INFAMOUS IF (BAND WIP) CHAP 2. P1 OUT (178k words)

Ooo okay, that’s good to know!! Because I’m honestly the same way. The whole bully romance and enemies to lovers is like my favorite. Probably why I like Blake (also I just like being petty and I know it’ll bother seven). It actually surprises me that Seven is the only character to ever make me be like…ehhh idk about this.

But now that i know I can be antagonistic and still do their route makes me wanna do just that.

@Radiantbliss Mines is too lol!! As long as the MC is cute in my head, I’m aye okay. Also, I love your Art!! How long did it take you to design your character(s)?


Yeah! Ha, I have, like, a dozen saves at this point because I want to romance everyone and I love seeing what choices make someone’s relationship bar go up or down.

And yeah, Seven is pretty polarizing and I can see why. Their beef with MC is super personal (and kind of immature and irrational, as mentioned in-universe) rather than that just being their personality like it is Blake’s, and if you’re playing a friendly MC, it can feel a little like you’re catching strays for no reason. But! You can be pretty vitriolic right back, so I think it balances out. I think maybe people don’t know that, which is why people think MC is a doormat when they’re doing Seven’s route, but you don’t have to be nice to them, even when MC is still in love with them. The relationship bar just determines the flavor of the romance. I’m sure there’ll be a lock out down the line, so I doubt you’ll be able to be a straight up asshole the entire time while still getting a good ending with them, but you do not have to put up with their shit right now, lol.


Me, of course. Lovers to enemies to lovers again sounds just delicious :smiling_imp:


True, but playing with my overly nice test MC, it worked. She actually didn’t mind walking Sebastian and Maya to their hotel, and really didn’t think about the “looks” of it until she ran into the dude with a camera (after those guys tried to bully her). With Victoria, she was actually worried about G, so that worked for her, too.

I think it helps that I’m playing with my test character. If I were playing with a character I built for the game, she’d probably be a lot less nice and a lot more annoyed at all the bullshit.

I made the mistake of perusing the author’s tumblr, and from what they’ve said, Blake’s romance will be as miserable as the rest of them. More “kick the MC in the teeth”, I imagine. I suppose that, at the very least, all the ROs being so awful fits the industry and the fight for fame. People can turn into really abusive assholes in their struggle for fame, money, and power.

I get it that Blake has a real grievance, and it may appear that the MC is in cahoots with G and that’s how their band got their spot, but that’s a lot of assuming on his part. And the shitty treatment of the MC makes him just as bad as Seven and G.

Seven has the most reason out of all them, but their behavior is abusive and horrible. I had hoped that a nicer MC would be able to get through to them and Seven would thaw quicker, but from what I’ve been reading on tumblr, Seven is just going to be hateful toward the MC no matter how they act, and won’t be stopping any time soon. That put a huge damper on my “feel sorry for Seven” kick, and I don’t think even my test MC could take that shit for much longer without breaking and just walking away from the whole damned thing, especially since she has no one that actually gives a damn about her. That probably wouldn’t be a choice, so I’d end up just stopping when I reach her breaking point.

Yeah, I feel that way, too. My MC was feeling a bit squicky about the whole thing when Sebastian kept stressing how impressionable Maya is, and now she’s determined to back off for the kid’s sake. Before that, she genuinely liked them both, and it felt good to be around people who actually liked her (other than her band, but that’s different).

Yep, same here. Unfortunately, after reading the tumblr for the game, I’m getting the feeling that the MC is going to be forced to become a yandere stalker to whoever they want to romance. And you can kinda see it already. Being “nice” to Seven–who makes it abundantly clear that they hate the MC and want nothing to do with them–comes off as pathetic, really. Going a different route with Seven isn’t any better–your MC can either be as abusive and nasty as Seven or you can “pretend” to ignore it but the text makes you unable to do so, from what I’ve seen in the code.

For G, it’s much the same, with the MC following them around while G uses them (at best) or the MC becoming a home wrecking asshole.

Blake’s similar, from what the author said of it being so “angsty” (insert me cringing here). Apparently, they’ll all be “angsty” and take forever.

So it appears it will be a game of kick the MC until the end, with nothing but misery and abuse, where you can get a relationship at the very end if you make the right choices (if not, the MC gets dumped).

I’m kind of bummed, because I enjoyed the demo, but if there’s nothing to look forward to but misery, I’m out.


Is it really a lot tho? Blake’s better and they loose, MC wins and G announces is themself, it’s just putting two and two together, why wouldn’t the MC be on it, why would be just from G’s side?

Doesn’t seem that way tho? As of Chapter 2 you need to take just 2 flirt option for the game to start recognising romance, just choose approriate once, don’t choose once that don’t sit well with you?
Orion even has whole secret curhs thing if you don’t want to be too much and keep it professional.


True, but who the hell is the MC? A nobody, that’s who. It’s not like they have power to boot Blake out. From an outside POV, the MC could’ve known what G was going to do (choose them) but that’s about it. They didn’t know G, didn’t know anyone, and are really a nobody. So assuming some nobody singer from a band formed in high school–that has, what, a handful of fans?–had the pull to convince G to “cheat” them into the competition is insane.

Not sure what you mean, but my problem isn’t with the flirting. It’s with the fact that everyone the MC can flirt with (well, for male-attracted MCs, anyway) either flat out hates them and probably wants them dead (Seven), only wants to use them for some unknown purpose (G), is flat out not interested (Orion), or has a kid that is pretty much stalking the MC and is rightfully worried that his daughter will get caught up in all the drama. That’s where I get the feeling that the MC will be forced to become a yandere stalker–it’s 100% one-sided on the MC’s side for every possible RO, save maybe the dad.

And yeah, I thought about trying again with my MC keeping it to herself about her crush on Orion, but the shy options don’t really fit her and I can’t RP the stuttering/blushing nonsense without getting nauseated. It’s just not my thing.


I reaaly, really disagree with the point that the MC is a nobody. Like, there are different kinds of popularity and things to do in the music industry. Their band allows to feed 6 people (the band and Orion), they do have a fanbase, not the biggest one, but still not a handful. They are not famous, but they do well.
As for how and when - shouldn’t Blake of all people know how chances can be? It happened, the dice showd two 6s or snake eyes, however you see it, and it just became a thing, because that’s G, of course it is.

I dunno, like even without tumbler it was obvious that Seven is just being childish and defensive, because they still do care so much, and Orion has some sort of turmoil inside, I mean, you can just let your MC be a bit more perceptive and don’t buy what you are showed? Espescially with Seven, I think our MCs should get the idea what’s going know, they know each other too much.
And that’s why I said that you don’t need to flirt at every opotrunity. Go for the times when things are softer and the characters won’t push back as much.
But yeah, in the end of the day it’s gonna be angst and drama, and it seems like a lot of it will be between the MC and a RO, not the MC and a RO against something together (which is always a shame), except August, I think.


I don’t know about that. In that scene with Rowan at the hotel in NYC, he worries about them not succeeding. The MC worries about it. They all worry about it, to the point where it seems that, if they don’t win this thing, their dream is pretty much over. There was a line to Rowan that my MC chose, something along the lines of, “you still have your art”, and he was receptive to that.

I guess the “mood” for the MC’s band seems to be that this is a do or die thing, like if they don’t manage this, they’re done. Perhaps that isn’t the vibe I’m supposed to get, but it certainly feels that way.

With Orion, my MC could see he was, at least, cognizant of the fact that she has a crush on him. She still sees that he’s not receptive to it, however, and she’s not going to push it. I mean, even from Orion’s POV, he’s more like “wtf am I going to do about this?” than anything. There didn’t seem to be even the slightest attraction returned. So perception won’t buy the MC much with Orion.

