I'm Sorry, But I Think We Should See Other People - ROs You Hate

After playing Revolution Diabolique, the mythical professor now becomes my most hated RO.

He said political pamphlets are silly. Then he berates my MC when they said they were not interested in politics. He refused to help MC with their research. He even did nothing when my MC was falsely accused of treason and asked his help for a lawyer, .

Then he dumped my MC because he said they didn’t do enough good with magic for the society.

I am so angry that I uninstalled the game.


Iirc if you play as a lesbian in Slammed! you should have the most options, with Ecstasy, Rio and JJ all being women so I think you just played your cards wrong. I also don’t remember any of them being ugly but it has been nearly a decade since I played it so…

On the subject of ROs though, I can’t stand the (straight) ROs in I, The Forgotten One. I haven’t tried going with Obren yet, but the siblings felt kinda creepy with how fixated they are with you in the beginning so I always ended up going no romance. On the other hand, Lada’s a lot more agreeable when she’s not trying to seduce you.


I didn’t mind those stories at all if only because over time the one interested in you begins to understand MCs hang ups and recognizes them. The last scene with Lada in the current build was, to me, beautiful, and showed a lot of growth on her part in respect to the MC. I thought it was a great example of someone realizing they were doing wrong and adjusting.


Just went back to check and I noticed that I mistook Slammed! for Street Jam. Got confused with the whole brawler with a nemesis who hates your guts plot lol


I finished playing Sordwin and I tried out Hayden Winter’s route and I don’t think they were straight up bad, it just felt boring. I think I’m losing interest in the “angsty bad-boy” romances, I can see why they’re so popular but I think overexposure is getting to me.



I don’t think Winter is that popular actually. If you look at the polls for most popular RO in the Evertree Saga, here and in other places/spaces. D, O and L are usually the three most popular ROs, with Winter somewhere in the middle. I think the reason that the captain seems so popular have more to with certain, shall we say, very enthusiastic fans(and one in particular) rather than actual popularity.


I love I, the forgotten one, but I’m incredibly disappointed theres no lesbian RO.


I want to ask but there’s a voice in my head going “walk away man, just walk away” and I think I’ll listen to that voice.

That’s kinda the point of the siblings (Milon and Lada). They think that they are the protagonists of a romantic story between a charming, genial noble and a brooding, mysterious general, as a civil war rages in the background. The story is, in fact, about a prince(ss)-turned-bastard-turned-military-commander struggling with PTSD who must help (or not) their naive half-sister become a competent ruler and unite the realm (or not) during a brutal civil war, with the siblings Milon and Lada as side characters that are overly friendly (or sincerely welcome) in their pursuit of MC’s company.


Romance never seemed like a priority for I, the forgotten one, Something I was actually really happy to see


The crazy thing is that you’re right, but somehow the author didn’t make it an afterthought. It’s totally ancillary to the main plot but also feels vital to the MC’s personal journey. I’ve only done Lada’s story but the scene with the knife she gives you was devastating. It’s hard to even imagine someone with that much pain but it’s genuinely sweet that when she realizes what’s going on it doesn’t deter her, just alters her approach. I hope she and the MC have a good ending, but I doubt it.


I never actually hated any ROs, they either fit my tastes or they didn’t and I just let it go. So I decided to follow this thread and try out the most repetitive ROs.

I have a special relationship with Wayhaven, so I did not consider characters from there, but if I choose, then N.

Manekrol from the Soul Stone. Well, never say never. I hate it. The end. I didn’t even finish this playthrough.

Black Magic from Hero Rise. Oh, I definitely enjoyed the series itself, but the romances were written so loosely that it’s hard for me to say anything. Usually I choose romances that IMO fit the story, sometimes this romances are not exactly healthy or straight up unhealthy. And I totaly OK with that. So this romance had potential. This could have been a great story about dysfunctional relationship or cautionary tale that you probably shouldn’t have a relationship with your idols (and relationship based only on looks) cause they may be pieces of shit. Or a story about how these dysfunctional relationships slowly become healthier. And don’t get me wrong, if you squint there are pieces of all I said above. But only pieces.

Junko. Actually, I liked it. For whole three books I thought that I didn’t know how I would romance her because the character was unbearable. But somehow it worked. I really see how my poor ronin with ducked up childhood of hers was truly believing that this relationship is love and pity Junko.


Guess I should throw my hat in the ring. I would have to say Daelynn from The Soul Stone War.

Now, honesty I don’t really hate Daelynn, but I will say that I did come very close to not liking her at all In book 1. If your MC is mean and rude to her, while rejecting her advances. She acts very creepy to say the least in response. Like there is one moment where I thought she was actually going to sexually assault my MC or worst just because I was angry that she wouldn’t call my MC by there name. Now, I know you could say that your being antagonistic to her, so what the hell did you expect? But, her responses to you are very unsettling, to the point where it actually made me feel uncomfortable. This isn’t even getting into just how petty she is and willing to start fights. But that’s a pretty damn minor issue in comparison to the rapey vibes she gives off in book 1. Her romance for the most part is still very enjoyable. But I still cant help being somewhat wary of her after seeing her creepy side in book 1.


