I'm back!


Hey, guys! It’s been a good chunk of time since I’ve signed on. Let me explain some things…
I am not in the Navy anymore. After intense consideration, I was switched over to the Marines. Yay! Now, here is the status for my pending games…
I will continue to work on RISE. CoA will be secondary. If you all have any questions, PM me. I won’t be able to be on 24-7, but I will check day to day. It’s good to be back…


I don’t believe I ever met you, but welcome back regardless. :slight_smile:


welcome back bro


welcome back!


Welcome back, congrats on changing to the Marines. Can’t wait to see what you do with both CoA and RISE, in need of refining but loving the stories and concepts


more interested in coA


What’s CoA?


CoA is Choice of Assassin, a game @revanrulesrussia started working on a while back


Hey there, stranger!


oh man I remember CoA it was good but needed to step out of assassins creed’s shadow!


yeah needed more differnces, had very good possiblities


Welcome back, mate! Semper Fi and safe travels.

I have a few things on my plate, but I’ll get something together for the CoA demo soon enough.


@revanrulesrussia I have never met or seen you (Then again I am one of the fresher faces) But welcome back!


welcome backkkkkkk


Welcome back! Just drop a PM to any of the mods as and when you want the CoA thread(s) reopened.


I dont remember meeting you but Ive seen you around so WELOCME BACK!


Glad to see you back safe and sound :slight_smile:


Welcome back huuuuun!


happy welcome!! and glad of meet you


You can just switch between the Navy and the Marines?