Images and chapter heading

I have two questions. (they seem a bit stupid to me but I must ask)

As I understand it in order to have a cover picture for your game in DashingDon, you have to upload a image named dashpic.png (or some other extension) but do you also have to use *image command in startup or somewhere else? I uploaded my dashpic but it is not showing up.

My second question: How to make fancy chapter headings?(like in Guns of infinity and Mecha Ace)
Are they images or are they created by some CS command?

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Images require the use of the appropriate command, so the *image command.

The headings you’re referring to are images, so you’d have to create an image with the text you want for your project. I unfortunately can’t remember if you have to do something to properly align it or not.

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I think there are center, left and right commands for alignments

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You’re right those are the commands to align images.

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