INFAMOUS IF (BAND WIP) CHAP 2. P1 OUT (178k words)

There is one but it’s an unofficial fan discord I think and Amy doesn’t frequent it all that often, so I never bothered to join it. If she makes an official one I’d definitely join then.


WHERE. what’s the discord someone please let me in🥺 unless you guys are talking about the beta discord…i didn’t apply to be a beta lol. with the 7 date flashback coming up on patreon i will be absolutely frothing at the mouth trying to hold myself back from talking about it

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Amy linked the Discord a while ago, but I believe the link is no longer valid. Try to contact one of the mods. If you somehow cant get in touch with one of them though, I or someone else who intersects with the thread and discord can send them a message.

Note: It’s not an official discord Amy made though she is a member of it. An official would most likely be for beta testers only which I think she hasn’t selected yet. Just a fun space to talk about the IF.


They were released on Valentine’s Day. They’re Patreon exclusives; we should be thankful we got 'em at all. Unless you wanted them released next year, I guess?


To be exact those shorts were written over few months, starting from February. But the author has been working on the story itself in the meantime, so complaining they’ve been doing extra work on the side seems pretty silly, especially since this is side content for their patrons (that is now released to everyone for free)

From yesterday’s status update on Patreon:


They were originally Christmas specials before they were Valentine’s specials, and they were released to Patreon sporadically between March-May, so I get reservations on the timing. But, ultimately, I can’t complain about an author working on in-universe side projects alongside the main story, especially in Amy’s case where she has said it helps her to combat burnout. Not working on those side pieces doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting updates to the main story any quicker


Yeah I remember Amy sharing she DID burn out on chapter 2 rewrite so she jumped to writing Chap 3 instead and the side content for patreon which she said helps recharge her brain to continue on with the big rewrites. It’s coming, we just gotta be patient lol. Plus shes recovering from illness recently too. She’s doing way more than I would have at that point.


Agreed. Amy is already writing at a remarkable speed.

It is for the very reason that I adore everything about Infamous that I would gladly accept the torment of an extended wait. The last thing I want is for the enchanting daydream to crumble away from writer’s burnout or a misplaced sense of guilt that Amy owes fans new content at an onerous pace. This is the price of quality.


Yeah I wanted to mention, for anyone unawares, Amy did get Covid very recently so I think it’d be nice to extend some grace. Not that I think an author needs to catch Covid to earn courtesy but at least as a bare minimum lol.


I’m late to the 7 vday debate! Going to add my thoughts though, sorry if this turns out to be long. (And sorry about pronouns, my mc is F and my 7 is M.) Soooo there would be no 7 vday special if not for the mc being upset and going to 7’s room. I believe ALL the ROs stories involve interactions that initiate vday plans with the mc. Whether texting or knocking on her door. I find that very telling because no hate to the author but I personally think they prefer 7 w/ Avina.

I read this story and was crazy about it. And 7. Then I read it again. And again. Read tumblr about it. Now I find myself feeling mixed about liking the story. Some things really bother me, like with Avina and 7. Their relationship–it’s clearly another case of codependency (similar to mcs and 7s past one) on both ends–7 constantly refers to “needing” Avina around (usually to serve as a support or buffer) and Avina constantly feels the need to “save” or be there for 7. The patreon q&as show too the underlying hostility Avina is harboring for our mc without knowing the full story or details (they say 7 would never get back with mc and it wouldn’t be good for him if they did). With all that being said I feel anything “Savina” related is–whether intentionally or unintentionally–is somewhat treated like sunshine and roses.

Meanwhile my mc, I play her as a sagely diplomatic band leader, is still heartbroken over 7 (per the story allowing me to say so) and is being absolutely persecuted by 7 even tho she voted NO during the band vote. Nailed to the cross so to speak. Sometimes in front of people too. Does that not bother anyone? Doesn’t seem to f-ing bother Avina I can say that. Sorry I get scatterbrained and sidetracked, but yeah we don’t know what happened at the party after the vote but was it so bad that 7 has to be absolutely downright loathsome to her? And I imagine my mc is not only f-d up from losing 7 but his mother Lucy as well. We are already shown in the story to have crappy parents and in one patreon flashback it refers to being close to Lucy because our parents are so neglectful/missing/ working. So for my mc, boyfriend gone, 2nd mother like figure gone and 3 years later being treated like a piece of garbage. Being late 20s my mc even TRIED to apologize to 7 like a mature person I would think (probably not best to do at a party tho but where else can we run into him) and he wasn’t having it.

