I'm Sorry, But I Think We Should See Other People - ROs You Hate

The reason they can do that wrt sex is because sex overwhelms their senses. Sensorially speaking, there is nothing else BUT the sex while they’re having it. In all other situations, them being an asshole so people don’t want to hang around is a feature, not a bug. It’s the ACTUAL point.


Again I get it, but still doesn’t excuse it for me.


Same reason they smoke, too. The scent of the burning cigarette, as well as the brief buzz of nicotine and burning in their throat/nose/etc, overwhelms their senses so it drowns out everything else.

M is also very ornery, in general. Sera said that in an ask. But, if you look at it, other than being a smartass, M isn’t a dick to the others who are part of UB, only the MC (and, even then, M is only a dick to a romanced MC if talk about them being together comes up–otherwise, after b1, M is better than the others about including the MC in the team).

In M’s defense, them being a dick to anyone they screw once the deed is done should have been expected. M makes it clear before they ever do anything that it’s just sex, means nothing, and, really, whoever M screws shouldn’t expect to ever get to do it again (even the MC).


I get very defensive sometimes when talking about M (when talking about him relative to the Detective I made for his Route, I can get very in character), but I completely agree about them only a dick during the M-mancer arc. If you are best friends, they retain their playfulness, and actively defend you more than anyone else on the team. They are my favorite character out of the four even if their lack of introspection makes me pissed at them at times.


That’s exactly how I feel about M, very defensive of them despite complaining about the way they treat the MC if romanced. Really, if it wasn’t for M, I’d have no interest in playing Wayhaven.

I was talking to someone about it recently, how I typically prefer characters who are set over gender flippable characters, but for Wayhaven, the gender flipped characters were necessary. I wouldn’t have played if M had always been Morgan instead of Mason. I play the other three routes, and made MCs for them, but it’s more out of curiosity than love of the characters or “romance” (I still take issue with calling A’s path a romance yet, and calling M’s one at this point is pushing it).

But, yeah, M is the best for me. More interesting, by far, and a better friend to the MC. It’ll just be nice when we get to the point in their “romance” where they stop being an outright dick. Bickering and banter, I’d love (and one of the reasons why I think he’s the best). But calling the MC a fucktoy that means nothing to them (especially after kissing them like that)? That was one of those times where I would’ve happily kneecapped M for my MC’s sake, even if she would’ve shot me for it!

Sure! Feel free! I’m always happy to get DMs… well, unless it’s someone cussing me out. :stuck_out_tongue:


Can I DM you? I don’t want to flood the forum here anymore but I want to talk haha :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t stand Jamie from ZE:SH after Part One.

He starts off as the best RO (imo) with the friends-to-lovers trope, is quite attentive of the MC’s well-being and is an all around great guy, but damn does he make shit difficult for no reason as the plot goes on…

Minor spoilers for why his character arc dried my player up: Jamie is so soft for every Tom, Dick and Harry that wanders past despite how shady they are, hates conflict but inserts himself into it regardless and then he gets angry when a situation is handled with something beyond words despite killing a man who betrayed him. Like it is the apocalypse you ninny??? Everybody is willing to fight to the death for a scrap of bread. Oh and don’t even get me started on how he constantly undermines my players authority as the leader when it comes to even the most minor decisions without being a co-leader— HE EVEN VOTED FOR ME! Ugh. Honestly. Trash.

Then again, ZE:SH is the first game I played where I ignored a male RO for a female, and started exploring f/f romances, so I can’t complain too heavily when it broadened my horizons.


Tom from Zombie Exodus, who tries to kill you even if you sleep with him. Katarina from the Infinity series, who has a hobby killing the wives and children of royals she doesn’t like. Going way back, Tammy from Choice of Robots creeped me out, but I suspect that was the idea. I found Tress from the Community College Hero series to be insufferable. Oddly enough, Dirty Girl from the same series, who is morally . . . less virtuous, was great to hang with. I was good with Caraway from Tin Star as well. However I am also in the “Darcy can go hang herself” crowd.

You mean she stopped a war from continuing lol. What she’s planned is messed up, but don’t make it into something it’s not. She has no problem with them staying alive if you convince the women to stand down. Ending a war swiftly with less people dying or the lives of two people, who can be kept alive by the end anyway.


Look, she had valid reasons. But between her and her brother, they are a cold-blooded pair. Just not really who I am looking for in a RO.


While her reasons were at first glance pragmatic, the idea of war crimes and chivalry and many other similar codes of conduct regarding honorable behaviour during war don’t exist just as moral, cuasi religious requeriments, but for the very practical purpose of stopping a conflict from descending into an state of chaos and self-defeating brutality. If you don’t try to harm our wives and children, we won’t retort to torture or destroying your potential by attacking your own civilians. Never works perfectly but that’s the idea underneat.

Actions such as these ultimately give way to escalations of violence far, far more damaging in the long run and of course equally demoralizing. A soldier won’t be so eager to go to war if all he expects is to be tortured or murdered if he is captured.


i like to think the OP still reads all of these complaints, also this all sparked from somebody appreciating the character junko lol

Which one’s she from again?

Everyone besides Elizabeth in Vampire House, I don’t really hate the other RO’s but it always feels like it’s supposed to be an enemies to lovers story between Elizabeth & the MC so I generally just do her scenes whenever I replay it.

Although I guess I dislike the hunter classmate since he just wants to harass & kill supernaturals due to his own personal bigotry against them rather than wanting to defend humans against the more dangerous creatures.


I am entirely unsure if you mean me or someone else, but to clarify, this thread sparked from me just wanting to open a discussion into ROs people don’t like because I hadn’t seen any threads talking about it when I first made this, and there was no way that I was the only person who didn’t like certain romanceable characters in these games.

I honestly didn’t play far enough into Samurai of Hyuga to give a crap about Jun/ko, though they quickly wound up being one of the major three gripes that constantly pop up in this thread.

(Also with how huge this thread has gotten, I honestly can’t keep up with all the discussions. I poke my head in every now and again to see what all the hubbub’s about, though.)


I’m gonna give a perhaps unexpected answer.

All of them in Love Verse. It’s supposed to be a pure romance game. But they’re literally all very wrong for me. I don’t have interest in a single one of them, and I’m perfectly content to play this pure romance game without romancing anyone. I even like the game, just not as a romance game.


Fair warning, if you zero romance everybody (Which you can!), you gotta do it carefully, or else you die in chapter four.

Found that one out the hard way, I did.

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I guess I did it carefully because I didn’t get that scene.

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Well, you’re doing better than I did!

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This ones actually a him. From Way Walkers University.