If you were a demigod, which greek/roman god/goddess would you want as your parent?


Being the TF enthusiast that I am I just had to check on my favorite sorceress and it turns out someone listed her as a goddess. Yay!

Artemis or Zeus are fine too.


Zeus / Poseidon / Hades.


Huh I didn’t know that but I don’t think equal opportunities seduction and abduction is much better.


Being the daughter of Nyx means that I can always run to the goddess that as Homer puts it, strikes fear even in Zeus if I ever do get in trouble. Even after running afoul of Zeus, her son was able to survive and thrive.


Hades god of the underworld , wealth and god of the earth’s fertility


Yeah it definitely isn’t. Especially since it’s teenage boys that were being pursued, not adult men.


I thought the God of fertility was Demeter?


Honestly 8m not sure anymore -__-


Hades, for the obvious reasons, but also just so I could use this line all the time:


Roman Gods: Bellona, Nox or Janus

Greek Gods: Thanatos, Nemesis or Chronos

… Ughh i definitly played to much Smite xD





Tyche/Fortuna would be the one I choose for my mother. I’d be the luckiest demigod around. Favor would always fall upon me. It’d be awesome!

Now if my father was the one who was a god, I’d want him to be Priapus/Priapos. I’d never have to worry about where my next meal would come from since my daddy would be the god of vegetable gardens. I’d be very self-sufficient. Only thing that might be a downside is people asking me about my dad’s penis size. Yes, he has a huge one and everybody knows it. Leave me alone!.


The thing is in classic mythology Least Greek and Roman demigods are heroes all of them. I’m perfectly fine being the weird virginal birth son of Athena.


Doesn’t that mean you’ll have to deal with spiders trying to kill you all the time?


Just mean the best silk :wink: I can be crazy sage wandering the land.


The crazy gorgan hunting sage constantly covered in spider bites. ’

I bet he’s immune to the spider venom by now. And look at that silk!


He will charm snakes and build cities,


Demeter. She was willing for humanity to die until she got her girl back.


She is a virgin Goddess, so conception and birth are going to be interesting!


Hekate, Goddess of magic, witchcraft, knowledge of herbs and poisonous plants, ghosts, necromancy, and sorcery.