I'm Sorry, But I Think We Should See Other People - ROs You Hate

I mean, in some settings a guy with a gun can do wonders against t the supernatural.


Though this is true in book 1 (because you take not!Murphy to the face, a dude who actually fights the four Bravos at the same time before he has his big meal), it’s not so in Book 2. You actually kick Trapper ass very effectively, both in the sewers and at the ambush.


Personally it would be the monarch from choice of romance. While I really enjoyed that game and the project I’m currently writing takes inspiration from it, I can’t say the romance, ironically, was my favorite part.

The monarch has little to no personality and comes across as so cookie cutter and bland. They cheat on you but god help you if you don’t devote your entire existence to them.


I hear there’s an ending where you can turn the tables on them and stage a coup though. That’s a pretty sweet ending. They suck as a person, from what I’ve heard, but with an ending like that, their arc could be interesting.


I think the popularity is why they get brought up so often. The more people play something, the more likely it is that some of the players will hate it. Wayhaven is probably the most popular game on the whole CoG/HG label, so it makes sense that a lot of people played it. Some of those players hated one or all of the ROs (or Ex!Bobby). But since there are so many players of Wayhaven, “some” is still a lot of people.


I think this game was eventually renamed to “Affairs of the Court” because the author realized it was misleading :smile: It’s not actually romance. I guess the title was meant to be… ironic?


I hope so because that makes a lot more sense. “Choice” (you don’t get a choice) of “Romance” (it’s not romance)

look im full of traumas okay i just wanna be called pretty ;-;

Seriously I didn’t expect it at all. In hindsight, yeah it’s such a “no shit” moment, but not even considering that possibility is definite proof that I’m predisposed to fall into an abusive relationship :confused:


Well, you do get a choice, it’s just that two of your three choices are wrong (part one) and the wrong choices will more than likely get you murdered (parts two and three), that’s all.


Yep I’ve chosen that ending most times I played. Doesn’t make romancing the monarch any less unfulfilling.


Oh, there’ll be affairs, alright.


I kind of saw the romance with the monarch as a “what did you expect” given that they cheat on their actual wife to be with you lol.


Unfortunately boinking them is the only way to proceed. They could have still been interesting regardless of the fact imo.


Gonna be honest, haven’t played Choice of Romance in years, but I do remember the Monarch being a walking red flag when it comes to having a healthy relationship. The other options were more appealing to me personally and I always thought it would have been neat if they got their own sequels. Is what it is, and I respect the author for taking a shot at portraying what is really a pretty toxic person with some nuance. Kind of the same reason I don’t hate the Jun/ko stuff in Hyuga even though I kind of despise the character. A character you hate is still one you could be bothered to react to, after all.


It’s meant to be an analogue of Henry VIII/Anne Boleyn (with the PC as Anne), hence the story only continues from Part 1 when MC marries the Monarch; if Anne had married her “de Mendoza” (most likely Thomas Wyatt, but Henry Percy is another possibility) or her “Torres” (probably James Butler), she would only have been of interest to 16th-century English historians/serious history buffs, because she would have lived a much quieter life.


Yeah, affairs of the court is very much not a romance, it’s a survival game lmao. When second part started and the realization hit me like “oh, I’m going to die, unless…?” I immediately got to scheming and planning. Still died around 3 times in my first run. Twas fun, there was a lot of variation within the parts so every death made me explore a few new things


In all fairness to Alessa, I’m pretty sure most functioning people would be unwilling to date the person who just executed a defenseless, surrendered teenager (which is a warcrime by modern standards).

I was actually really pleasantly surprised when I first read that game. I was expecting romance (which really isn’t a genre I find particularly compelling) but instead I got a survival horror game. I actually really like the king as a character because it explores the ramifications of adultery in a way no other game on this site really does.

If the king is willing to cheat on and execute his first wife, whose to say that it won’t happen to you, as well.


I loved to hate Tom from Zombie Exodus. My poor, too-kind, goody-two-shoes, naïve priest who just wanted to see the good in everyone… And I was definitely not a fan of Heather. I felt that she was unnecessarily rude and disrespectful to me, even though I was kind to her.

Wulfstan from Chronicon Apocalyptica was another character that I loved to… less than love. He wasn’t strictly a love interest, but I give him a honourable mention for being a character I could have some tender and amourous fun with, acting rather like a love interest for a while. That smug, antagonazing, slithering traitor.

Fiametta from The Magician’s Workshop frustrated me a whole lot. I wasn’t a fan of her overall demeanor, and she antagonized my main character so badly.

Maria from Relics also drove me rather nuts. Again with the antagonism! I didn’t hate her at all as a character, though. It didn’t exactly help that the first character I played constantly put fuel to the fire, pretty much encouraging their beef, but wahh, she started it! I can definitely see the appeal, though.

I absolutely don’t hate Haze from Tally Ho at all, but they were a huge case of we should see other people, even after some drink-thieving and outdoorsy fun. Eventually they frustrated me. The Roman wall made my head hurt; it was satisfying to be able to call them arrogant. Even so, I do enjoy them a bunch as a character, just not as a love interest. They were always a very good platonic friend to my characters, and that’s how I want to keep it.


There was the Slammed! game too. All the female ROs except one shot me down for being a woman. And this one exception is explicitly stated to be “ugly” and only a side piece. What was up with that lol

Also I believe this game shouldn’t have been a CYOA but that’s another topic.

Edit: Got Street Jam and Slammed! confused. I was talking about Street Jam


After playing Revolution Diabolique, the mythical professor now becomes my most hated RO.

He said political pamphlets are silly. Then he berates my MC when they said they were not interested in politics. He refused to help MC with their research. He even did nothing when my MC was falsely accused of treason and asked his help for a lawyer, .

Then he dumped my MC because he said they didn’t do enough good with magic for the society.

I am so angry that I uninstalled the game.


Iirc if you play as a lesbian in Slammed! you should have the most options, with Ecstasy, Rio and JJ all being women so I think you just played your cards wrong. I also don’t remember any of them being ugly but it has been nearly a decade since I played it so…

On the subject of ROs though, I can’t stand the (straight) ROs in I, The Forgotten One. I haven’t tried going with Obren yet, but the siblings felt kinda creepy with how fixated they are with you in the beginning so I always ended up going no romance. On the other hand, Lada’s a lot more agreeable when she’s not trying to seduce you.