If you were a demigod, which greek/roman god/goddess would you want as your parent?


Beauty irregardless of gender, and the ability to charm anyone. So a persistent glamour :slight_smile:


Poseidon. I mean, the ability to control water? I think it’s pretty awesome. Plus, if Avatar taught me anything, it’s that bloodbending is badass.


i would choose Persephone or Hades


Hades (one of the nicer ones) Hestia (god of family and always nice) Cupid ( but you’d have an awful grandma) Athena if you’re ok with a cold parent. And Artemis, Hermes and Apollo I’d guess?


@Dark_Stalker Yeah, thanks. I do know my Greek Myth.

I don’t think Aphrodite’s all that awful. Still with Eros as father that’d be Psyche as mother.

I’d feel bad picking one of the virgin goddesses. They’re that way for a reason.

@Snoe Hmmm yeah Dionysus is a good one.

@moonwalkerdragon I’d choose Loki too (and I don’t care that he’s Norse). Because then I could be an awesome monster! Like an 8 legged horse! Or a wolf! Or a serpent!


One of the smaller gods, I think. They probably have less children and will LOVE&VALUE me more. Well, hopefully…

Ohh, maybe I’ll be the offspring of Iris. We can make beautiful rainbows together, and, I don’t know, travel through the sky and stuff. Some good, honest fun.


I think I’d go for one of the minor gods, like the Roman goddess of fountains. Because then no one would see me as a threat or want me to go on quests, but I would have small but significant water control powers.


Hades, though I am biased. He’s one of the surprisingly kinder gods, and your powers would be necromancy, bending shadows, pulling riches from the ground, and overall badassery.


Wouldn’t that make you an enemy of Persephone though? Or was she more easygoing than Hera?


Hades isn’t known for having kids. The one kid he does have most of the time, you don’t know the mother but most likely Persephone. The other one depends on the tale more and usually Zeus’s magic shape shifted rape baby (he pretended to be Hades) with Persephone. Though she did stomp one of the girls who got a little close to Hades into a flower, another she was active friends with.


Second choice would be Nike.



You want a shoe company to be your mother :smirk:


Hey, I wouldn’t want for money.


For the Romans, either Fortuna or Libertas. Mater Fortuna has a hymn , Mater Libertas has a fancy statue, how cool is that?

I wouldn’t mind singing about gopher tunas and putting boots on octopus and sending it to North Korea, but I’m quite afraid of the thought of my other mother’s statue being a Weeping Angel or something…


My first thought was Hades or Pluto, Hades for all of the cool shadowy related powers and Pluto for the wealth. But then I realize that being the child of any god, especially one of the big three, would bring endless complication and misery to my life. So maybe one of the less problematic, more chill gods. Like Hecate! :stuck_out_tongue:


Hades is Pluto. Hades is his Greek name, Pluto is his Roman name


I do know that, but the Greeks and Romans portrayed Hades/Pluto differently. Like, for the Greeks, they feared him more and had a bit more negative portrayal of him. However. the Romans focused more on the wealth aspect and thus, Pluto is more honored than the Greek counterpart, Hades. :smile:


Well with the way it was phrased you made it sound like you thought they were separate gods, I just wanted to make sure that was not the case. I’m aware of the little tweeks the Romans put into them, some like Pluto got a neat little upgrade and some…well didn’t


Like Poseidon. Poor little Neptune wasn’t respected as much as Pluto :sweat_smile:


Definitely mars, a combination of ares and athena is unbeatable against anyone.