If you were a demigod, which greek/roman god/goddess would you want as your parent?


Yay for birth through the forehead!


We’ll just have Hephaestus split her head open :blush:


Kratos and/or janus for the win forever😀



I think as his bastard you should have the ability over all things dark (of course not all at once, you need some character development).

I like hades because I think of him as a sad, prejudiced god that no one really loves. He lives in the underworld and guides the dead souls. As his bastard you would not have much love, but your enemies would be shaken. Plus imagine a romantic option with the bastard of hades as the MC. Your love dies, you fight your father in the underworld to get them back. No matter the cost.


1.) Not Zeus, that put me in Juno’s crosshairs.

2.) Strictly gods and godesses right? So I guess that crosses out the Titans and whatever you call Nyx, Gaia, Tartarus, Ouranus and the gang…

3.) Screw Ares.

4.) I’d like to be Psyche’s… But I believe that one’s too faithful to Eros for that.

5.) Can’t take the virgin godesses.

So that leaves me with…

I’ll take Hephaestus.

He’s an awesome guy, sets things on fire, an excellent blacksmith, and is possibly one of the more “human” gods.

Not as human as Apollo or Dionysus who actually were humans once, but human enough.

Also, he’s a pretty swell guy.


guy there is like a hundreds of Greek gods. But if you look in mythology almost all the major Heroes sired by Zeus because he has to put his dick in everything like everything it doesn’t matter if you say yes or no he does so much she gets bored and turns into animals and do it. it’s like if Bill Clinton was giving divinity.


Athene bc she was always my favorite greek goddess, too bad that would be hardly possible with her being a virgin goddess and all. Or Hecate, goddess of magic, bc who wouldn’t want to inherit cool magic powers?



It’s easier to be the presenter of choices rather than hoisting the world on your shoulders.


probably Pomona (roman goddess of fruitful abondance) because fresh fruit all the time lol
or Fortuna, personnification of luck and fate, parce que. :grin:


Most of the Greek Gods are horrible assholes. I was gonna say “Sophia” but a quick search seems to indicate that she wasn’t actually considered a Goddess in Greek religion, but rather an abstract virtue. I guess Athena is a pretty good choice but I’m sure she’s done nasty shit too, just isn’t as famous for it.


Was Dionysius a greek god? i would go with him… Wine yo wine!



She did make spiders because of being a sore loser, and Medusa after she was raped by Poseidon.


Oh well. So much for that. Hades is pretty cool right? He just kidnapped that one girl…


Ya, kidnapping a Queen and dooming her to an eternity of living in an undead world where she is the only living person … oh and making her pregnant too is cool :wink:

But at least he loved her, right?


If by eternity you mean one season out of the year, then compared to most of the other Greek gods, Yeah.


Loved her the wrong way dude…(I am so bloody dirty minded scream!!!)


That’s usually up to interpretation. Some variations of the story have her coming willingly, and it’s her mother that flips out over it.


I’d want my dad to be Mars.


That’s kind of a tough one. I can’t decide if i would want Zeus, Hephaestus, or Athena as a divine parent…


Everyone goes for the popular gods… I’m surprised no one mentioned Pan/Faunus, which just happens to be the one I would choose as my father. Not only he looks cool, he’s the god of the wilds, nature, animals and fertility. Was he that unpopular or am I the only one who fancies the idea of ruling over the natural land, its beasts and assuring there’s a bounty of both? :stuck_out_tongue: