Improving My Writing


well you aren’t so bad only need practice in Spain we have the said the practice makes the master so why don’t write even do your game and make it better through the time people here can give you ideas


i read for 3 hours a day, isn’t that enough???


anyways, i don’t know if i should make cogs until i learn better eng. i don’t want people to read my work for feedback even though they don’t like it. aka i don’t want you guys to have a headache :stuck_out_tongue:


anyways i gonna give a shot to being an artist…


@Aznxa @CJW
The Witcher from what I understand is like a huge body of shorts collection, didn’t know they had a “full” title released. Looks like it’s very popular in Poland, if not all of Europe? The PC game is solid for sure.

The thing with localized content is that there’s always a chance for something to get lost in translation if you know what I mean, so if one is going to treat it as a reference as far as grammar/technicality goes it probably makes just enough (not that it’s bad). For full immersion I know I’d hit the original… if I knew Polish :slight_smile:


@Ioelet - Because in theory, your intelligence increases, you become less one-dimensional, you become more mature. The scope of topics that you study/read are more wide-ranging and furthermore the older you are the more likely you are to have experienced a wider array of emotions that you may channel into various methods of expression.

Really it’s the maturity and knowledge/experience aspects that I think greatly helps, a lot of those whom are immature or inexperienced can usually but not always be identified by their writing style and content. Furthermore it’s knowledge (and patience) that increases depth of writing and background, though one may argue it is creativity but I’m not trying to define everything as black and white.

Point is it’ll likely vary with the person but growing up or getting older tends to bring a lot more to the table for an author in my view. I know I write better now than I did as a 14 year old anyway.


@FcA I don’t plan on learning Polish, but I just bought the games yesterday - I’ll be sure to play them soon, as I hear they come highly recommended.


well games are cool if you are a boy but like a girl I want kill the damn Gerald!
good game where the things you choose really don’t Matter but guion and universe is really good and immersive .


If you don’t want to work on seven swords and write a short story. You can still write something that will help it. Write a short story set in the world of Seven Swords (could even be a prequel) this way you can get some more background which helps build your world.


Practice with good feedback will help with the more technical stuff such as grammar and structure. Finding your own style however, is a much trickier matter, mine got shaped when reading some science fiction short stories and the writing style just clicked for me, and I found myself taking influence from it. So I suppose I’d recommend doing some reading and see if any particularly style stands out to you. But I’m merely an amateur, so my advice may be of dubious use.



I’ve never really thought I had a style I just lose myself in the world and write.


nice idea @Nocturnal_Stillness.


Sorry to bump this, but do any of you have any special ways for writing Very Dramatic scenes? I just can’t seem to channel the anger and despair of last stands, or epic duels for some reason.


@Wyrmspawn I recommend keeping the tempo slow, adding lots of descriptive words & actions, and setting/describing the scene a lot. If you’re doing it in ChoiceScript, the *page_break command is very useful to add drama and suspense.


Thanks. I’ll try again.


1.) Write a list of everything that could be seen in your scene. Details!!!
2.) Write a list of everything that could be heard in your scene. Details!!!
3.) Write a list of everything that could be smelled, tasted and felt in your scene. Details!!!
4.) Write a list of all thoughts your character could have, if you write from an in-character perspective.
5.) Try to express things, you can’t express, by metaphors… don’t write metaphors just because they sound cool.
6.) Don’t interprete the scene yourself - leave that to the reader.
(e.g. not “Peter was afraid.”, but “Peter’s breath caught. Please, not again!”)

7.) Take your lists together and combine your ideas in an artistic way. If you desrcribe from an character’s perspective (and independent of whether it is a first-person or 3rd-person narrator most stories or at least scenes are written from one character’s perspective) use those details he would experience and describe them subjective… but without interpretation:
"There she is, Ms. I-am-the-greatest. "
not: “There is a girl, which looks narcissistic.”
and not: “There is a girl, which the main character does not like.”

8.) Play with the length of your sentences, with the structure of the sentences, because that influences the time feeling even more than your words.


9.) Use *page_break AFTER that. Am I the only reader who gets bored when he reads again and again the same pseudo-thrilling cliffhangers every single time, when someone in a CoG story enters the door?

“Suddenly, there is something strange. What is that?”
“Oh, it’s just another writer using a lame trick…”


Right, got those. Thanks for all of your advice!


hey guys i am back!!!


Akat, I agonize over everything I write, and consider most of it drivel, but have never had someone agree with me. You’re probably a lot better than you think, and my experience has been that the worst writers are the ones that think they’re talented beyond reproach.

Never stop being self-critical, and actively invite harsh criticism, but don’t let it deter you, and don’t hesitate to show others your work because you’re “practicing”. You’ll always be improving.


ik i am working on seven swords all the time had been away but i had to restart 10 times

right now i am doing it again i am pretty sure i ll get it right