Illustration Artist and Designer for Cover Art / Sketches / Titles


:sparkles: ABOUT ME

I am trained as a designer but I do Illustration on the side as a hobby.

If you are the black and white kinda Author I am your Gal! :wink:
(I LOVE doing black and white and Fantasy stuff )

Ultimately the funds I earn here would go back to satisfying my unquenchable thirst for these great works of CYOA literature. :kissing_closed_eyes:

:heart_decoration: FOLLOW ME

Instagram: FeatherxCrown
Deviantart: Countuchiha (long inactive)
Graphic Design: Behance
Video / Animation: Vimeo

:paintbrush: WORK SAMPLES

Dragon Pen
Smaug Pencil
Digital Sketch

Lycan Lines
Smaug Lines
Harley Quinn - Suicide Squad

Comical Dragon
Fondue Bunny Boy
My Own Character

Traditionally Coloured
Kancolle Shipgirl
Smaug Semi Coloured

:dollar: PRICING

We can work the pricing in a Private message. Price range from $5 - $80 and on some cases…FREE (but I get my creative freedom) if I am IN LOVE with your story like @jeantown 's Gwenevere

Note that this is only if I, myself offer these services to you. You don’t get to ask. I am a student, making my way through life the same as everyone else.

You’ll never know! We can always do a work exchange, we’ll organize something for sure though. :slight_smile:

:love_letter: CONTACT ME

If you are interested, shoot me a message and explain to me your story and your vision. I can do cover art, titles, logos and concept sketches.

Please include what medium of artwork you are interested in.
I can also suggest which medium your story art would work best in, but this would require you to have some amount of writing in a demo before I can give my opinion.


Closed until slots are cleared. Feel free to watch the topic.

:open_file_folder: SLOTS FILLED [3/3]

I will only be opening 3 slots at a time.
Projects will not be started until half of the full payment is received through paypal / the agreed upon method of payment.

  1. Guenevere - Ongoing
  2. Highway Wars
  3. Unreleased Title

:package: Completed / Published Game Titles

Links will be updated and attached when your game is published

  1. Tokyo Wizard by @adrao

:scroll: BASIC RULE OF THUMB (for ANY creative services)

When ever you’re looking into a creative service not just from me, this is good to know:

Good :heavy_plus_sign: Cheap :arrow_forward: Slow
Cheap :heavy_plus_sign: Fast :arrow_forward: Ugly
Fast :heavy_plus_sign: Good :arrow_forward: Expensive

Good :heavy_plus_sign: Cheap :heavy_plus_sign: Fast :arrow_forward: Impossible / Requires an immense amount of motivation


Cool art! Looking at your dA account compared to your more recent pieces, seems like you’ve been improving a lot.

I don’t have any work for you myself, but good luck!


Thank you for offering your services.


You really have awesome pieces of art and wonderful linearts ^^
I would love one myself, but … ah well ^^

Anyway, keep up the good work and thank you for offering your services! :slight_smile:


:heart_eyes: Your art is super adorable!!! We do our own, as well, but should the need arise, I’ll keep you in mind. I hope you get some interest from this! Good luck!


@Falingard YEUP! always improving :blush:

@Nekumura I do personal commissions as well If incase you were wondering haha
Just send me a message :wink:

@MizArtist33 Thankyou~! :heart: I hope so too XD but thanks! I haven’t had the chance to check out your story yet but I’ve seen some pretty snazzy reviews , Hoping to do that soon but I’m low on funds to get any more CoG / HG stories :sweat:


Wow, you draw beautifully! That line art! Someone has got to hire you. Good luck :kissing_heart:


Fantastic work, anyone would be lucky to have you.



:heart: Thanks you both!


First and foremost <3 your Harley Quinn…If I do ever get back to my story I would definitely hit you up, just wow you have skills, mad skills bro. Might have to request a commission piece.

Oh and Tiffany total cutie! :slight_smile:


How did I miss this thread before? Your artwork is excellent. Just wow. I particularly like your line work. And that cute dragon. A couple of the links don’t seem to work though. :frowning:

Eep! I was just unlucky 13 like. I hope someone else quickly comes along and likes it too. :four_leaf_clover:


Thank you! LOL

Hm? which links don’t work? they were working before XD


Fondue Bunny Boy doesn’t work. Can’t remember if there was others or if I just tried to click twice.

And yay! No longer 13 likes. :four_leaf_clover:


Hm, looks like I didn’t motice this thread either. Anyways, really like your work ^^


it’s working for me but
if you wanted to see it :open_mouth:


Ahahaha! He’s forgot to put his clothes on, apart from his scarf! Get him a blanket! He must be cold!

:rabbit2: :snowflake:


Exactly what I was looking for! Will send PM straight after this! (great artwork, btw!)


update: I can’t edit main post but this is an ongoing topic


Have a moderator turn the original post into a wiki post and you should then be able to update it.


Your Arts fantastic and I specially love your line work. The skill you do with your dragon was phenomenal!