In dire need of help from the creative mind


As some of you know, I have given up on writing anything in CS quite some time ago, which is due to multiple reasons, if you want to know why then feel free to ask or PM, whatever floats your boat.
I have sort of given up writing in general, why sort of? That is because I actually have written something in the past year, last year that is, which I’d rather not talk about because I am not allowed to read it myself, thanks to the content.
Despite this being awkward and uncomfortable to write, it was actually not too bad. This was also the first thing I ever wrote which was not in CS.

Now, you might have seen me mention this here and there but I am thinking about perhaps trying to write a novel, as I am just way more comfortable doing so than to write a CYOA where you have to please the reader. I do not care about what the reader wants, I just want to get out what’s trapped inside, so a story where everything goes exactly the way I want, no choices, just a story.

This topic I will be using, now and then, don’t expect much, to discuss certain things, for example names, characters, story elements, you name it. But as I said, don’t expect much, this novel will just be a side project next to my daily life, so a reserve hobby. Something which will take years to finish.

That said, I need some help, this is regarding a name, not for a character, but for a certain group. A person who practices the arts of science, inventing and engineering, studies and uses runes and magic, how would you call him? I’d rather evade common names, like perhaps Alchemist or Warlock, which buth actually fit but just not enough.

Next to that I need another name, for a race, or well, I already have one but I’d like some suggestions for alternative names. Kitsunes, people, yet also foxes, so pretty much a person with a tail and ears. They use magic, are agile, pretty much the standard things you’d expect from such a race.

So here I am, the one who has ideas for everything, without and idea.

Thanks for taking your time to read all of this :slight_smile:


This sounds like a cabal - A usually secret exclusive organization of individuals gathered and each individual could be called a caballist - a person belonging to the cabal …

Here, I’d continue with the same type of name… I suggest: Camarilla for the race, which would tie into the above Cabal name quite well.


For the runes and magic how about a RuneSmith.


Actually, perhaps some more backroubd information, or lore, would be of use here.

As for the magical scientists, they are not a secret organisation, they are normal people, well known within the town or city and they are pretty much outcasts. Why? They practice the use of magic, which is a taboo, but they are allowed to since they have been hired to work for the government/kingdom/however you name it.
They’ve been hired to study magic in order to get more knowledge, make better soldiers but also to protect people from evil etc etc etc. hope this makes things easier.

As for the story, it will be a high fantasy setting with steampunk elements, so imagine the 1900’s within the medieval era.

I am terribly sorry for my horrific descriptions, it’s just that I am very tired, laying in ben, on my phone. Might have been better to create this topic tomorrow, or well, today, but if there are any questions, please, do ask. I’d love to andwer them and make thibgs clearer, and don’t worry, I have no problems tellingf wvery single story element cramped up inside my head.


I was already thinking about something like Spellsmith, but Runesmith didn’t pop-up in my head, will definitively put it at the top of the potential name list.


Hmm, well if you wouldn’t mind repurposing a name similar creatures to kitsune are known as huli-jing or huxian in China or kumiho in Korea. There are also shapeshifting dog spirits in English folklore called Barghests which conceptually might fit the more anthropomorphic elements you have in mind.

As for your guild of rune smiths and inventors you might try Architects or Artificiers or in a similar vein to what’s been said already maybe Spellwright or Runewright, I do love a good wright.


I am terrible with names @Porter but like i like your writing i want to cheer you. If I were you i would use a randomizer names genrator. If you need my help on anything except names tell me.


Mechanists, Technocracy, Technomagesterium (that’s a mouthful)… I’ll noodle some more when I’m not half-dead to the world.


Thaumaturge? Literally ‘miracle worker’, but sciency sounding.


Don’t know if the offer is still on. But I’m more than willing to help co-write a story since my mind is always active it’s hard for me not to have an active imagination.


Oh trust me, you do not want to co-write with me. That is mostly because I write when I feel like it. Which means in the middle of the night, for a couple of hours, and that only once per month.
And co-writing also means you’re dependent on the other person, and if he, or I, would halfway through the story quit, then it’d be a bigger problem than if it were to happen while writing alone.
Next to that, the story wont be mine anymore, and I don’t want to force people into doing things they don’t want, in this case write things they don’t want.

But still, thanks for the offer, perhaps I can use you for some other things :smiling_imp:

Now, as for all the names, there are some interesting one’s, and other names which I could perhaps use for jokes, so thanks!


Ok, I can give you ideas as well no problem. Just yell of you need help :smile:.


Elileon :race name sounds animalistic.

As for magic types… since you’ve set it for something near and around alchemist and warlock.
Paralemist : an amalgam of paranormal, parallel, with a ‘mist’ to ad a bit of an sciency expertise sound.


Well, in our game, we call them ‘Sage.’ It’s our catch term for ‘wise men.’


Don’t know if you’re still itching for help with this, but I have one or two notions.

The Scientific Method sort of began in the Middle East in the Middle Ages, first beginning to be codified by a fellow named Abū ʿAlī al-Ḥasan ibn al-Ḥasan ibn al-Haytham.

While I think that particular name is something of a mouthful, his Latinized name was Alhazen. He is probably best known for his seven-volume treatise Kitab al-Manazir, or the Book of Optics.

Commonly referred to as the world’s first theoretical physicist, he was often referred to by others as Ptolemaeus Secundus, or ‘The Second Ptolemy’. This was no small praise as a quick google search will tell you.

So… What about Alhazeni? An Alhazeni Scholar or Mage?

It would be paying homage to the origins of the Scientific Method while simultaneously separating itself from other words for magic-wielder, a field that is already pretty crowded as it is.

If your magical discipline is based on runes, shapes and other such things, Euclidean would be a good choice.

My point is that you could look to history and the people for whom scientific endeavour was a kind of magic.


This sounds really good, but it also carries a problem with it, and that is the fact that I would have to carry real world events into a made up fantasy lore, but I huess something could work.

Again, thanks everyone for the help and suggestions :slight_smile:


Oh, I wasn’t suggesting you work in the backstory behind the name, merely the name itself. In my own work I use words, concepts and names from our own world to help readers find a deeper level of connection to the world, making it more complex by association.