INFAMOUS IF (BAND WIP) CHAP 2. P1 OUT (178k words)

Maya is the least person MC should be worried about.

Unrelated. But for some reason I had this image of Blake putting traps to catch MC cheating and mc escaping each and every one like they are the road runner.


Hmm. I think if other’s Mc’s going to romance Sebastian it’s going to be a problem for them :grimacing: man fuck Blake if he wants me to himself then he’s going to work hard fuck his arse :joy: he’s going to blackmail me!!! Excuse you Blakeussy? And then accuse me of cheating HIM!!! HUHHHH!!! I’m gonna tease the heck out of him :joy_cat:

Eh. Blake expects people to throw themselves at him. Rock star and all that. If not flirted doubt they would bother. Besides everyone is beneath him. Probably even G.


Anything but this pls

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Blake not flirting? He does find MC attractive, but still wants to be proven right that the band cheated. I assume that’s what you meant or?

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Quit spouting out baseless falsehoods. You know it’s said over and over mc has a great voice and even the ratings of their solo songs did better than the duets. All that stuff about attractiveness, presence or whatever is baseless speculation and near projection on your part because everyone knows the only way to get big in the industry is to already have important connections, work hard for a very long time or have a 1 in 1mil chance to get discovered off the street.


Why are people convinced MC is an ugly loser? We’re barely two chapters in omg we can’t be Beyoncé from the get go. Like, let’s relax and wait until we’re 5 chapters in at least​:sob::sob::sob::sob:


…this is why we can’t have nice things. :frowning_face: honestly the update is out for some of us tomorrow so let’s just discuss that when the thread gets bk to normal PLEASE

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@mordorintrigue--More Seven! Just what we need!

Yep, I saw that, too. And she asked people to send her links to any Savina content. It’s clearly a thing for her, since she doesn’t flat out request material for anyone else.

It’s not difficult to deduce the reason. Seven always gets special treatment. Despite her saying he needs to grow up, it’s repeated that everyone loves him, he has the personality to get people to do what he wants, everyone tends to cater to him, he gets insta-success after walking away from the MC, blah blah blah. And Seven must have a happy ending (while the MC can literally ruin their life, according to the game description). Even with Seven’s mental problems, he/she comes off as a Gary Stu/Mary Sue.

Amy said on tumblr that Avina is fine with it, because they don’t like to argue. It’s just their personality.

Because the MC was required to be perfect and always do whatever Seven wanted. That seems to be the case, anyway. Growing up, I had a friend like that–if I didn’t play how she wanted, she’d get pissed off and tattle (especially when I had army men invade the Barbie pool and kill Barbie and Ken for being international spies, lol), then not speak to me for days or weeks on end. Seven reminds me of an extreme version of that–dance to Seven’s tune or Seven will cut you out and hate you for eternity.

Oh, I agree with all of this and see it the same way. I’m just not sure we’re supposed to see it that way and should, instead, see Avina as the perfect match for Seven due to their soft-spoken, supportive, and caring attitude.

As obsessed… err, loving?.. as Avina is toward Seven, I can’t see them ever not supporting Seven. They’d twist everything around to make Seven “right” for their behavior. I could be wrong, but it doesn’t fit with everything we see in game, on tumblr, and on Patreon.

Seven’s not one to hide their emotions. We are told that again and again. So I don’t see how Lucy can’t know Seven’s feelings about the MC. I mean, Lucy apparently helped Seven avoid them by telling the MC to fuck off when they showed up to talk to Seven, so she enabled all that vitriol as well. And she apparently cold-shouldered the MC after all that, refusing to try to continue a relationship with them after Seven carved them out of their life.

The worst part is, Lucy knew she was the only real parent the MC had and she still did it. Understandable, since Seven is her kid and the MC isn’t, but had she really wanted, she could’ve tried to support the MC away from Seven, on the MC’s turf. So… yeah, fuck Lucy. She’s just one more person who couldn’t be bothered with the MC when the MC needed her most.

See. that would be the most satisfying thing to happen with Savina. To have Avina go Seven on Seven, walk away from the band and Seven, be completely unforgiving because Avina thinks they should be the center of Seven’s world and Seven even speaking to the MC again is a betrayal. It’s even kind of hinted at on the bus scene, when Avina returns from the phone call, sees Seven talking tot he MC, and their face just completely falls. But, again, I think Avina will prove to be perfect based on the author’s attitude toward them.

