Improving My Writing


OK this has been bothering me for a while. My writing does not have much potential, and i need to improve it. I was wondering if i should make small stories before i make a real game. What do you guys think???


well my write in English at least is awful so maybe I can’t be the best example but in write at least the 90% is practice so yes write all you can and read good literature observe how they describe styles, that could be useful for you.
and when you are confident return to your game


@akatsuki9344 There are any number of books that would be of help, but the best way to improve would be, as one of my teachers used to say, “Practice, practice, practice”.


I agree with @fantom and I would recommend lots of short stories, to get your writing better and get you used to writing.


Practice lots and listen to feedback. My writing is often average but listening to feedback is what improves it.

Also try to always write what you enjoy. After all how can you make others enjoy what you don’t.


Read more. Never have I heard of a good author who was not also an avid reader.


If anybody is interested, I found this online spelling and grammar checker.


If I were you, start off with small stories. But do it something that you are inspired by.


I already used it destroy code .
edit someone wants read my game Emma now?


I have already read it! It’s asombroso!


I pm the link I need beta tester about new link also sorry put the topic here :frowning:


OK so should i postponed seven swords until i improve or keep on working on that too?


Well if you need some inspiration read Blood of elves its a great book that gave me inspiration for my stuff.


@Aznxa - That’s in my reading pile, I couldn’t tell from the blurb whether I’d like it or not, so it’s good to hear that you like it. I’ll have to try it soon.


Wait until you grow older?


@CJW you could always try the games, they released one for the 360 plus the third one is coming out next year.


@Aznxa - Really? What are the games called?

LOL - “THE” WITCHER? Never in a million years would I have linked that book with THAT game. LMAO. Fantastic. Learn something new everyday…


How should growing older improve someone’s writing?


well i still have to go to high school and learn more about writing


it widdens vocab , gives the writer a more matured feel of the workings of the world.Also (you can thank the unitedstates schools for this) ,but the writing exams get harder every year