I saw somewhere that some fans complained to the author about the mc seemingly feeling like a loser/doormat. The more I play the more I feel bad for mine kinda agreeing with that sentiment. I haven’t played any romance other than 7s but I did play the vdays. So most of the ROs are kinda tragic. The author will hopefully write happy endings but jeez they don’t inspire much confidence except maybe Augusts. Now our mc is nearing 30, obviously struggling financially, mine with 7+Avina+Lucy drama, crap parents and I don’t know I just don’t feel cohesion with the members of the band. Can’t forget competition cheating accusations, backlash because of UW and hints G is using us for something? Or did (keeping Blake out of the competition theory). The whole competition feels rigged and manipulated. It just feels like a bleak rockstar career start rn…keyword rn…should get better tho or why else the author write the story. Right! Right?

Okay this rant/rumbling was way too long sorry! But the 7 vday special was sweet in some areas but cringe in others. 7 not wanting to repeat the same mistakes is admirable, at least he’s aware (that’s growth right there), but pretending you aren’t with someone isn’t healthy either. Or keeping them at arms length considering the history between them isn’t ideal as well. That would make in rl feel all kinds of insecure feelings especially if he was still codependent on Avina at the same time. Plus had mc just been a random ex 7 dated I could see the extra precautions or set way of doing things, but it’s not. It’s his former bff, ex-girlfriend and if I read the story right was for 10+ years. That makes this a special case. If it was me personally writing the vday special I think I would have the mc sneaking to 7s door with the intention to idk just knock, run away leaving a bag of his fav candy. At the same time mc would catch him doing the same (maybe he slips sweet note under the door or something idk) and both meeting the hallway by accident. Both wanting to respect that uncomfortable distance rule but showing in a small way they care. Showing the INTENTION was there, not 7s way of randomly sleeping to just not deal with it. They would laugh and THEN decide to go to the rooftop for light hearted conversation all day. Saying big conversations and working on doing things right can come after the competition or at a less stressful time. Sorry just throwing that out there cause I think that was the first problem with the special, 7 not wanting to do anything for the mc. A emoji text would’ve went a long way. I mean freaking Dakota flew across the country for the mc! Es even with being a job was sweet. And Blake’s even tho I can’t stand the guy was bittersweet. So yeah I’ll stop now. #PlsNoSavinaFavoritism


Before you get dog-piled for having the wrong opinion, I just want to say that you aren’t alone.

Comments under the cut…

If you don't Seven/Savina being discussed critically, don't click

This is my belief as well.

Again, I agree. I suspect that will change to some extent, but I’m not convinced we’re supposed to see it as inherently bad. Some will argue that Seven is always thinking about MC and, therefore, Avina takes a backseat to the MC, but you’re right: Seven constantly thinks about needing Avina there to deal with things and is unable to function without Avina. Avina is, to Seven, the “new and improved” MC, better in every respect.

I’ve seen it argued that Seven doesn’t let Avina in completely, and while that is true, it’s quite possible the reason is the same reason Seven is keeping MC at arm’s length in the VD special–so as not to risk it. Seven can’t lose Avina, so holding some back (in their mind) ensures they won’t, since being too open and including the MC in all aspects of his life is where Seven thinks things with MC went wrong.

But yeah, Savina is painted as sunshine and roses.

I mean, Avina clearly thinks MC deserves to be crucified for what they did to Seven.

In reality, Lucy was the only parent figure MC had, because the MC’s parents suck and are never there. So Seven walking away took the MC’s mom, too. I don’t think we should let Lucy off the hook, since she made no effort to let the MC know she still cared, no matter what happened between MC and Seven. She walked away as well, and picked sides. Understandable, since Seven is her kid, but it doesn’t make it any less cruel to take away the only stability and family the MC has ever had.

Try Blake’s. It’s probably the most positive one of the bunch, and even then it seems to indicate an unhappy ending given the last line of “eventually it will all end”. For the main ROs, I think there’s at least a chance of a happy (or somewhat happy?) ending, but it seems to me Amy likes dishing out pain more than anything positive, so I’m not counting on the endings for the romances, at best, being more bittersweet than happy. And I think it’ll be much easier to get a miserable ending than a good one. But that’s just my opinion, based on how much she likes torturing the MC, lol. Just like I’m convinced Seven will end up with Avina, if the MC doesn’t try to romance him or screws up when on his path.

Given how much people salivate over misery, “angst”, and MC abuse simulators, I’m not sure that’s a convincing argument against a shit ending.

While I do agree with this, Amy put out another patreon Seven POV this morning and, as much as I detest Seven’s dedication to keeping the MC at arm’s length, I kind of get it after seeing how he was when he and the MC were first stepping across the “we’re just friends” line. After feeling so intensely about someone and being betrayed (MC not quitting instead of entertaining the vote was a betrayal to him, and I can understand that, if not how he turned into a complete bastard to the MC afterwards), I can see why he’d be hesitant to get close again. Mostly due to self-preservation. That said, he’s intentionally sabotaging the relationship before it’s even started with that behavior, which leaves it to the MC to beg and plead for crumbs, and that’s no fun to play.

