INFAMOUS IF (BAND WIP) CHAP 2. P1 OUT (178k words)

AHHHHHHH! The G POV for the duet is out!

And it is SPECTACULAR!!!


Eh, it could have used more wrestling moves. G could have Rock Bottom’d somebody onstage. Maybe the MC or a stage technician.



If there’s anyone in the scene deserving of a batista bomb, its Victor.


You’re speaking my language! One of the best powerbombs.

My MC to Seven:



This is how I imagine Blake be acting lmaooooo :skull_and_crossbones::skull_and_crossbones:


Kurt Angle is GOATed. His old Smackdown promos were absolutely hilarious. His best wrestling was during his TNA run, though.


Hey @radicallytamed, why can’t the MC do this to a random crowd member during our first performance?


Typical. Been waiting months for this and the one time I unsubscribe from patreon it comes out :roll_eyes:

Amy wasn’t posting much, which is understandable as she’s entitled to a life outside of this lol, but I couldn’t justify having it when I’m getting married later this year and got to save money…sigh.

I hope everyone enjoyed it though :heart:


I did. Can’t wait to break them up and take my G. I deserve them more than V. hehe :smiling_imp:


Congratulations on your wedding!

But yeah, I really enjoyed it. I would say it’s well worth 6 bucks (or 3, because I think the other tier will get it, just later?) just for that one story. It both broke my heart for G and made me happy to see just how much G appreciates the MC and their talent.

I also want Viktor to die a miserable, painful death for being a complete and utter asshole.

I honestly have no qualms about my MC breaking up that marriage after reading G’s POV on how Viktor and Victoria treat him the same and dismiss anything he wants. Viktor’s response to G’s “idea” pissed me off beyond words, and I could see Victoria having the same response. They treat G like an object, not a person.


There’s multiple instances in the game where it’s G who is doing whatever they want, while Victoria rolls with it no matter how it visibly vexes her. You’d have to deliberately turn blind eye on it to view things as “poor G treated as nothing but object without any agency”.


The problem is that you’re looking at G from a different POV. You have to take frame of reference into consideration. Yes, G can be selfish and somewhat irresponsible, but when I read his POV, it really hits me that he’s rebelling against the constraints under which he has to operate. And a lot of it (in my opinion) is the fact that everyone dismisses him and his thoughts. They want him to be a circus monkey who performs when he’s put on stage and, otherwise, want him to sit down and shut up until he’s needed. That’s not very humanizing treatment.

This POV of his really presents a different perspective, especially when you see how Viktor literally treats him like shit. The fact that G is one of those “all that matters is the music” people helps me to understand him, too. He went into it for the music, but the business part has squashed the music side, so much so that he doesn’t even find joy in the one thing he always loved. That’s not a minor detail, and it’s a very soul-crushing situation he’s in.

If you want to view him as the villain and always at fault, that’s your prerogative. It is not, however, how I view the situation. Because I kind of get the guy now, and I can definitely empathize with him. Victoria, on the other hand, is too controlled by following the rules, and wants to force G to be just like her. She basically dismisses who he is, too. Just like Viktor.


I think it’s worth to keep on mind that personal POVs are affected by this fact – they’re personal views, influenced by the person’s bias, and as such they can be very far from objective description of reality. For a simple example, recall Avina’s POV and how people found them largely delusional about their relationship with Seven.

As such, i’d be cautious to take anything you’ll read in the POVs with large pinch of salt.

(btw, i don’t view G as a villain. They’re a half of what seems like marriage that’s going down the crapper, but it’s not something i’d put solely on their shoulders, at least not until we maybe see more of it)


Just to clarify, I meant the character POVs. Of course, we all–as readers–will interpret things differently.

In some respects, I agree with you. But you can discern a lot about a character when reading their thoughts and emotions, then comparing how they are perceived by others.

G is jaded, and can be somewhat of a brat (as we see from other characters’ POVs), but the fact that he feels undervalued, doubts his own worth, and no longer enjoys the one thing in the world he loves more than anything tells me quite a bit, especially when combined with Viktor’s shitty attitude toward him. I don’t care what the guy has done–it doesn’t justify Viktor dehumanizing him constantly and treating him like he’s nothing. Viktor seems to be on a power trip with him, wanting to smack him down so hard he never argues again.

Also, getting G’s perspective on how he was treated as a teen just coming into the business shows a lot about how he got shaped into the person he became (and doesn’t really like, btw). But that person he was is still in there–he just needs to find it again. And the MC can help there, first starting with making G love music again. Only problem is that he has to battle Viktor (and likely Victoria) to get that love for music back again.

This is precisely what I was talking about above. If we didn’t see Seven’s POV, know the MC and Seven’s history, etc., then maybe we wouldn’t find Avina to be delusional about Seven. But we do, so we can parse all the data and see that Avina is not only delusional, but a hypocrite as well (“it’s terrible that the MC had so much power over Seven! Now I do and that’s great!!”).

So while a single POV can’t tell us the entire truth, we can at least get a general picture painted when we look at that POV and compare it to how the characters is perceived by others.


sigh ………(opens up the pov) i guess it’s time to give G a chance ………

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I have to say that I really liked G’s POV, it really fleshed out the character and explained what draws G towards MC, which is wholesome. However, I disagree that it absolves G of everything regarding their failing marriage/problematic behaviour. As someone already pointed out, it’s a POV—a look into a private internal thought process. In the game, I assume that G never shared these deep and painful feelings with Victoria or anyone really, and Victoria has her own challenges in the relationship: ambition and the fear of being completely overshadowed by their spouse, stagnation in her career as she turns down opportunities to support G who for now looks like they take it for granted and also seems to be in an endless downward spiral —while not communicating what is wrong and how they can fix it together. Everyone expects her to keep G in line, and she knows that if the marriage breaks down, it will be her image and career that suffer, not G’s.

In short, I think they are both at their wits’ end and unable to work things out by themselves due to not communicating at a deeper level. And no matter how we justify we will put the final nail in the coffin by starting the affair


Surprisingly so, I always thought Griffin was just toying with the mc a bit, even if there was some genuine attraction and desire to help (unfortunately for mc Griff is quite bad at actually being helpful) on his part. Before this I figured that ultimately Griffin was just a bored brat who wanted to use the mc to add some spice to his life and quite possibly his marriage but that he’d never really seriously would have contemplated ending the pr machine and cash cow that ValenReign appears to be in order to be with mc.

I have more thoughts but injured shoulder makes it difficult and tiring to type much rn.


Is it on Patreon ? And holy shiet damn Victoria tf