In need of a scripter

A friend of mine and I are working on a game idea and are in need of someone good at scripting.

Coding a whole game is fair amount of work, if you want someone to sign on it would be a good idea to provide at least a rough synopsis, and a sample of the writing. As well intentioned as a lot of people are they aren’t going to commit that level of effort to a partnership unless it’s obvious what the others bring to the mix.

If you just need some help with the tricky bits, this is a great place to get it. I’ve learned a massive amount about ChoiceScript in the last month. If you have specific issues, try searching the forums, and if that fails, post your problem for feedback. There are a bunch of coders who love the challenge of figuring out why something keeps breaking (I’m one of them, I already have a couple of people PM-ing me if they find an unusual bug.)

The heavy lifting? As in, writing all the code so you can see what breaks? That you will probably have to do yourselves. Coders are often busy working on their own projects; the last time I needed someone to basically take over a project and code it for me, I found some professionals with free time and asked their rates. The old standard of “I’ll write it, you code it, we’ll split the money” is a risky proposition for a coder, since there’s just so much to do and they don’t even know if your writing/idea will sell.

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Asking for coders is against the rules, you’ve been here long enough to know that @RoseQueenKamijo