Oh, we’ve gone over at length how all but maybe two of the romances in SSW are honestly kinda crap. It’s almost universally agreed that Daelynn is awful, for the reason you’ve stated and other offenses, not the least of which being that she is yet another main cast member who looks down her nose on the MC for being a poor widdle countwy bumpkin who can’t be left unsupervised or else they might hurt themselves.

Which, comparatively to the challenges they face, is unfortunately true - the MC really is out of their depth, here - but it is infuriating to have it constantly rubbed in your face like that.


Eh, I wouldn’t go that far, I enjoyed most of the romance options In Soul Stone War, and I’m looking forward to continuing them in book 3. Even though I have my issues with Daelynn. I’m curious at what point she looks down on you for being a country bumkin? I have played the book with many different types of MC’s and I never got that indication from her. At least in any of my playthroughs. In fact considering the discrimination she faces for being an elf. It wouldn’t really make sense for her character to look down on others.

While I know Soul Stone War is fairly controversial for having a weak MC, it didn’t really bother me as much as I thought it would. I never really felt like the companions were rubbing it in your face that you were weak. Just that they want to protect you because they care and don’t want to see you hurt. I actually found that to be strangely endearing. Also I felt like there were plenty of moments where the MC got to shine and show that there not just a damsel in distress


Almost universally agreed that “Daleynn is awful”, is taking it too far, I think, if you mean among all the people who have tried TSSW(if you meant only in this thread, sorry for misunderstanding). Just because there’s a number of people in this thread who have expressed their dissatisfaction with Daelynn, this doesn’t have to mean that the majority of the people who have tried TSSW also dislike that character, not even that the majority of the people who have posted in this thread do so, after all, even in this thread, the majority of the comments haven’t even mentioned Daelynn, as far as I can recall. Since this is a thread specifically about ROs people don’t like, naturally the vast majority of the posts will be about excactly that, but it doesn’t really tell us much about all the people who actually like or even the people who are indifferent to a certain character. There’s just not enough data , so to speak, for us to get from this thread to be even close to know whether that is the case and reach any solid conclusions.

I for one, don’t dislike Daelynn as a character or RO. I won’t deny that I like female ROs who come on strong, who are flirty and I liked that about Daelynn. I did think that she became less interesting after the actual start of the relationship, with the writer, as far as I could tell, focusing more on describing how lovey-dovey your character and her become than the particular dynamic that made her interesting to me in the first place. I can certainly see and understand how some of the people who try TSSW may respond negatively to her as a character, but I don’t think it’s right to assume that the majority of people necessarily feel that way about the character.

It’s also important to keep in my that out of the ROs, it’s only Straasa and Eledwen who can’t be considered to be disrespecting your characters boundaries one way or another, depending on how you define what disrespecting a boundary means. Morkai is often disrespectful of your character and on occasion, touches your character without permission. The “secret” RO certainly oversteps your boundaries in a much more serious manner than Daelynn ever did and there’s also a character who migh turn into a RO in the third book who kidnaps and tries to sexually assault your character in book 1. So in that context, I’d say Daelynn doesn’t come off as particularly bad, and she doesn’t seem as condescending as Morkai, for instance. You could of course say that the fact that there’s so many ROs in TSSW with certain aspects that people find problematic points to aspects that are problematic at that series in general, but that’s another bigger discussion and I’m certainly wary of scapegoating that series in general, as opposed to a particular character in that series, because that could both quickly turn ugly and derail this thread.

I’m not trying to invalidate the criticisms of Daelynn, if people have concerns about a RO or other NPCS, it’s always important to bring those things forward and to listen to those concerns. But there’s no way we can know how large a proportion of the people who have tried a COG or HG that share those concerns and criticisms. Yes, there’s a few ROs, like Jun/ko and the “secret” RO in TSSW, who seem to have a large hatedom. But even with those it’s not that easy to pinpoint how many of the people who have tried those particular HGs or COGs who actively dislike those particular ROs. And Daleynn just doesn’t seem to have that level of hatedom, so it’s even more hard to tell if there are a large proportion of the people who have tried those particular HGs who actively dislikes her as a RO and as a character in general.


Yeah, Daelynn never came off as pushy or creepy to me and I like her romance, especially with Eledwen. I also didn’t see many people complaining about her, there are much more problematic ROs like Manerkol or that werewolf lady in the same game after all and even those characters have fans.Calling Daleynn “a universally hated character” doesn’t make any sense at all.

I never rejected her advances so didn’t see that side of her :smile: I guess I won’t try it in the future either, now that I know this about her. There are only two ROs that I’m interested in and they are open to a poly relationship so thankfully I won’t need to reject her in any playthrough.


I feel like I should clarify that Daelynn only really comes across as creepy and weird if you reject her advances in a rude and spiteful manner. Otherwise I found her character to be quite lovely and entertaining. I even romanced her on my first playthrough. I was just shocked and slightly disturbed at how different she seems when you reject her.


I meant in this thread, yeah.

Your best friend in grey eyes of death can most definitely find the nearest cliff and jump. See? They’re so annoying, I can’t even remember their name.