I like your scenario quite a bit, but I think the point was to show that Seven is not only holding back with the MC when they first get together again, but he is actively shoving the MC away. When the MC begs and forces the issue, he allows it, but he’s not making the effort and doesn’t want to be close. Plus, there’s no room for the MC in Seven’s life right now, or when the relationship starts/restarts.

I think the relationship progression will be the MC having to fight for a place in Seven’s life, and learn to be happy with the tiny back corner Seven allows for them, while Avina, SV, and everything else in Seven’s life takes precedence over the MC (separate lives, for all intents and purposes, with some contact here or there). By the end, maybe the MC can secure a more permanent place in his life, but MC is never going to be ranked #1, and it will never be like it was before with them, with a permanent distance that will never be breached because it’s “healthy”.

Honestly, I think that was the whole point. Seven’s shoving the MC away in the beginning, so it’s all on the MC if they want to be with Seven, and they’ll have to take what they can get, if Seven is willing to allow it.

I wouldn’t count on that going anywhere. It’s too ingrained, at this point.

On a different note, did everyone see this?

So where does everyone’s MC(s) fall on this scale?

For mine, Riley thinks it’s better to never have loved at all. Roza would say… never loved at all, too, actually.


Ultimately it’s a game, so the competition being unwinnable regardless of player’s choices doesn’t make much sense. It’s likely that winning will be difficult, but i doubt it’d be impossible and that you’d get shit ending no matter what.


What bugs me the most is the fact that Savina is supposedly healthy and not bad at all… when it is clearly the opposite. but hey Savina is the so called best relationship in the story as said by Amy, not to knock on her or anything though just my opinion on the whole toxic and semi manipulative relationship that Avina and Seven have from my observations.


“Loved and lost” is the objectively correct answer. All loves are, eventually, lost, unless someone other than me is holding on to the secret of immortality. All things are lost, and all things end. Might as well make the ride enjoyable.


I agree with you there. For winning the competition, I figure it’s going to require almost perfect choices by the MC, with maybe one screw-up allowed. For the romances? I figure most will end in a bittersweet way, at best, with no true “happy” endings.

I’m just glad Amy changed her mind about locking G-mancers out of winning the contest. That would’ve sucked.

Like you, I see Savina as pretty toxic, with Avina being manipulative as hell (and extremely controlling with Seven, giving them zero personal space at all), but we’ve been told how perfect they are and that sometimes friendships look “different”, so it is what it is. Avina is a Mary/Gary Stu, which is why they’ll end up with Seven if the MC doesn’t romance Seven (or doesn’t accept being ranked at the bottom of the stack in Sev’s life).


I really really hope we get something better than this by the end. I wouldn’t ask for 7 to be like obsessed with my mc but at least to be treated how a significant other should be treated. If 7 truly is better (isn’t thst what author said would happen?) he will have found balance between the people he cares about in his life. He’s already on a bad path again with codependency w/Avina but I remember reading maybe in a pov from chap 2 he mentions all the members of his band even coddle him? I can’t remember exactly how it’s phrased so I’ll have to go back and re-read it. But that is the impression I got. Surface level it seems great 7 has these people in his life but it’s not doing him any favors. Besides as “attached” as Avina is what will they do if and when 7mancers mcs get back together? Interfere? Step aside? Prevent? Support? I’m genuinely concerned for their reaction.

Now I’m new here, not sure how to add in another quote from your post so I’ll answer your question about the love and lost quote.

My mc Piper is the type to say I’d rather to have known love but when it’s gone won’t forget it. Nor do it again. Probably. So far to the chapter 3 sneak peak I play her stoic on the outside over 7s breakup, hurting on the inside, and buries herself knee deep in work–for the band. Because work equals focus. And focus equals no thoughts of anything else. Yeah she’ll probably crash and burn one day or lose it after being pushed so far but hopefully with a fantastic trail of songs behind her…lol

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No one is criticizing people for having a different opinion. If disagreeing and presenting an opposing viewpoint, just like some frequent users here, is considered “dog piling,” then sure, I guess, pop off. Guess the same argument on loop for months and doom and gloom is the only discussion valid.

No one has claimed it is healthy, not even the author. I’m not into Avina and Seven’s relationship with them, but I think we’re all overreacting a bit, and when the chapters are released, this uproar might seem silly.


Thanks for stepping in and saying this.


Man, respecting Seven’s wishes when they told me they didn’t want me around them was the best decision I ever made in this game, huh?

Now it’s just me and Blake sitting on a bench snacking and watching all the pro-/con-Savina camps slugging it out.

See, Blake, you don’t have to stir shit up for entertainment, it stirs itself. Now, stop hogging the fries and gimme some. Next time, I’m getting this extra: