In Plain Sight: Operative V0.2.4 (55,000 words!)

Nice job so far. Love the world building. Will you have an flashbacks/background on the “Unification”?

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I do have short stories planned out as little breaks I can take while writing this IF, and they do give some context into the world such as The Unifitaction and what happens to those who weren’t chosen during Basic.
They’re planned to be publicly released on my discord first before I release them on the forums, though.


I love this. I’m always going to read military or military-adjacent games, though.


Hey guys! Gray here.

Not an update, but I wanted to express once again my gratitude for your kind words so far. They keep me going as I continue to work on IPS.
That said, I find myself in a small dilemma. You see, as a long-time reader, I have formed my own opinion on how I would write my first IF, and this is my first actual literary project.
Right now, I’m struggling with coming up with good content to push out to keep you guys interested in IPS and the world I’m attempting to build.
As you may have noticed from both my writing and my prior forum posts, I am, in essence, a very to-the-point person. I do apologize if it seems like I’m not accepting negative feedback.
That said, I do take each and every response into serious consideration. I understand that I may not be able to satisfy everyone, nor can I claim that my writing is, by any means, perfect. That’s why when I receive positive feedback, I feel motivated to do better, though oftentimes it’s not very targeted as I don’t actually know which bit of the IF did you like; Vice-versa, negative feedback is an opportunity for me to learn, though I may not always be able to satisfy everyone.
I would very much appreciate it for you, the reader, to feel comfortable enough to openly discuss with me what you feel about IPS, be it via forum posts or DMs. (I respond quicker on Discord though!)

Is it good? How so? Which bits did you enjoy?
Was it not up to expectations? How can I do better?

This is all feedback that really helps me in the creative process of writing IPS. I may have the vision for IPS, but I lack the knowledge of how to best deliver said vision for your enjoyment.

Lastly, I’m actively looking to grow my private tester team! As I mentioned, I do enjoy nitpicking, and my private testers are a bit like my volunteer QA team. If you’re interested, do shoot me a DM either on the forums or on Discord!

I hope this long post wasn’t too unreadable. Here, as a thank you, have a cake. :cake:


Sadly, I’m a bad judge. I’ve seen some people who has a lot of criticism, from grammar issues to story plots, to implementations that would often risk the author make entire changes, and so on and so forth. I on the other hand, am completely content to let the author tell the story. I will of course, point out story inconsistencies or game breaking bugs, but for the most part, I try to allow the author to tell the story the way they want it to be told. In the rare moments I make suggestions, it usually is for something simple like a god mode or something along that line, but in your case I see you already has that covered lol. In short, I’m not one for story ideas, but will gladly help to eliminate bugs and inconsistencies.


Yeah I feel the same. I’m liking it, but the general pacing is quite speedy; to the point of destroying that initial feeling of immersion- at least for me. Doesn’t mean I find it unplayable of course, just that it didn’t give me a chance to build any thoughts on characters or what’s happening, in the moment of playing.

That being said, I too think this game has a lot of potential and I look forward to more. The cheat code won me over quite quickly lmao- so thanks for that @GrayCipher and also I didn’t see anyone else tell you but…thanks for the piece of cake, it was yummy lol!! :laughing:


I’m always a sucker for cheats. When I see cheats, I click. In fact, I discovered this game in the first place because I either typed god mode or cheat menu into the search box. I do it every once in awhile, to see if there are new wips with such features. In any case, I’m glad I discovered this game.


Regarding the pace of the story, I’ve intentionally had both the prologue and C1 feel relative fast-paced to reflect how quickly MC was yoinked from wherever they were and dropped into the life of a CIRS agent. (Believe me, it used to be even faster, but I did try to slow it down, believe it or not :sweat_smile:)
Don’t worry though, because C2 and C3 will slow down somewhat in terms of pacing, in order to focus more on world/character building.
My overall aim is to stagger the pace somewhat so you (or your MC) have time to breathe between the more intense moments, while still keeping you interested in what happens next.
Again, I am by no means an experienced writer, so if you think that it’s not accomplishing the objective well enough, feel free to reach out to me either here, on discord, or via DMs with examples on how the pacing can be improved!

As for cheat codes. Man, where do I even begin? I’ve always been a bit of a cheat-code abuser, from way back when I could spawn a tank in GTA: Vice-City. I’ve also always been someone who values story in games, as well as being able to play as some sort of omnipotent deity/god/goddess/potato. In fact, I almost never play @MichaelMaxwell’s Breach without the use of cheat codes (Shout out to Max!! again)
I know I’m not the only one who has some kind of god-complex happening, and short of coming up with a difficulty modifier and thus making my own life a living hell (I’m already doing that), I’ve decided on one standard difficulty as well as a way to bypass stat checks if you so choose to.
I mean, think about it - you have high perception and yet you still somehow slip on a banana peel as soon as you enter a cutscene. What’s up with that?
IPS aims to let you live out your god complex fantasies as a not-so-average human being in a (hopefully) awesome storyline without forcing your character into idiotic or otherwise embarrassing moments for the sake of progressing said storyline.

Once again, long post means you get a thing. Here, have some sushi :sushi:. God knows I want some…