If you were a demigod, which greek/roman god/goddess would you want as your parent?


Pluto got demoted recently… no longer a planet.
Which is totally relevant. Lol
They had a TON of God’s that never made the transition from the Greek originals.

Though one thing I was wondering is there a Roman version of Hercules? Because I’m fairly certain he was accepted among the gods after his labours… I think. My greek mythology is a little rusty.


Hercules is the Roman version. The Greek version is Heracles, named in honor of Hera so that she wouldn’t get too mad that Zeus had a kid with someone else :sweat_smile:

And Pluto is a planet in my eyes. I am in a permanent state of denial!


One of my biggest pet peeves, I know it’s silly but hearing people say “Hercules, son of Zeus” drives me crazy :disappointed:

and 100% agree on the Pluto front since it was brought up, it will always be a planet to me :heart:


I know, right? Rewatching Disney’s Hercules was a nightmare.


Pluto is a planet - just because some scientist wants to make a name for himself by being a contrarian jerk and imposing his will on others doesn’t mean I have to accept it.


Well said. A true champion of Pluto.


Zeus is the last god I’d want for a parent, especially if I was a girl. [shudders]



Yeah Zeus is basically a shape shifting womanizer and if I remember right I think he got it on with his sister Lannister style so yeah probably not a good idea to be his daughter.


Both of his sisters, actually… and one of his daughters, and just about every mortal or nature spirit who happened to catch his eye.


Y’all can calm down, it’s a planet again…well at least it’s not a not-planet anymore. It’s complicated


I’d like to have Hephaestus as a Father. In many legends, he is considered a kind and peaceful God who had a knack for creating things. Who wouldn’t want to have him as a father; he’s clearly one of the most beautiful of the male Greek Gods (when judging by personality :slight_smile:). Besides, I’d be able to make things with him and give him better company than his wife Aphrodite (who I’d probably avoid like the plague, depending on her personality :unamused:).

As for powers, maybe something that allows me to control Fire and the Earth to create things of my choosing wherever I go.

That said, I wouldn’t be against having Artemis or Hestia as my Adopted Mother (since they’ve both made vows swearing off physical relationships). I may not get powers because I wasn’t blood related to them, but I would end up getting a really cool uncle to hand out with and a mother who always around animals if my adopted mother was Artemis or a calm, gentle mother who values family yet refuses to be drawn into its dramas or the dramas of Olympus if it was Hestia.


You’ve got to love a good Pantheon!
Lotsa gods with complicated relationships. Makes me think of the Ars Goetia for some reason.


Greek mythology and history was what I did my degree in. So be warned, I may go into a bit too much obscure detail.

As for a parent, Athena without a doubt. Not only is wisdom, intellegence and all that jazz pretty much the most useful ability I could think of, she had a reputation for looking out for her chosen heroes (provided they didn’t get too full of themselves. Jason, I’m looking at you!) Plus she actually was rather good with children, mentoring Telemachus when Odysseus was taking his sweet time getting home. On top of that she normally avoided the bad behaviour of the other gods. For example, compare the story of Athena and Tiresias to the story of Artemis and Actaeon. Same initial transgression, horrifyingly different consequences.

Plus, she invented the legal system, was involved in the foundation of one of the greatest cities of antiquity and helped with the creation of beginnings of western civilisation. Why wouldn’t I want to be related to her?


So are we basically saying Zeus is a redneck? Because I really don’t want to be struck by lightning just yet I still have lots of Netflix to watch.


Don’t forget his niece!


Meh. They’re all a bunch of incestous bastards, the Greek Gods. Zeus is the worst by far I admit, but Persphone is Hades’ niece for crying out loud.


See this why Janus is best he never does any of this stupid stuff only the important Gods really seem to I guess cause there’s so few of them they don’t have many options but to incest or go around seducing mortals who they will outlive by a long long time. Minor Gods for the win!!!


Filthy Rome only minor god :tongue:

Although it wasn’t really just the major gods. Cupid dated a mortal, made her life miserable but she turned into a god at the end.

I still vote for Chaos, I’d probably just be a full blown primordial god then. And then I won’t have to worry about my dad going after my sister .

Now I’m thinking about the Egyptian pantheon…


Anubis cause then I would have power over bandages and internal organs and stuff and be the greatest doctor ever mwhahahahahahahah!!!


I hated it when I watched it. HATED!!! I might like it better if I rewatch.

Like what Marvel did to Norse mythology too.

But I did rather like Xena’s take on mythology. It was fun.

Hey Zeus didn’t discriminate! He wasn’t just about the women.