I'm thinking of a Hostage Negotiator game, comments please


As you all know, I am working on my Oval Office game, but I wanted to post this idea to preserve it for later or as a side project. Will post “description” later.


Like a Taken-like game?


Have you played Zap Dramatic’s games? I believe one of those is hostage negotiation orientated. I also remember the voice acting being so annoying.

Zapdramatic was founded in July 2000 by filmmaker Michael Gibson and Negotiation and Alternative Dispute Resolution experts Allan Stitt , Frank Handy and Lisa Feld .

Zap’s goal is to popularize the art and science of negotiation to a world audience using interactive simulated adventure games.


Sounds like it could be really interesting to me. The player would be biting their nails at every decision in case they screw up and all the hostages get killed. :yum:


Interesting premise especially when you consider hostage negations in most games media is either a one off (ie ME2) or has already failed and we the player have to go in and fix the situation ie Swat 3 & 4


sounds good :slight_smile: might be worth even pursuing this idea first. Haven’t checked the oval thread for a while tbh, but saw one critiscism(and do agree) that that idea could be too broad/challenging. I mean it sounds like a good idea, and sounds very interesting, but this sounds a lot more manageable, but that’s just my two cents :slight_smile: . But looking forward to more details, when I first read it I imagined a police negotiator though, like in the films one who arrives at a crime scene stands outside with a megaphone etc not sure if that’s what you mean though :stuck_out_tongue: .


Use Flashpoint the tv series as a reference


I freakin love Flashpoint. I try to watch it more than once a week, and the episodes are great. Thanks for the suggestion!


Also what would be cool is like a multi perspective point of view. Like you are the negotiator and then you are the hostage and then you are criminal and all the choices affect the outcome