If you were a demigod, which greek/roman god/goddess would you want as your parent?


Hestia, because of anime, and well, I barely ever leave home xD


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It’s dark most people would hurt you for that, I’d be afraid if I was lifted when I can’t see.


What? No! I just wanted to ask something! Tell me, what does this patch of cloth smell like? xD



Falls unconscious

Might be hard though considering the virgin goddess status.


Yeah, “virgin” xD

Nah seriously, if I bend the rules just right, I can be a demigod son of Hestia. Example, Zeus goes… “to gather intel” as Jiraiya would say, leaves a woman pregnant and she dies 9 months later giving birth to me. Zeus not wanting any more trouble with Hera, doesnt take care of me, refusing to call me his son. The goddess with the biggest heart and most loving of all, Hestia, takes pity on the poor homeless baby without parents I am and adopts and raises me.

And not only did I bent the rules to make it possible to say Im a demigod son of Hestia, I also wrote the skeleton for a HG book. Feels great to be me from time to time xD


It would definitely have to be Eris, Goddess of discord and chaos. She not only strikes fear into the hearts of gods and men alike, she can also ruin anyone’s day whenever and however she wants with no consequences. Since I hate all aspects of pretty much all of the Mount Olympus inhabitants, being the daughter of Eris, someone they fear and despise would make my day.


You’d just be Zeus kid and have an angry Hera trying to kill you. There’d be no benefit you couldn’t get by praying…

I don’t see a bunch of pervy toads running around…


None all of the gods were pricks


Hades = best option


Honestly, the greek gods mythologically act like a bunch of spoiled tyrants. So if I had to choose it’d be Thanatos or Hecate.

Power over the will of the dead (necromancy) is a powerful thing in mythology.


Probably none of them because like @Necromancer said they’re a bunch of spoiled incestuous tyrants and in mythology the life of a demigod seems to mostly end in tragedy. But if I had to pick I would rather be a child of the primordials.


Why’d this 2 year old thread get resurrected?


It would have to be Hades or Ares as they are one of the most powerful of the greek gods


Ah! I’ll grant you Hades, but Ares? The guy is probably the wimpiest god of war ever. His biggest achievements are:
-getting caught into a net
-getting his ass kicked by Diomedes during the Trojan war (and it’s in fact telling that the side he supports loses)


Because it’s AWESOME.

I agree that the Greek/Roman gods aren’t the best idols to have. I’d probably choose (in no particular order):

  • Persephone, because people who had gone through/were going through dark times worshipped her and I can relate.
  • Calliope, the wisest muse and the muse of epic poetry.
  • Flidais, Irish goddess of the woodland.
  • Gaia AKA Mother Earth.
  • Melpomene, first the muse of music, then tragedy.
  • Rhea, Titaness and goddess of nature.
  • Brigit, Irish goddess associated with fire, healing and poetry.
  • Cerridwen, Celtic shape-shifting goddess associated with poetic inspiration.
  • The Cailleach, because she is misunderstood. :wink:

As for what powers I’d like to have… something to do with nature and healing (physical as well as emotional). Already got poetry powers lol.


Ares starts crying whenever he gets the slightest injury on the field of battle and runs all the way back to Mt. Olympus. I think Zeus even called him his least favorite child and a disappointment. He’s also just a thick-headed Brute. In my opinion, Athena is the better war God because she has strategy as well as physical prowess.

I didn’t realize @Talyrion basically said this but still I don’t think Ares is really that impressive.


Also, she gets to have Victory on her side, which is… pretty useful for a war god.


Because mythology is timeless. :laughing:


Hermes for me I reckon.


Since a few mentions came about the Greek Gods, here you all go.