I'm on Jeopardy! tonight


Hey Forumgoers: I’m a contestant on Jeopardy! tomorrow night. If you want to see a COG staff member on national television :smiley:


What is @Mary_Duffy doing on Friday?


Good Luck! We’re gonna cheer for you at our homes :grin:


Kick ass and take names, @Mary_Duffy.

Psst…if you don’t know the answer to the final question, will they let you write, “What is choiceofgames.com?”

P.S. I know it has been taped. I guess I will find out when I watch!


Someday you should write about your time as a contestant … it must be quite the experience!

Closest I ever got was as a participant in a studio-audience and that was quite fun. :tv: :control_knobs:


That’s awesome! Good luck.


oh, man, that would have been brilliant.


They explicitly tell you not to write anything other than your answer or guess in final Jeopardy. Sigh.


Woah, that’s so cool!


Good luck! Already taped, what’s the past tense of that? Good lucked! :slight_smile:


I’m envious. My wife and I have been trying to get on there for ages. Hope you did well!


Very cool! Hope you did well, though either way it’s a win getting your 22 minutes of fame.


Found ya!


Wow congratulations, I hope you win!


Whoa! Awesome. I wish you luck.


Thursday night spoiler: Anyone else watch Thursday night and cheer when the 5-day champ lost? :slight_smile:

Go, Mary!


What is Jeopardy?
20 char


Just watched you! Congrats on doing so well! :slight_smile:


Ha! Where did you watch me?


No spoilers for the Americans!!

Everything must revolve around us!