Im new and i made a mistake and need help to not do again


I left a comment in a work in progress and I telling them I liked the demo and I check it later and it was my comment that closed it and I feel sooooooo bad and I don’t want to do it again but what did I do wrong and I’m new and god I feel bad :-(( could someone tell me what I did the name is adrift


Forget this I’m actually going to sign out instead so don’t worry about my question cause I just don’t want to get in a thing so don’t worry about my question


@ricepatrick182 Well, stuff like that happens. (I checked the thread through your account)
First off, instead feeling sorry for youself you should read up on the forum rules. You aren’t allowed to post in a thread saying ‘‘When is the game coming out’’ it pressures the creator and stress is no good for anyone. also the thread is quite old, you aren’t allowed to Necromance threads (aka, posting on really old threads). Look it happens, you are only human after all. Just don’t linger on that mistake.

Also check the date of the thread which you are commenting on (Preferably the most recent post). Trust me it helps…


^This and…

Simply put, you posted on an inactive WIP (check the dates for the last post), when we notice people doing that on a thread where the author is no longer active (and so, won’t answer you), we close the thread.

You’re not in trouble or anything.


It’s OK, if the author comes back and wants it resurrected, the admins will open it again. Otherwise, nothing won and nothing lost.


@ricepatrick182 It’s all good :slight_smile: I kinda forgot about it in favor of another, bigger project I’m working on, anyway. Glad you liked it though!


Thank you for telling me and for forgiving me and it wont happen again

:slight_smile: :wink: :wink: you can also close the disscution if thats how they get closed