And with Seven? Oh, hell no. Unless your MC is psychic, I don’t see how they could believe anything other than the fact that Seven loathes them with the intensity of a billion suns. The fact that they know Seven so well should only cement that fact. They know Seven is highly emotional and goes with it. And the only emotion he feels for the MC that the MC sees is seething hatred. So, again, perception buys you nothing with Seven except confirmation that he loathes the MC and wants nothing to do with them.

My MC did. With Seven on the bus, she was nice. No flirting, just trying to be kind to him because she gets that he feels she betrayed him (and she did, she knows that). But it got her nothing except that weird conversation with her being genuine and him being a hateful prick again. Being nice doesn’t seem to get the MC anywhere in this game, except abused more.

Yeah, and I’m getting extremely sick of the MC vs RO for the entirety of games, with the only possibility of them getting together being at the very freaking end. I’m too old for the never-ending teen drama bullshit.

I’ve already been sucked into one game with it, where I’m now stuck waiting till the end to see the MC happy with the RO (assuming that ever happens) because I have to see it happen, even if it is going to be the last effing book of the series. I don’t really want another one where it’s nothing but misery, with the MC used as the RO’s doormat until they finally decide to give in at the very end. That isn’t the fun kinda drama for me. Instead, I’d like to see what you pointed out, with the MC and RO against something (or their problems) together. Unfortunately, no one wants to write that!


I believe in order to get the bit with G flirting in front of V you have to pick the “I’m hurt you don’t remember me” option or whatever it is. G will tease you and say “Maybe you aren’t that memorable.” Then G will actually look at you and say something to the effect of “No, that’s definitely not true”, implying you are hot enough to be remembered by G.


Because they dream of SUCCESS AND FAME, but they still have a job they like and that pays them good enough it seems. Like ,it happenes left, right and center. I have a collegue like that - our salaries are much higher than what we would get if we were working in our home area (while costs are pretty much equal here and there), but they are still lower than in the capital (because rent in the capital is god afwul expensive and here it’s much cheaper). So he is always dissatisfied that he gets less than when he worked in the capital even though his hours are better, overall profit is better and his health is better, that job in the capital really did a number on him. People don’t value what they have, it’s a fact.

About ROs perception - I mean, yeah, if this was real life, than yes, sure, but we don’t play a real life, we play a game, and it has it’s tropes and conviences. To go against them and make things more difficult for myself is not my choice.

Also I found this meme and it made me think August, because I don’t usually go for nb-folk, but seeing it being the only romance where we won’t fight the RO for the right to be with them and get to be treated nicely all the way, I just might swing that way.

The meme


That is ridiculously true.

But isn’t part of the responsibility for that on the author? The whole “your MC should know that!” thing doesn’t always work so well, and often seems like a copout because they don’t want to write their NPCs bending their neck in the slightest. Tropes or not, that isn’t a good approach, especially in a game where people are playing the loser MC who almost always gets kicked in the teeth and treated like shit. Sometimes, the other characters have to give a bit. Otherwise, they become so tropey that they are cartoonishly stupid.

That meme made me spit water at my screen, btw. And it was so worth it (and so true!). It almost makes me want to give August a try…


I think the best thing to do now is just wait until more is written? Iirc, the author has a plan for it to be a stand-alone with 20 chapters, and we’re only 2 chapters in. She also said that chapter 3 might be the chapter where the flirt variables starts to account for something/be noticed by the RO.

We have no idea what the author has in plan for the rest of the story, maybe we’ll get with the RO in ch. 10 and the rest of the story will be about MC and RO dealing with the public over their relationship. Maybe we will really only get together with them by the very end (though I really doubt this). Who knows. I’m sticking with the story either way because it’s really well written and I really like my MC and can’t wait for her to be successful, with an RO or not haha

I honestly really like Orion’s route so far. Maybe because I play on the no crush route and now when faced with Orion my MC gets all confused by their newfound attraction :joy:
My love and favorite is Auggy though… I love them so much…


It absolutely is, and I’m not gonna argue that Infamous is perfect in every other way. But hte author made her stance known, so things are gonna be angsty, and glassy, and crunchy, and I decided to opt in. Bring me my clown wig!
But a lot of other points, that the MC is a loser, I conside moot, because they don’t do spectacularly well, but they do fine, they just want much more than that, so they feel that they are underperforming.