I don’t think age matters here, and no one should expect her to be a therapist for the MC or the MC for her. What matters is the shared experience. Sometimes, that’s what helps more than anything–to talk to someone who gets it, who has been through the same shit as you so you feel less alone and, maybe, talking and listening can help you work through it because you can gain perspective to your own problems when providing perspective to someone else’s. I think both Maya and the MC could benefit from sharing the abandonment they’ve suffered.

Yeah, I get this feeling from her, too. And, like you, can’t see her just being an aggressor with Seven. But if she heard Seven trash talking the MC–or being abusive to them while she’s there–I think she’d tell Seven what an abusive piece of shit he/she really is and shut them down hard enough to send Seven away with their tail between their legs. That’s kind of something I’d love to see, because I think Maya may be the only one in the game who would defend the MC that way.

Blake: drops anvil on the MC
MC: moves out of the way and watches it rebound on Blake’s head Meep! Meep!!

@idonotlikeusernames--MC discussion, so if you don't like it, don't read it

Yeah, G has the best voice. So there’s one thing Seven isn’t better at than everyone else, lol.

I think we’re just going to have to accept that Seven is perfect and no one can really compete with them on anything (except G having a better voice). Seven is, canon, the special snowflake whose single problem is their dependency on others–without that, Seven is a god/goddess. That’s my takeaway from the text, tumblr, and Patreon.

That does not preclude the MC from actually having charisma, a stage presence, or a great voice (my MC has the last two to the extreme, and the first somewhat–she’s friendly, just not so confident in herself). It just means…

This is what we’re told on tumblr, so yeah. And I think that’s a fair way of doing it, really. That way it’s not an automatic win for Seven or Blake, and the MC has a chance to win the whole damned thing.

My guess is that the MC will have to just change their lyrics to match what the crowd wants, not the general music genre. Amy did say something along the lines of, if your MC likes to rage onstage, it may not go over well with a crowd of moms with their kids. So you may need to change your performance style as well (be funny if you couldn’t be emo with a certain crowd because they frown on that and want something fun).

I don’t believe Amy would only allow certain personality types to win the contest. That would be… shitty. I do think the MC may have to work for the information, though. Whether that translates to talking to people, putting Maya to work (this would be a great way to have Maya “help” the MC win), or talking to the bus driver. For Chuck, I think there’s a reason we met him the way we did, with him saying that sharing a bus with people who hate you isn’t so bad compared to what some people dealt with, and it may give an inroads to befriend him–Blake would think he’s too good to talk to the bus driver, and Seven is too self-absorbed, so the MC might be able to get some help from good ol’ Chuck.

Basically, there are a lot of ways it could go down so any personality type could get the info. It’s just a matter of finding it (or saying fuck it and code diving to get the info and pretend your MC just has a gift for reading crowds, which is what I’ll probably do, since my main MC is very empathetic).

Yeah, that’s my take. Blake already has a bazillion followers who will scream for them. Seven already has a half a bazillion followers who will scream for them, as well as a great voice, great song-writing abilities, and Mary Sue/Gary Stu status to default to a win.

The MC will have to work for it, which is actually a good thing, because it will make them grow. People who coast through life with everything handed to them ultimately learn nothing and don’t grow as people. I’d rather my MC grow up, get better at her decided profession, and kick everyone’s ass through hard work, sweat, and sheer determination.

Well, I mean, what Dakota wants at that point is the MC. They literally ask for nothing else but a quick fuck in the bathroom (well, they got the MC off, anyway). Now, they may use that QF to blackmail the MC later on down the road, but they did seem attracted to the MC.

Also G hints at it in the game.

@Rayden--an answer as to why people see things differently--whoever doesn't want to see it, just don't read it

I don’t think people expect the MC to be Beyoncé from the get go, but the MC is the underest of the underdogs. The only way they got into the competition was because they were cheated in, which means they would not even be in the competition on their own merits, and that is canon. In addition to that, their ex-bandmate is way more successful, and no one seems interested in them except a 17-year-old girl.

