I'm having a problem with the command *goto

The error that comes up is
line 544: non existant variable ‘goto’

Here is the code that the error is located in:

*if (Health < 5) *goto Illusia fight/Beckham down/attack her/death

Basically if your health is lower than 5, you’ll die. I want to make all of the death scenes custom and unique to your accumulated choices, instead of identical, so I’m writing new material for each death. Basically I’m trying to send the reader to that particular death scene, but it’s saying that I can’t do that. Are *goto’s not allowed with *ifs, or is there some other error that I’m not spotting?


*if (health < 5)
    *goto illusia fight

Oh right xD noob mistakes. Thanks, @FairyGodfeather .