G, Rowan and Blake as well as work on their own, solo, career with Orion. There is no one correct way to be a musician or artist and follow your passions after all. But the current way they’re attempting to do it seems one the mc, as presented in the game at present, is particularly unsuited for.

  2. Retool the story to give a more satisfying arc to the outgoing personality or scrap the outgoing options altogether and replace them with different varieties of (social)awkwardness and explore those themes more fully in the context of the current BOTB setup. Albeit at the cost of the mc likely never becoming the kind of sexy bad-boy singer I thought we could be from the original blurb.
    Sometimes we want things we are not particularly suited at and this option could casts the concerns of the mc’s parents in a different light too. But then it becomes a story about do you follow your passions and stick with something you are passionate about the cost of being just average at best in spite of your best efforts or do you ultimately crave external validation/fame/parental approval, wealth or simply being the best at something more and find something else you might be able to be truly great/talented at but not particularly passionate about otherwise?

As for the rest this story seems have quite a few issues that tie into the doormat mc discussion we just recently had here.


Thank you for mentioning this! As someone running with a very “bad girl”, dynamo type of MC, something felt a little off from another run as a more mousy type, and you expressed it perfectly. It’s also so funny to hear all these comments about Rowan meant to be sexy, outgoing, or a good fit for band leader when in my playthrough, he’s mostly struck me as whiny and a failed class clown type lol.


That ask left me a bit confused since I imagined the mc in a way but it seems I got it wrong. I’m ok with the mc still having unresolved issues with Seven but I don’t want it to be most of their personality. Like yeah it sucks but I want to make music and don’t be necessarily depressed and still heartbroken after 3 years. the author is planning a rewrite maybe she’ll take into consideration to add more choices for outgoing mcs.

Rowan is too temperamental to be a leader, imo.


I defo think Blake and G used to be a thing romantically. Like it just gives me that vibe. Especially if u choose to stay in the party fight scene and Blake says something like “tell them how we used to-“ before G sparks them the hell out haha


That’s a very interesting theory, I always thought it was related to their music but it could definitely be. so Blake and G are essentially ex!Seven and mc?:smile:


Diva behaviour often tends to come with the territory, another thing the mc lacks completely, even on the most outgoing options the mc cannot be a remotely confident brat. And humour is subjective anyways.

The best way I can see it is that the current “outgoing” personality type is just the shy, awkward and insecure, “mousy” as you put it mc essentially acting or faking/playing at being something they’re not, in this case outgoing and mostly failing quite miserably.

And the mc, as currently presented, seems to me to be far too awkward and insecure. Also compared to how the npc’s fawn over Orion, Rowan, Blake and Seven also maybe not physically attractive enough as the face for a hip band too. Again, super hot and sexy is not necessarily a requirement for industry success but Psy followed a far different trajectory than your average k-pop boyband member, for example. I never get the impression the mc is particularly sexy anywhere in the game at present. It’s easier to do a bit of anger management training than to change your whole personality (and appearance), which is what the mc would need to do.

What G says means essentially nothing, G just wanted mc in to keep Blake out and he is very much characterized as a manipulator, sorry but whatever G says is probably not what they really think as, unlike mc, G can act in fact they seem to be a natural at acting. So anything they say I take with an extremely big grain of salt.

Or G just has a weird, idiosyncratic definition of hot, the photographers on the shoot definitely do not agree with him in the game as presented though.

At the very least G seems to have an extreme case of ulterior motives when it comes to the mc, rendering anything they say or do extremely suspect.

Case in point, G and Victoria both use the mc to get to and manipulate the other with little regard given to and little opportunity for the mc to refuse due to being in very vulnerable position on their reality show. It’s really creepy, imho. At least Victoria is slightly nicer about it than G, but I don’t trust either of them and this can only end badly for the mc.

*if (aesthetic = “third”)
August sits cross-legged on the floor, toying with the fabric of the long plaid skirt they adorn, wearing nothing but a leather biker vest to serve as their shirt. Meanwhile, Rowan’s fishnet top leaves little to the imagination, his leather pants only helping to add to his eccentric outfit. Iris’s outfit is not far from what she usually wears—a black dress—while Devyn swept the floor with everyone with a giant pathwork coat and jeans.

Rowan is definitely the sex appeal here, the mc, by contrast is the worst/ most boring dressed here.

Here’s Orion’s bit:

Paige looks between them two, leaning forward with a finger up. “You wouldn’t happen to model on the side, would you?”
“No,” Orion answers flatly. “And I have no intention to.”
She clicks her tongue, mumbling a small: “What a waste of a pretty face,” before she speaks regularly. “Come, come, my easels. I will make you look beautiful for your first official magazine.”

There’s more throughout, but whether shy or supposedly outgoing the sex appeal bits are never aimed at our lead singer mc as it stands, while Rowan, Orion, Blake and Seven all get at least some.

That’s not a particularly high standard as it is a party where people are being wasted idiots.

It’s definitely both they’re fawning over, versus neither in the case of our mc, and it is attractiveness only during the photo shoot.


G thinks your hot so that says enough. Also np s are fawning over Seven and Blake’s music not their attractiveness. MCs hot enough to have a quickie with someone during the party lol.


Dakota wasn’t wasted lol.

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The overall plot and writing style makes this one of the more interesting wips on the site imo but almost every npc and ro being a raging asshole makes this pretty difficult to get through.


wdym, my mc is very attractive, at least in my head /jk. Maybe the author is leaving it to hc because some people might not want an attractive/conventionally attractive mc or maybe it would be explored later, idk, but I never got the impression that they weren’t.


That’s exactly what Amy said on Tumblr, somebody ran crying to her, and to be honest, I read that way too. Like, anyone could headcannon any sort of looks for their MC, but Orion is a sertified hottie, so compliments to him is a free real estate.

Also Rowan being a better leader? Do we play the same game, Rowan is adorable, but he is a goofball and can’t do a thing right, where has anyone seen him being a better leader?


If the mc can have any sort of looks the default would logically be a totally generic boy/girl next door and not in the Hollywood kind of way, which is why the mc does not get the kind of attention the real hotties, Rowan, Seven, Orion or Blake get. The game as it currently is presented is not shy about pointing out the hotties and singling them out for some extra attention, the mc does not, at present, fall into that category.

Meaning the mc is not. I quickly viewed the tumblr too, it seems that particularly good looks for the mc were/are a cut feature…too bad.

Yeah, but neither can the mc, at least socially, the mc can write songs and sing but anything else does not seem to be a strength of theirs either. At the very least Rowan is sexy and outgoing and able to stand the attention better than mc at the moment, so the scale still tips in his favour, at least in the game as currently written.

That might fit for the shy/introverted mc, which is the way the narrative is currently leaning, it makes far less sense for an outgoing mc to not know they’re hot and use that to their advantage. Again I chose outgoing. But even so the photographers in the shoot in particular fuss over the hotties in a way they do not do with mc.

Yes indeed, from Psy to Cohen, which is why I pointed out a few posts before that the mc may be on the wrong kind of career track within the industry for their particular talents they do have.

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Does it matter though? There for sure are artists out there that are not perceived as conventionally attractive and still make it big. I think MC is pretty good looking if they are able to be with the “good looking” ROs. I also don’t really understand where you got the impression MC is not good looking? Is it bc the author just hasn’t stated it in an obvious way? We’re reading from the MCs perspective after all, so they might be oblivious to the fact people are attracted to them. Sorry if this comes off as rude or anything (English isn’t my first language), I’m just genuinely curious. We’re still only at chapter 2, so I feel like we should be patient with certain things, you know?