In Plain Sight: Operative V0.2.4 (55,000 words!)

Hey there!

I’ve begun work on my new game, ‘In Plain Sight: Operative’.

In IPS, you play as a character of a background of your own choosing, which dictates your starting stats (or just play a custom character), in a dystopian world where the entire earth has been taken over by a United Government.
You are a new agent of a special counter-terrorism task force created by said United Government, embedded in society until they call on you.
Go on missions to take down rebel cells, thwart rebel schemes, get promoted… Or turn against the system and help take down the United Government.

Key features:

  • Playable as male, female, or non-binary
  • Most named characters are planned ROs, with their own unique backstories to promote replayability.
  • The story is non-linear, meaning your choices affect certain things that appear in a following chapter, or even the whole story.
  • You can continue to stay loyal to the Government, or you can join the terrorists. Or, you could even go undercover as a Government spy…
  • The opportunity to use cheat-codes if you generally don’t like grinding stats, or are like me and have some kind of god-complex going on.
  • An ever-expanding iceberg of intrigue and plot twists, as well as various secrets…

Currently, the demo incudes the prologue as well as 1.5 chapters (54,898 words not including code)

To play the demo, go here:

  • Chris

    Chris is an ex-police officer, and your fellow batchmate at CIRS. Chris is humorous and dutiful to a fault, though he has some doubts about the United Government…

  • Jane

    Jane is an ex-EMT, and your fellow batchmate at CIRS. She’s generally lazy, but cares deeply for those around her, especially her friends and family.

  • Alicia

    Alicia is your commanding officer at CIRS. Does her professional and elegant demeanor hide her personal habits, or do they only serve to highlight them?

  • Silver

    Silver is your supervisory officer at CIRS. His lack of facial emotions hides a sense of humor one might consider bordering ‘dad jokes’.

  • Cheryl

    Cheryl is your (former) civilian co-worker. She is very caring and loves to gossip.

  • Gabriella

    Gabriella is a ‘secret’ character who also serves as the main reporter for the One Solidarity Times, a civilian run news agency.

  • … And more to come!

Special thanks to my friends/private testers who motivated me to write IPS up to this point, as well as being the ones to make sure IPS stays somewhat readable (and not filled with typos and bugs)

Also, special thanks to my good friend, @MichaelMaxwell, for creating the Breach universe! It served as the main inspiration for me to write! (Seriously, if you haven’t, you should go read Breach. it’s so good.)

If you’d like, feel free to join our discord! (You’d have to verify in the landing pad to actually talk there, though)

Thank you for checking this out! Here, have a potato. :potato:


Always love to see military themed or military adjacent WIPs, but while I get that the word count is always being updated, I’d personally refer to it in the beginning as anything other than n-word. For obvious reasons.

If you can manage to make the large number of stats properly work given the extra load of having to write for multiple possible stats, then this will be quite wonderful to play. And I also appreciate the built in option for cheat codes in the future, it’ll make replays really fun, as well as the idea of write in puzzles based on if you gathered the right information so far or not.

Also, this is a minor nitpick, but no one would professionally refer to a Lieutenant as LT in common speech, that’s something more so for grunt to grunt talk, it just sounds kind of weird to hear what seems to be a professional Major in a secret agency to shout at a Lieutenant like that.

Will be watching this for updates!


I… should have noticed that, to be honest. It’ll be removed ASAP!

That’s actually a really fair point! I’ll look to have that reworked in the next patch as well!
Thank you so much for your input on this!


Standing up, you glance at your mirror to check your reflection. You are a…


If you choose person/non-binary you’re met with the customization for male

After code-diving you forgot to change gender;

      *set gender "Male"
      *set genderdesc "man"
      *set pronoun1 "they"
      *set pronoun2 "them"
      *set pronoun3 "their"
      *goto createChar2

Found and fixed! Thank you so much for that, it slipped though the cracks of the many, MANY other errors.
The reason for this mistake was that I forgot to edit it when copy-pasting :sweat_smile:

EDIT: I’ve found and fixed the mistakes that both @Dryinspection and @coal8 pointed out! DashingDon has been updated as well.


Its a interesting start i dont have much to comment on yet but would suggest putting up a end of demo page. So we can avoid the endless loading at the end of the demo i will be keeping a eye on this when i can lol :smiley:


I was just about to comment on this, looking at the code it’s definitely there


Odd, I secifically have a thing there for that.

It’s as you said.

Anyway, I’ve gone ahead and overridden the bit that doesn’t let you get to the demoEnd scene. Thanks for pointing it out!




creation line 20: Invalid expression, couldn’t extract another token: $!{bgType} = “Corporal”)


:bug: has been found and squished! Thank you!


I mainly like realistic COG games without any fantasy elements even if they’re rare, so this is awesome!


I love This one if of the year in my book can’t wait to see more


Finally, something based in my time.


It has a leg on the division, though, it also reminds a bit of atomic hearts with ‘united gorvernmt’ and all, though, im too lazy to try to find any code thats not stamped on the face

Anyone know what the clock tower clue

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Does anyone know the Code


Never mind with the clue is was the clock tower



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The only current cheat code that actually does anything is ‘godcomplex’, which is a stats cheat. More codes will be made available on my discord!


@GrayCipher I found a training bug. When you study technology, your strength will also go up.

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