If you were a Fictional Character!


It’s hard to find a fictional person who act just like yourself, for myself I can’t think of one who acts like me


The Monopoly man. I’ll capture the hearts of many with a great board game and grow my ever increasing fortune with dangerous expenditures and building hotels everywhere.


I found two anime character’s I act like

Shikamaru Nara from Naruto
Because he’s on the lazy side

Ryner Lute - The Legend of the Legendary Heroes

Because he like to sleep a lot

Edit: make that three anime character’s

Sora from No game No life

Because he’s a gamer


Hmmm i would say kaneki from tokyo ghoul but the black haired one


Not to mention, put everyone in jail. Hahahah…


Oh god please don’t take my post seriously you guys




Incorruptible, forgiving, level-headed, rational and just awesome, in general. He’s not afraid to fight and stand up to people, but ultimately, always chooses to use his guile and resourcefulness to settle things peacefully. He has principles, and a strong sense of justice and curiosity, but there is nothing he won’t risk for his friends. Also, he likes dressing up in numerous disguises and travelling all over the world to solve crimes and bring down bad guys with his dog.

Uh…I have a lot to live up to.


Touhou’s Yukari Yakumo - lazy as hell, but powerful when she gets her shit done.


Samurai Jack would be the closest for me


As a big fan of the Danganronpa series, I’d have to go with Nagito Komaeda, the Ultimate Lucky Student in the second game.

He’s my favorite character in the series, but I’m picking him because I’m fairly lucky myself.


I’m not too sure about which character would best represent me, but I do know which one I’d like to be.

As a little girl (somewhere between 6 and 12 years old) I was completely enamored by Disney’s Zorro (in this case the re-colored version, the original was in black and white.) and wanted to be, well, Zorro, only then a female version of the character, including poofy skirts. (Not really practical, I know, but really pretty.) It’s safe to say that I was somewhat disappointed that most of the women in the show, even the more stubborn ones, mainly served as either damsels in distress or eye-candy.

I still mainly identify with the usually male main characters of movies and series I like, because they are usually portrayed as a lot stronger characters than the female mains, if they’re there at all. (Plus, I’ve always been a bit more “masculine” in my interests, though not in behavior or appearance.)


Oh wait, I do know which fictional entity represents me best. Alexis from Transformers Armada. Very down to earth, practical, reliable and in general a lot less useless than the two guys in the show (:stuck_out_tongue:). (Plus, she hangs out with giant robots, though for me that’s just a dream, unfortunately. ;))


Oh made a mistake. I thought it was about who you wanted to be like.

Well someone similar to me…

Well, Aegon Targaryen (Young Griff) or Cedric Errol from Little Lord Fauntleroy.

Let’s just say their stories are very close to home.


Trust me I thought the same thing


wait…theres an anime transformers show? when? and I really want to watch it now, I love transformers a lot!


Hmm, if I was a fictional character
I’d be Hisoka

Or Hannibal Lecter

Because why not?


I’m Chicken Boo!


Franken Stein from Soul Eater:

My life long dream is to become a mad scientist and then take over a small eastern European country Dr Doom style.


I’m a Woody Woodpecker lol :grin:


Really? Hmmm. Well, if you’ve ever heard of the old Sherlock Holmes books you kind of remind me of Watson.