INFAMOUS IF (BAND WIP) CHAP 2. P1 OUT (178k words)

… You know, i kind of doubt telling people they’ll have to wait will be very successful in saving them from crushing sadness and despair :v

(appreciated all the same, tho)


Man, I’ve been here way too long. It seemed like just a few short years ago I was a teenage lurker replaying the demo for Six String Legend on here. I was markin’ out for the Van Halen guitar and angsty romance.

So, uh, I’ll definitely be checking this out. Just a couple questions:

  1. How metal-friendly is this IF? Not hard rock, not pop punk, metal. Can we chug? Do we debate djent with the other members? Can we argue over the better Killswitch Engage vocalist? What about characters? Any genuine metalheads? Anyone can be one, but is there a character with legitimate knowledge of the scene? I need deets, bros.

  2. Can I customize a guitar? How many strings are we limited to? Can I have 7? Why not? Are you really sure?

  3. Are there fun band options aside from the usual romance stuff? Can I play a solo, can we collectively bang heads during a breakdown?

  4. Can I, at any point in the story, smash a guitar on stage? Because if not, then why even let us have one? It’s just part of the fantasy at this point.


Amy represents every genre pretty evenly.

No, the other bands may talk about metal, but as I said she evens all them out.

You do get to talk to August about what instrument you play.

There is a choice during your first show, on whose skills you should highlight. During the IF you can be really cocky about yourself, and lose stats with the band.

I think you can rage etc…:laughing:

But if you have real questions ask the Infamous Professionals: @EvilChani @parisgracex @vera
@mordorintrigue @Jamo @Maldron and even more people on the thread.


I’ve been away from the forum so long I didn’t know there’d be a gender-flipped Orion now.

You can pick the genre your band plays (and your own song lyrics) but it’s pretty much cosmetic choice for the Stats screen, at least for now. Similarly, you can pick the way your MC acts on stage but it’s also just a minor text variation or two when you perform. I guess you could put it as “it’s not unfriendly” because there isn’t any real genre-specific content that’d prevent the idea your band plays metal.


One of the main characters / main antagonists(?) is a front(wo)man for a metal band (and I am a bit shocked that no one has brought them up yet as they seem to have their fair share of fans). As to having “legitimate knowledge of the scene” mentioned in game, idk about that.


@love4tae @fsix @h_neptune pretty much answered the questions they could but for questions 2, 4, and some of 3, we don’t have the answers to those questions, but I’ll try to paint a more descriptive picture.

  1. We do get the option of deciding which musical instrument we have the skills to play, and guitar (acoustic and electric) is an option. Other than that, we haven’t had any more material on our instrument of choice. I really like your questions, so I’ll use the ask option on Tumblr for this game to see if Amy (the author) responds. Here’s the Tumblr page if you wish to utilize it for yourself: I N F A M O U S (

  2. As of right now, I personally wouldn’t say there’s fun band options in terms of bonding, but we do perform with our band at the beginning of the game; there’s a party we can attend after performing; we can go to the bar in Chapter 2 and kind of mingle; and we can write a song with our band in the studio.
    As for playing solo, that’s a good question that hasn’t been answered or implemented in the game, although that would be pretty cool to be able to do.

  3. As of right now, you can’t smash a guitar on stage or even play the guitar, but in all honesty, I don’t see why that wouldn’t be put in the game at some point. That’s what some rock stars tend to do.

@Anna_B Underground Wastebasket is heavy metal; it’s only mentioned once so I forgot all about them until @h_neptune mentioned it.

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Which band is metal? I didn’t think any of them were. They all seem pretty “indie rock” to me

Underground Wastebasket, Blake’s band is explicitly named “heavy metal group”:

You break out of your thoughts just as the band is getting off the stage. You remember them; [i]Underground Wastebasket[/i], a heavy metal group. Before them performed a trio that did folk. And before that, a band that used the harmonica as one of their main instruments. That's the beauty of this competition--all kinds of music are encouraged. 

Weird, I wouldn’t have guessed that based on their lyrics.


I think the introduced bands so far have more of a rock-based background than Indie. Soft Violence’s genre is punk rock, and based on the sorta voice claim Amy posted on her tumblr for male G of that Crush something band, Misfit Alley probably has some roots in that too.

Either way, there’s a variety of genres including a write-in to choose from, but I think metal, rock something, indie, genres, and mixes of that make the most sense for a battle of the bands competition. Imagine all these rockstars and then Mc is some country based band lol


It’s me, hi, I made the indie folk band, it’s me.

This is the real reason the rest of the band wanted Seven out, they didn’t fit the vibe.


On this note, given the list of options for the type of music MC’s band plays isn’t sorted alphabetically, and the first option is “EDM” it kind of makes me wonder if this is the “default” in the sense it’s the first thing the author thought of.

(this is followed by “rock”, “country” and “pop”, respectively. so yeah, looks like “country” is actually pretty high on the list /s

I dont think he means chugging beer when saying chug, its a term used in metal for a certain guitar riff


Im obsessed with this ah🖤

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to me that’s what breaks the immersion a bit tbh, what do you mean seven was in my synthpop band where we match outfits (and we have drummer but only have one person on the keys and no sequencers(?)) and now he’s in Soft Violence

I think if you don’t care that much to have it very tailored to you, the band types that make the most sense are rock/alternative


Thank you so much! I don’t use Tumblr, so that’s cool of you! Feel free to post their responses, if you want. I am curious as to the answers, specifically if we’ll eventually get to play an instrument/bond further with the band.

All that being said, can anyone fill me in on what these rewrites are for? I’m a hobbyist writer myself, and I know the term “rewrite” can at times mean something more significant than simple revisions.


In the words of Amy-

“It was because chapter 3 is when the ball really gets rolling with the plot and the variables and I just want to make sure that the prologue - chapter 2 is in top shape. Plus, I was itching to fix/polish it tbh! Calling it a rewrite sounds a lot more dramatic than it is but there’s already been many differences of all sizes in the prologue. The biggest changes aside from O are the addition of scenes so the rewritten demo will def be longer than the released one.”

Also Orion is now gender-selectable so there will be new variables for that etc.


AHHHHHHH! The G POV for the duet is out!

And it is SPECTACULAR!!!


Eh, it could have used more wrestling moves. G could have Rock Bottom’d somebody onstage. Maybe the MC or a stage technician.