And yes, it’s just chapter 2, but we’re almost 200k words into it and that’s literally what we’ve got so far. So it’s kind of understandable that some people (myself included) see the MC as kind of a pathetic, comparatively unattractive (in comparison to the other characters, especially Seven, Blake, G, and Vic, who are painted as totally hot and everyone salivates over them) loser. In comparison to everyone else in this competition, they are all that.

So we work with what we’ve got. If we’re supposed to see it in another way, then the text needs to show it to us. You can’t blame people who don’t head canon their MC as the bestest everything in the world when they are shown the exact opposite (I’m not as good at totally disregarding the text as @parisgracex is!).

I do disagree with @idonotlikeusernames about the MC not being able to win without getting pitied into a win. The way Amy set up the competitions–at least, according to her tumblr–it’s possible to win fair and square, on the MC’s own merits as a songwriter and performer by being adaptable enough (and, dare I say it, humble enough) to give the crowds what they want. In the meantime, UWB is probably going to Black Stone Cherry it all the way through the competition with their fun, loud, over-the-top-sex-oriented lyrics and Seven will just coast because they’re Seven and the world revolves around them.

Can we set up a private group chat for those of us who are on Patreon and will play the update? We can’t spoil anything here and probably shouldn’t discuss it here on the main thread.


Finished the public demo. My character is a hypebeast rapper hoping to get seven bullets in his chest and survive, has no indoor voice or any understanding of decency. Can’t get over his ex-boyfriend either, even if he did and does anything to actually turn back time.

To be honest, I really would like to be far more assertive and start shit openly. My hypebeast writes diss tracks and swears constantly - it feels really weird to see him acting shy or scared of anything when his first reaction would be to go “are you fucking with me or what, you wanna go?”

But it was fun! Especially since I dedicated all my time to Seven, even if my MC flirted with most of the cast and fucked Dacota.

messy rapper drama is my favourite pastime

Also, do you have any voice headcanons for your MC? Mine, Ivan, sounds like СД in this particular track.

since he's russian, I can headcanon him sounding like Russian rappers


All I can say is I hope Dakota isn’t one of those people, cause that will make my mc miss the information.

Yeah, I did recall something like that too, like I said makes me wonder how much we can change from one performance to the next? I think it would potentially be cool if mc could be proficient at more than one genre and that would kind of make sense since mc hasn’t really conquered a niche for themselves yet so they are also free to experiment more than some of the others who already have a strong style and fanbase expectations to cater to and thus have less room to deviate from that without risking some backlash. Like I said one thing that might actually be a trump card for the mc if they can cover two or three genres, like for instance, pop, rock and country. :thinking:

Maybe that is too much though and it is indeed only changing the lyrics, way you dress and tone rather than style or genre of the performance. For example, that moms and kids crowd might ideally just want colourful and not too skimpy/sexy clothes and upbeat songs with inoffensive maybe even educational lyrics but don’t particularly care about the genre so rock and rap can both win. On the flipside they’d probably dislike overly sexy/edgy/revealing clothes, adult lyrics and an angry or emo style. :thinking:

@EvilChani Mc Stuff, Others don't read it if you don't want to see it.

That is one small mercy, Seven is really the one I dislike most in this game likely because he actually is the Gary Stu. I hope that even if the mc doesn’t want to win themselves in the end we can at least help Blake triumph over Seven in the finals too. :persevere: G deserves to have Blake win this thing, imho, and Seven should, for once in his life, not triumph by simply coasting along.

Well, it was said V did like mc’s voice and they do live with G so I figure they’re not so easily impressed. But like with everything else about the mc I do think it would need a shit ton of work and character development to actually be able to exploit that for all it is worth.

Charisma I don’t really see, mc has to be coerced into band leadership and does not seem to be a person others naturally gravitate towards, but I grant you if depression is canon that could certainly dim any natural charisma/magnetism mc would otherwise have.

Stage presence is the only thing we can actually somewhat see in-game, though compared to Seven/Blake it is still nothing special but it does seem mc is a bit less insecure and depressed when actually performing on-stage.

That does leave my perpetual final point that you can’t really get through character development and personal growth and that is the idol looks the rest of the top contenders have, sure mc might be able to hit the gym more but the end point of that will be more Vin Diesel than a BTS member. Plus the game won’t cover a long enough period for the gym to really make a difference to how the mc looks, so bigger muscles would at best be an epilogue thing only.