I hate this fucking thing

I don’t need your bloody opinion, forum! It’s so passive-agressive, I can’t, can we cancel this toxicity already?

On one hand - sure, but also if what’s published is not enough for us to make an impression of the game, maybe don’t publish it yet and write a bit more? It’s what demo is for - to help me realize what the full product gonna be like. And for now I see angst in romances and some fun ideas, so it is what it is.


Perhaps the MC’s own view of themselves is a good explanation of why the MC comes off as a loser with nothing going for them and everyone hating on them. Well, not the hating part, because everyone does hate them, except for a select handful of people: their band, the stalker kid… possibly August, because they’re very nice.

I read the author’s tumblr post about that, and they had a point–that it’s only chapter 2. But it’s such a fucking downer. I like drama when it’s done well, the MC isn’t a doormat, and the RO-MC interactions are not stupid tweener angst. The problem is that this feels like the last two things with some of the first (good drama) mixed in. For example, I’m dying for the MC to talk to Lucy, because it almost feels like she was more of a mom to the MC than the MC’s mom was.

Anyway, I also like the writing style. I just don’t think I can suffer through another downer where “slow burn” means it takes the whole fricking game to get the MC and LI together.

And this damned board really is passive aggressive. It just gave me a message like it gave you. I flicked it off.

Why is it I have this picture of Seven punching the MC in the face for flirting with them? Or maybe running away… or fucking Alina (is that their name? I can’t remember) right in front of the MC. Whatever the reaction, it will be awful and mean, I’m sure. I can’t see flirting with Blake go any better, though.

Freudian slip…

Thank you. I mean, maybe Blake is better on the bus, but in the photo shoot, my very patient MC started getting annoyed with him.

I, on the other hand, wanted someone to go and kick his ass so hard it would’ve left a Blake-shaped hole in the wall.


Obviously, it’s Alima It’s Avina, and somehow I get asexual vibes from them, don’t ask me.
Also I don’t know why people say that Blake is better on their own, they were not, plus I really don’t like people throwing their hands around, so Blake is a hard pass for me.

When Seven started bickering with them was the moment I decided to bring out my clown wig.

I don’t like G either! Because of this and because they are a certified creep and not in a fun way.

There was the same agrument as with SV, but it kinda made me more scared, but that’s just me, and all I got from the talk was more creeps and no charisma, but again, that’s just me.


G threw the first punch tbf

Because Blake’s band don’t really start anything while on the bus they pretty much mind their business. Seven and her whole band besides Avina all hate you and act like assholes. Also you can actually have a conversation with Blake tbh lol, also they have a charisma about them. All Seven does is look mad and tell you to fuck off.


Oh she’s definitely not. If you don’t get with seven in the end she will. according to the author’s tumblr anyways.

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Asexuals still can get into relationships, just without the screwing part.

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I don’t know, I think the Avina thing is a red herring. MC was also that close with Seven and unless you choose for them to be an ex, Seven didn’t have any romantic feelings on the former besties route. Though I do get the sense that Seven is maybe not fully unattached. Not in a relationship, but maybe in the talking stages with someone? And maybe that’s who they were talking to at the party. I’m probably wrong, though.

I actually can’t wait to get into the reality TV aspect a little more. With any form of media comes shipping, and I’m picking up some hints that that’ll come up with August (and Seven and Avina) in particular. There’s a lot of potential for awkward fandom mess, which is something that I find funny and entertaining.


Nah they haven’t confirmed anything like that. As far as I know she’s just been teasing because alot of people hate it. Who knows later though.