If you were a demigod, which greek/roman god/goddess would you want as your parent?


Either Apollo, Hermes, Ares, Hephaestus or Aphrodite.
I don’t want to be Zeus’s since Hera was a bitch to his husband bastard.
And no Hades cause i read too many Hades x Persephone fanfic…sigh, the dark guy need a love in his life and he got it… sort of.


Definitely Apollo, and my powers would be the ability to control light, healing, amazing archery, amazing at music, knowing when someone is lying, and being prophetic. Also Apollo is one of the nicer Gods


I was always more into Egyptian mythology than Greek but you better believe that when Percy Jackson came out I was enamored almost instantly. My first pick was Hades because y’know you get to hang out in the underworld which sounded awesome and all until I found out that about the big three and all that so my second pick was Apollo and still is for the most part though I’d always wished he’d done the same with the Egyptian gods then it would have been Anubis FTW. As for the abilities with Hades all I need is the ability to talk to the dead or to talk to Cerberus, I don’t need any judgemental flames of the damned or anything like that from him. As for Apollo… I’d just like to learn how to play an instrument and he’d probably be the best teacher… Also seeing the future would be awesome in my humble opinion. No clue with Anubis but the ability to turn into a pupper would be nice.

I also legit had a dream once where I was a child of the Egyptian god of engineering Ptah that was pretty cool.


Dionysus of course! I’m of course glossing over the details but he’s pretty much the god of wine and partying, fun god best god :joy: (Though I am aware of his more of Dionysus’s much darker version but shhhh)

Hades and Persephone seem like good parents as well, though I’m mostly basing it over ‘Overly Sarcastic Productions’s’ videos over Hades and Persephone :sweat_smile:


I would have to say Artemis/Diana the goddess of the hunt for the greeks and romans. Ether her or Mars the god of war for the romans. Although I think Artemis would make for a better story explaining why you have an irresistible urge to pursue whatever enemy or target you have to the death.


Depends on which side of the divide you come from. Many Greeks (especially in leadership roles) idolized the “thinking/stratagic” battle strategies of Athena, and Ares got pushed into more of the “brutal/non-stratigic/bloodthirsty” kind of category (although apparently he was still reasonably popular among the regular soldiers.) On the other hand the Spartans respected Ares quite a bit I believe. (I’m siding with you on this one, but I suspect it depends on the culture as to who seemed more impressive at any particular time.) Edit- actually I may not be completely right on that one. I thought Ares was paid more attention than Athena in Sparta, but after a quick look, it seems as if there’s a difference of opinion on that one.

Or you could just have the ability to ride horses kind of well like Bellerophon, however I guess if that means you end up getting to borrow pegasus from time to time, who am I to argue with that :smile:?

Which greek/roman god/goddess

Can I just say, I’d prefer it not to be Zeus? No offense to Zeus but I kind of don’t really like the idea of being on the bad side of his wife my whole life.


He had a stomachache…

I want aquaman…I mean Poseidon, because fish are friends not food


Kinda, they had a statue but it was him chained up so they could keep his battle prowess, but they didn’t like character and morals I think. It was actually Athena as their patron goddess and they heavily worshipped Artemis as well.





Yep, I think Artemis was definitely one of the most popular there :).

I was thinking of that statue which I knew they had there and sacrified to (he was more respected rather than loved, but that’s to be expected for a god with his personality/attributes I guess), but that actually does make sense about the chains/Athena. Spartans were pretty organised most of the time, rather than running around commiting wholesale murder and mayhem for the sake of it. (I really should read up more on Sparta specifically.)


How about this version for fish are friends? :laughing:

Or this one? (Behold the terrifying steeds of Aquaman. Who needs sharks with lazers?)


Heres another gif for you comrade…

@Jacic Yeah the Spartans are usually mistaken for dumb asshole brutes when they’re actually intelligent asshole brutes. Athena and Artemis were disciplined and strategic unlike Ares.

No!!! Broseidon, King of the Brocean.


Uh…I don’t really like that kind of depiction of Aquaman, he looks like a blond asshole.
But that’s just my unpopular opinion


I’m not 100% convinced it’s completely unpopular. (I just find his previous incarnation vaguely amusing at times. A superhero who rides around on something that looked like it escaped from the “seaponies” my little pony episode)


New comic book Aquaman don’t play no more, him and Mera can trade blows with Superman and if it doesn’t involve Atlantis he don’t care. Dude punched out Poseidon for being an ass.


I guess he had to get his dark and gritty reboot eventually. Superman’s had his for years :smile:. (I seem to remember a HESHE episode covered this somewhere didn’t it?)

RIP seapony steeds (or were they meant to be dragons. I don’t remember. Something like that. They look like seaponies.) I could live with this version though:

Edit: Actually 1 more just because I got a laugh out of it when I was looking for the dragon pic. This one’s gold. I haven’t seen aquaman’s flying fish transportation before. (Alright I’m done. Back to the scheduled topic I guess :smile: )


I would say Athena
Wisest of them all and possess combat ability as great as Ares since she is also goddess of War …
And also i am referring to Athena’s outfit as in Saint Seiya


I always get Apollo in Greek gods quizzes so him I guess.
I don’t do astrology and stuff but both my Eastern and Western charts are heavily associated with gold/sun/fire/yang etc. Also the fact that he is the god of foreigners and refugees is extremely relevant to me.


Hecate for me :grin: I really liked her character in the Percy Jackson books of acting superior and condescending . And of course MAGIC



Ares. Now wait, before you call me crazy: he may be a bloody-minded bastard, and he may be a laughingstock on Olympus, but Ares was a great dad compared to most of the Olympians. He cheered on his daughters, the Amazons, during their wars. When he found out one of his daughters, Alkippe, was raped by a son of Poseidon, he didn’t hesitate to kill her rapist afterwards. When his daughter Harmonia was having trouble in Illyria, he along with a few other gods helped her migrate to the Isles of the Blessed. His chief reason for helping Troy is because much of its royal family were his descendants.

Is he a perfect dad? No. But considering who his parents are, he does a lot better than most of his family.


I know who i want my father to be is a demigod. But i want to be Heracles/Hercules’ son. It is said that the Spartans are the descendants of Heracles. I would want to be a son of such an incredible man! I would want to be a strong but intelligent leader, a symbol of my own people.