I'm Sorry, But I Think We Should See Other People - ROs You Hate

There was the Slammed! game too. All the female ROs except one shot me down for being a woman. And this one exception is explicitly stated to be “ugly” and only a side piece. What was up with that lol

Also I believe this game shouldn’t have been a CYOA but that’s another topic.

Edit: Got Street Jam and Slammed! confused. I was talking about Street Jam


After playing Revolution Diabolique, the mythical professor now becomes my most hated RO.

He said political pamphlets are silly. Then he berates my MC when they said they were not interested in politics. He refused to help MC with their research. He even did nothing when my MC was falsely accused of treason and asked his help for a lawyer, .

Then he dumped my MC because he said they didn’t do enough good with magic for the society.

I am so angry that I uninstalled the game.


Iirc if you play as a lesbian in Slammed! you should have the most options, with Ecstasy, Rio and JJ all being women so I think you just played your cards wrong. I also don’t remember any of them being ugly but it has been nearly a decade since I played it so…

On the subject of ROs though, I can’t stand the (straight) ROs in I, The Forgotten One. I haven’t tried going with Obren yet, but the siblings felt kinda creepy with how fixated they are with you in the beginning so I always ended up going no romance. On the other hand, Lada’s a lot more agreeable when she’s not trying to seduce you.


I didn’t mind those stories at all if only because over time the one interested in you begins to understand MCs hang ups and recognizes them. The last scene with Lada in the current build was, to me, beautiful, and showed a lot of growth on her part in respect to the MC. I thought it was a great example of someone realizing they were doing wrong and adjusting.


Just went back to check and I noticed that I mistook Slammed! for Street Jam. Got confused with the whole brawler with a nemesis who hates your guts plot lol


I finished playing Sordwin and I tried out Hayden Winter’s route and I don’t think they were straight up bad, it just felt boring. I think I’m losing interest in the “angsty bad-boy” romances, I can see why they’re so popular but I think overexposure is getting to me.



I don’t think Winter is that popular actually. If you look at the polls for most popular RO in the Evertree Saga, here and in other places/spaces. D, O and L are usually the three most popular ROs, with Winter somewhere in the middle. I think the reason that the captain seems so popular have more to with certain, shall we say, very enthusiastic fans(and one in particular) rather than actual popularity.


I love I, the forgotten one, but I’m incredibly disappointed theres no lesbian RO.


I want to ask but there’s a voice in my head going “walk away man, just walk away” and I think I’ll listen to that voice.

That’s kinda the point of the siblings (Milon and Lada). They think that they are the protagonists of a romantic story between a charming, genial noble and a brooding, mysterious general, as a civil war rages in the background. The story is, in fact, about a prince(ss)-turned-bastard-turned-military-commander struggling with PTSD who must help (or not) their naive half-sister become a competent ruler and unite the realm (or not) during a brutal civil war, with the siblings Milon and Lada as side characters that are overly friendly (or sincerely welcome) in their pursuit of MC’s company.


Romance never seemed like a priority for I, the forgotten one, Something I was actually really happy to see


The crazy thing is that you’re right, but somehow the author didn’t make it an afterthought. It’s totally ancillary to the main plot but also feels vital to the MC’s personal journey. I’ve only done Lada’s story but the scene with the knife she gives you was devastating. It’s hard to even imagine someone with that much pain but it’s genuinely sweet that when she realizes what’s going on it doesn’t deter her, just alters her approach. I hope she and the MC have a good ending, but I doubt it.