If you were a Fictional Character!


Who would you be?

to sum it up which fictional entity do you feel represents who you are best?

In my case I’d have to say
Crona from Soul Eater


Juuzou from Tokyo Ghoul

for a variety of reasons.

YOUR turn, I’m curious.


Kaneki, from Tokyo Ghoul or perhaps Itachi from Naruto.


For me it’s Kefka – intelligent, nihilistic and with a wicked sense of humor.


One of my own creation.


Are you talking about your pony fanfiction OC?


Kefka always reminded me of the joker a bit. A very interesting design too.


That was a joke my man.


I chose to be

Kenshin from Rurouni Kenshin


kenshi masaki from
tenchi muyo war on geminar


No, I’m talking about you. Now get back in my imagination where you belong.


I am a fictional character.


Who’s to say we aren’t all fictional characters? I mean really, what’s fiction other than the creation of an unrecognized deity?


In all seriousness though, I would be either Tim Drake or Jaune Arc from RWBY.


Okay well the first two I thought of were really depressing so I’m just going to ignore those, I’ll just go with Fox Mulder. For
a variety of reasons. For a start, I always attribute paranormal explanations to things instead of rational ones. A bottle of wine went missing in my house and my first thought was alcoholic ghost. Then a few months later bottles of water were going missing and again I was blaming thirsty ghosts.


I’ve been playing the hell out of Danganronpa the last two weeks, so one of those characters is naturally the first to come to mind:

Celestia Ludenberg (not her real name.) She’s a self-created persona - starting as a minor con with a talent for deception, she emerged from the gambling world as the Queen of Lies, a fun-loving fashionista with a ruthless, resourceful mind. The advice she shares: “Those who can’t adapt will die.” She has a simple dream of making ten million dollars and owning a castle of debauchery, and will do almost anything to get there.

I’m a lot like her, without the homocidal intent and Gothic Lolita fashion. And I only lie when I’m writing fiction, I swear.


Personality wise I’d say I’m quite similar to Shino Amakusa.


I just looked up Kefka because I liked the face paint, now I have to play Final Fantasy VI. Somehow I skipped that one.


I will say Mugen, from Samurai Champloo


I think I would like to be either Light from death note, or Yuki from Vampire knight.


Aha! Kefka’s the perfect choice for you @Harlox123.

Although I know him more as

Final Fantasy 6 is so good.


I have no idea. If only I could think of a fictional person who acts like I do in real life…

Hmm. That is a pickle.

  1. Tony Stark - because money and Iron Man suit.
  2. Bruce Wayne but less emo - because money and he’s Batman
  3. Edmund Dantes a.k.a. The Count of Monte Cristo - because money and his intricate plot for revenge
  4. V from V for Vendetta - because he’s whimsical and has that cool Guy Fawkes mask
  5. Petyr Baelish - because of his rags to riches story and he can screw you in multiple ways without even fighting

Any of those five.