If you were a demigod, which greek/roman god/goddess would you want as your parent?


Honestly it may be the few times of consent in Greek mythology. She left with him willingly and her mother flip the s*** I had to make a deal.


How about Dionysus the god of wine! And his Priestess will be guaranteed to rip your head off. The Greeks and I and there complicated relationship with women.


In all honesty, I like the idea that Persephone left with Hades willingly.Most stories have Zeus being a lecherous pig, and it wouldn’t surprise me if the story were muddled by those telling it to portray Zeus in a better light compared to his brothers. “Look, see! Hades was no different from Zeus!”

Or some such.

As an aside, I’m changing my pick. It’s a tossup between Janus and Nike.


I would be the child of dyonisus (if that’s how it’s spelled) god of wine that way I would be awesome at parties and could run a vineyard.


I don’t associate myself with alcoholic beverages, parties and/or drunkenness in general. Besides, having a drunk father is probably a little too close to home for some people… and not in a good way. Be it as it may, his influences are IMO the most boring ones of all the gods - wine, vineyards, parties, theater and religious ecstasy.


You only call boring if lack the pulse! Do not even need wine drugs threater snd religious ecstasy is good enough!! We all have different taste my good owl :smile_cat:


Probably Hades. I mean, he’s one of the few greek gods who doesn’t act as an hypocrite piece of s*@$#. I could raise an undead army and fulfill my dream of being an overlord. Also, darkness. So, basically, win-win.


I would like to be Athena’s son, it would be amazing to have super soldier abilities (not Captain America or anything) but it would be great to be a super soldie


I understand it wasn’t a god, but Nemean Lion ftw
I’d like to inherit the impenetrable skin


Also you would be a half-lion hybrid like Lion-o:


Yeah, but without the badass sword…
I mean, really…


That’s all i need to say.


I would like be a son of Thor. Just because then Jane Foster would be my mom either way!!


I would like to be a daughter of Hecate. I am very intrugued by magic and astrology (not that the two are related). Just basically mystical things.

But that’s wishful thinking. I would most definitely be a child of Ares /sigh


Well we can pretend that Cthulhu is a greek/roman god however would probally be son of apollo


I’ll be a son of Aphrodite.


I am caught in between Poseidon and Hades. I wanted Poseidon as my parent cause I can’t swim and I wanna swim lol
As for Hades, I think it’s pretty cool to be a child of a Dark Underlord Lol


I was thinking the same thing lol I would be a child of Hades too!


Athena is my favorite, but aside from getting around the whole virgin goddess thing with a PJO-esque explanation, that wouldn’t work.

So let’s go with Victoria, the Roman goddess of Victory. Or Roma herself, the personification of the Urbs.


Priapus :joy:

Peitha - Goddess of persuasion.
Just convince people to do what you want. I can convince my boss to give me a promotion, convince a cop to not give me a ticket. Overpowered as heck.


I choose hades king of the dead than I be Prince of death/undead