That is one thing we do disagree on, I take that creepy “chosen one” comment very much as an asshole line, not a term of endearment. Besides it doesn’t reflect on the mc’s looks.

Ratings among what sample size? A really, really tiny one likely just the couple dozen fans from their highschool days. Watching Seven’s success in retrospect that was most likely the wrong call business-wise, like when in my own country our old tech giant, Philips cut ASML loose which is now our single most successful company, not the greatest round of corporate restructuring in hindsight.
Sure mc did not know that at the time but at the same time the mc’s canon people-pleasing tendencies also made it impossible for them to really take any sort of powerful stand there one way or the other, which is, to put it lightly, not an indication of great band leader/lead singer material. But feel free to disagree…


i get that impression sometimes, too. which is why i’m making my MC very mary sue-ish, too, and if the game tries to tell me my MC is anything but perfect, i’ll just ignore it, lol.

my MC’s only flaw is that she is (will be?) a homewrecker lmao. and does drugs. but that’s okay because i forgive her :heart:

i would like that, too. i hope that can happen in the future, but i think that it’s a set part of MC’s personality to be a bit of a people pleaser. at least for now.


If by “people pleasing” you mean getting to have a go at seven, ignore helping seb at the bar, choosing UW even tho rowan dislikes it and ignoring orion’s orders not to do substances or have fights…then yes my mc is a people pleaser :slightly_smiling_face:


My canon MC will be the messiest fuck ever imagined. Drunkard, open lover of pretty men who threw himself at them after Seven left him for sure, likes drugs, smokes like a freight train, slightly suicidal, abrasive and mean to almost everyone, easily gets into fights and easily starts them, swears in almost every sentence and is unable to get over his first and only actual love.

Good parts? He genuinely cares about his band and is incredibly protective of them, his fans and his ex. He also treats them much nicer in comparison to other people. I hope I’ll get to throw a punch at Blake’s face when he starts shit-talking about Seven even if my MC is just as abrasive around him. To be honest, I hope my MC gets to throw hands at people as soon as possible.

Seven romance works with him incredibly well, and it’s not because I didn’t find anyone else appealing to me, no siree. It’s because they’re about as equally damaged and therapy is not something cool kids that idolize gansta rappers do. We deal with our depression and mental issues like men and join the 21 club. Seven and his desire to get big and famous were the only two crutches for Ivan to actually keep going, and after Seven left him he kept wishing he’d come back even though he knows Seven probably won’t.

Is it mutually toxic? Yep. Are these two men really unhealthily attached to each other so much that they kept their couple tattoos and one doesn’t hide them at all? Yep. I just bet it’s going to be the most delicious mess.


Welcome I see you are on the dark side now. :wave::grin:

How do you find Seven ? All you hoped for?

EvilChani - if you're not EvilChani read at your own peril

Sure, I get your point. But I also think it’s important to point out that the MC’s band is talented enough that people didn’t find it weird at all that our band made it through. No one even questioned us or found it suspicious that we made it in until after we were ousted, and even then no one called us trash musicians. So yes, while we may not have gotten in on our own merits, it would be a bit of a stretch to say that our band is talentless or out of its depth just because G slipped us in. No one has outright called the MC’s band talentless or out of its league because I think if our band was horrible or not roughly on the same level as SV, G wouldn’t even have thought of picking us in the first place.

I think we also need to take into account that Blake, G and Vic are celebrities. So naturally they’re always going to be considered the most attractive in the room. If you take a conventionally attractive celebrity and some equally attractive nobody, people are always gonna be more inclined to recognise the celeb’s beauty over the nobody. G and Vic are literally A-listers from how I understand it so naturally people are going to be more inclined to salivate over them than us. I think we just need to give it more time before we can write off the MC as a plain Jack/Jane.


The potential is great and I will watch the romance with great interest, but currently I don’t have enough scenes to fully judge him yet. We haven’t even gotten to “there’s only one bed and MC is forced to share it with Seven” yet despite me taking them to band tour, Orion took it! No tense situations where they’re forced to work together yet either.

It’s already the 22nd where I am so I’m trying to be patient and wait for the update bc I know the US is behind but I’m soooo excited!!! :laughing: :slightly_smiling_face: :smiley: