INFAMOUS IF (BAND WIP) CHAP 2. P1 OUT (178k words)

Lmao there was no way my mc was sharing with seven and seeing the closeness between him and avina :roll_eyes:

also will my mc get with Blake just to pss seven off? Yes. Is it petty and immature? Also yes. But she’s a disaster anyways- smokes, takes drgs, hooks up with random ppl, confident and outgoing…everything I don’t do in rl :rofl:


your gameplay seems so fun i’m going to go try this now LMAO


Maybe to build up the angst, MC didnt use to be like that before the break up with Seven >:)


Regarding ex!Seven, I’m waiting for the moment they realize there is a whole queue of people aiming for their place, and that queue includes G.


Quite frankly, I am here for my toxic canceled number wife and I will stan her forever.


I understand feeling betrayed and feeling like the other person doesn’t care about you as much as you care about them, the pain and the isolation. Ofc you’re angry at that person, you hate them even. They were your partner or your best friends and you were such an important part of each other’s life. I get it and Seven’s feelings are valid. However, it’s baffling to me how much blame is placed on the MC. They also lost a partner/best friend, even if Seven might not see it, they try to talk to Seven but are denied the possibility and then find themselves in a situation where the other person is purposely trying to be hurtful. Seven, ofc, takes no responsibility (so far) for any of this and most likely we’ll be the ones who will have to make them realise how much they’ve hurt us, but if it’s the case I have a bit of a problem with that because if after three years you can’t see that you were also responsible for things to spiral, when will you? I understand that Seven is emotional and irrational as stated by the author, but they’re also very selfish. But we shall see.

Sharing a bus with Seven if you still have feelings for them is very uncomfortable, and if you try to be the bigger person the MC feels like a total doormat. There’s this bit, when talking about the bedding arrangement, where Seven says “there’s no point to the argument” or something along those lines and you’ve the option to agree and they bite back with a “don’t agree with me!” Honestly, what a child. And the whole sharing bed with Avina was just the last straw, I get it’s platonic or whatever, but the way Seven goes about it, it’s just to stick it to the MC (as essentially 99.9% the things they do around them) and I was like ‘nope I’m out of here’. If you hate Seven or don’t care about them, sharing the bus isn’t so bad. Even if you want to reconnect as friends it might work if you have the patience for their antics, but as an ex-lover it’s just too much. I live for the angst but I don’t want to be walked all over, and of course you can be just as petty if you choose the right options and stick it back to Seven but it’s not how I want to play that particular route.

UW were okay and Blake positively surprised me. Besides, UW have one less bandmate, so more room for everyone :smile: I’m sure though that things will sour at some point with UW, so maybe in the long run sharing with SV might be the lesser evil.

Add to that all the sarcastic dialogue options and you have a super fun pt. I did one like that and had a blast.

Poetic justice honestly. Although I still can’t see G’s appeal, I’m patiently waiting though.


It seems like the best way to enjoy Seven’s route is to be petty and rude to them, which is exactly what I did on my first playthrough, and that explains why I liked Seven from the get-go. Perhaps I wouldn’t feel the same way if my MC was different.

The fact that ex!Seven and MC are both musicians means that there’s a high chance they wrote breakup songs about each other, which is very amusing.

I heard this song for the first time shortly after I played Infamous, so my impressions were still very fresh, and I couldn’t stop thinking that it fits the MC who’s equally mean to Seven (and voted against them), but still in love with them.



Hey Amy!! So basically I already met and hooked up with Dakota, but after staying at the party and speaking with seven, MC is Re-Introduced to Dakota as if they never met.

What choices I made

-Dance and Hook up with them
-Hung with Iris and Devyn
-and Ofc stayed at the party

In which, we end up running into Seven. After the confrontation is interrupted by the fight- We meet Dakota, standing near the wall.


I just saw a qna on Tumblr that mentions the scene where mc walks Seb and Maya back to their hotel, and wonder what everyone’s thoughts about it are.

While I agree that it felt inappropriate, what stood out to me more is how incautious mc is in here. At this point of the game, depending on your choices, they could be literal strangers that you only met once at the beginning. I was already weirded out when mc decided to go out of their way and meet them in the lobby, but I could look pass it as mc tried to do some fan service or whatever, and the lobby is at least still a safe place. Walk them back to their hotel and even go up to their floor though? No. I can’t make sense out of it other than mc being too trusting if not straight up foolish. Seriously, alone with strangers, at night, in a city you are unfamiliar with, and seemingly no one even knows you’re gone expect that one staff at front desk who wouldn’t give a second thought if you didn’t return for long. What’s a better recipe for disaster? Girl you’re lucky this isn’t the kind of story.

Back to the qna, the author has stated certain plot points have to happen to keep the story going, and it is impossible to include every opinion that people wanted, which I totally agree. But I think whether a story event is mandatory or optional, it needs to be logical and convincing of why it happens in the first place. I won’t argue about the voting as a band that formed for years wanted to change things and make a breakthrough is perfectly reasonable to me. I won’t argue about the bus sharing as I could totally see an exploitative reality show would try to create drama at every given chances. And I won’t argue about a lot of other things as sometime shit just happened for no particular reason. This bit however, bugs me. To think my mc, a woman in her mid 20s I think, had so little awareness that she make a conscious decision which would put her in a certain level of unnecessary danger, all that for two people she barely even knows, just doesn’t come naturally to me.


I mean, there is also the thing where the MC conveniently forgets that they have a mic on them when I would totally be afraid to sneeze one time too many, too aware that there is someone who tracks everything I do. I suppose you just have to sometimes let it go and be there for the ride.


To me, the mc’s set personality seems to be carefree and naive, so I saw it as in character for the mc to do that.

I mean, the story starts with the mc napping right before the most important performance of their life so far. I, personally, would be too anxious to ever do that. The mc also checks their messages on social media, whereas I would never if I were a celebrity. The mc is also shocked that articles written about them mention Seven, and I’m over here thinking “of course they would, why are you surprised?” The mc also tries to protest taking photos with Seven and Blake, and I’m like “it’s a reality tv show, what did you expect?”

If I’m remembering correctly, these are things that the mc does in the story that we don’t have a choice about, and in my opinion the mc seems to be carefree and naive based off these things. I don’t self-insert and instead mold new mcs with the story, so I didn’t see any issue with the mc walking with Seb and Maya to their hotel.


While this is true, it could also be said for G/V picking up mc and being alone with them in the car no?

Tbh I was more weirded/ creeped out by that random character with the camera who approached us and “rescued” mc from the men. My mc is very headstrong and wild so she would have wanted to save herself haha.


I agree, this was probably my biggest issue, I felt like my (male) MC would never engage so much with a teenage girl like that, given the incredibly skewed power dynamics inherent in their interactions. Even with the father there - though personally, I actually dislike Sebastian (not a chriticism of the character himself, but he’s definitely not someone my MC would be interested in). I also chose to ignore all of their messages, so going down to the lobby to see them in the first place felt very unreasonable for my MC.

But then just agreeing to walk them to their hotel is just something my MC would never do, and then for Sebastian to have that sort of shovel talk (and for the MC to somehow be caught off guard by it) really annoyed me. I’m forced to make a choice I don’t want to make, engage with those characters in a way my MC would be very uncomfortable with, and then I’m reprimanded for it. I understand taking away the choice if it’s necessary for the plot, but I really don’t see how the interaction is necessary.


I mean the MC is always doing some pretty questionable things, like leaving the party to hang out with two complete strangers or visiting their manager in the middle of the night (this I kind of, maybe, understand), but I’m just here for the ride.

I think the issue with ch. 2 might be how much is happening in that one section, which is only part 1. You have the bus scene, the hotel scene, Seb and Maya, the attempted assault and rescue, the ride with G/V, the chat with Rowan, the photoshoot and leaving to help V with G. And although I’m happy we are getting more content I think that the scene with Seb and Maya (and all that follows) and helping V should have come at a later time. Maybe the author wants to give each ro the same amount of screen time, idk but I’m going to trust the process.

I actually love this part because I want to see the consequences :eyes: if it hadn’t been pointed out I would never have thought about it.

Maybe the option to ignore them and having the MC explore the city on their own could be a viable option for players that don’t want to engage without changing what comes after.


@Anarore_Kriptih Ah yes, I also caught on the mic thing during my play through, just another bit that make me wonder why would mc tag along with the two. For a hot second I was certain mc would say something and have it taken out of context to forge drama. But guess not yet

@Nhia I personally didn’t take the example you have given except the last one as mc being naive. And even for the last bit, I feel like “not knowing how a reality show works” and “not knowing to hang out with strangers at night in a quiet place is not the greatest idea” aren’t quite the same level of naivety.
For me, I see them as calm and collected (relatively speaking), but could underestimate their fame and achievement which makes sense consider, in my case, they have parents who constantly tried to talk them out from doing music and “get a real job”.
I think part of how I perceive mc came from not just anyone but O entrusted mc to be the leader and look after the band at the party. While leadership could be demonstrated in different style, I still take it as a hint of mc having some level of sense of responsibility and a capability of making a good call. Surely you could say nope and just sneak out, but that part is at lease optional.

@parisgracex G/V’s part makes a lot more sense to me I would say. I see it as a mixture of being lost, nearly avoided an assault, and a false sense of security toward celebrities. Which is funny to say, as this would be an example of mc’s naivety, but oh well. I was not creeped out by that character, but the fact that we got an option to ask if they were taking photo of us, made me go conspiracy mode lol

@slizard I think getting that level of involvement with a fan would always be a bad idea, seeing how complicated and toxic fandom culture could be. Maya being a minor surely isn’t helping. And again, we are in the middle of shooting an exploitative reality show, so I won’t be surprise if all these interactions with Maya will come back and haunt us somewhere in the future

@notapretzel Party scene didn’t bother me as it is optional, I could avoid it and keep my mc consistent in my head. The walk however, is mandatory, and thus I struggled to find a way to make it fit. Guess I should take the advice and let it go.
I myself didn’t put much thought to all the stuff that happened in one chapter. But fwiw, I think the author have mentioned ch. 2 is still kind of an introduction, while ch. 3 would be where things really kick-start. So yeah, we’ll see how it goes.
As for an additional option, from my understanding, Maya’s storyline is an essential part of the story to explore the fan-celebrity dynamic, and her relationship with Seb would be a sort of reflection of mc’s own relationship with their parents. And being someone who dig for antsy family drama, I’m totally onboard. It’s more of the scenario where it happened I have issue with, than if it happens at all.


Yeah, I figured Maya is a crucial part in our fame stat, but that whole scene could have happened in the hotel lobby and then have the mc do something on their own instead of walking them to the other hotel, it would have felt more organic. I read the post and I understand the need to create some dynamic for the mc and their parents, but I think there are other ways to go about it. The phone call is a good example, there’s no need to push it in the initial chapters, there’s time to explore it, but I’m also someone that seldom cares about any dynamic involving the mc parents (mainly because it’s either the parents being awful or them not caring/supporting the mc). I know it can be emotionally taxing not to have that support system but the mc is an adult and they chose that career long ago, if their parents support them or not they’re still going to do their thing, but I guess it’s a me thing.


I guess the whole idea of wanting to impress your parents and get the approval is mainly due to a lot of people wanting that in rl. A majority of kids, even older ones are close to their parents (I wouldn’t know as have a fraught relationship with mine haha) but I think it’s to add to the angst and to show just how lonely your mc feels in that moment.

I mean I don’t really care about parents in IF’s but like the Sebastian and maya part, it’s one scene. I understand if u don’t like him as a character or maya tho as that could get tedious.

Idk just trying to make sense to some stuff here. Hopefully there are more scenes in part 2 that are more to the style of what you and others like :slight_smile:


I actually like both Sebastian and Maya, I was just trying to see thing from the perspective of a player that doesn’t want to engage with them.

You’re right, it certainly does and it’s nice to have that option for people that wants it.


I found some errors while reading. Hope its ok to post them here.
Under the cut to keep it neat:


I probably missed to screenshot some, I was just soo engrossed in the story!

Its Gina here for me. So it should be ‘her’. Unless I misunderstood.

Alsoo, quick sidenote: At the end of the after party fight if you went to the diner, once MC joins the band back outside with Rowans hat - Seb and Maya are never mentioned again. Did they just leave? Wouldn’t MC at least look for them, acknowledging them gone? It just felt odd.

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just finished playing the demo and imho this is great…pls keep up the awesome work…

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