If you were a demigod, which greek/roman god/goddess would you want as your parent?


I’ve always been partial to Athena myself, so I’d pick her for a mom. She also has the best portfolio imho. Intelligence, wisdom, war strategy, justice, inspiration, invention, literature, mathematics and the arts.


I’m more of a Hecate person myself.


Just slipping in
I guess Hypnos (god of sleep) would be my father…
I love sleep…okay? (I would have chose Thanatos but…the ‘guy with a title of Death’ is kind of mainstream and common now)


Mnemosyne, hands down. Mother is the goddess of memories, so I’ll never have to forget stuff again! My sisters are the Nine Muses, so I always have inspiration for my art, music, stories and stuff.


I’ll be a Clarence Thomas here and just say I agree with @P_Tigras here. It would finally solve my one intellectual problem too one would hope, my less than stellar abilities with math.


I think maybe Poseidon. I love the sea. Sailing on it, swimming in it. Oooh I love storms too. Yes this choice is working out.

Oooh seafood. I could live on fish quite happily.


hmm, I’m pretty sure demi gods can die(like Achilles, as in Achilles tendon) but where do they go? I’m guessing the underworld like everyone else, if I’m right then I’d have Hades as my father :stuck_out_tongue: . No powers needed just special treatment when I die :stuck_out_tongue: . Also, from what I know of greek/roman mythology, unlike many other depictions of gods, they’re not depicted as all loving, all good etc I don’t think, and pretty sure just like today in ancient greek/roman times there weren’t many times of peace, so hopefully being Hades’s apprentice and son should give me some protection :stuck_out_tongue: .


Probably a daughter of Poseidon, who then becomes a Huntress of Artemis.


Hmmm it’s hard to pick one so probably either Aphrodite,Demeter, or Hades.


I would have to say Morpheus or Phobetor. Dreams and nightmares are fascinating, being able to enter and mess with other people’s dreams? That’s just cool.


I’d want to be a child of Athena.

I…don’t know. I’ve just come to like her the most. She IS the most intelligent and wise after all.

It would also be pretty cool to know all outcomes for any action i might take. And knowing what actions i must take to reach a certain outcome.

Like if i were to, say, jump out of a 8th floor window, i would know exactly how to maneuver and land without injuring myself.

Or if i were to say something to someone, i’d know exactly how they’d respond or react.


2nd choice. Thanatos God of Death- The ability to kill people with a touch.
3rd choice. Hades/Pluto-the ability to control the dead and get rich.
4th choice. Nyx Goddess of the night-Control of Darkness.
1st choice. Chaos- I’d practically just be a full god then. It gave birth to everything else by itslef so mortal involvment shouldn’t be too bad.
5th choice. Kronos- Time powers


Definitely going with Hecate. Goddess of magic, sorcery, and ghosts.


If you want to go the really scary way you should probably choose Hecate/Trivia, since she was associated with the night, the vengeful dead (larvae), dogs, witchcraft and so on. I guess that you can make quite an extortion racket with that sort of scary connections.

Personally, I would probably choose Trivia when I’m in a more darker mood (Erebus would be a good choice, but that would probably be when I’m more on a “dark/depressing mood”). But I have also a great deal of respect for Terminus, the god of boundaries. In the classical world the division of different symbolic spaces was of the utmost importance, so I could probably get something to do in that department. Because of the same reason and of the more philosophical undertones that I could assume as a demigod, Janus is also a real favorite for the position.


You could always “sleep through” your problems. That would be nice :smiley:


I seem to recall most of the gods being absolutely awful parents. I also seem to recall the life of a demi-god, particularly one of Zeus’ offspring, being rather difficult.

So I’d be asking myself, who’d be the best parent?


I’d say Hestia (although she’s supposed to be an eternal virgin) because she’s the goddess of home and family so would probably do what’s best for you instead of what’s best for her.


I’d pick either Zeus or Poseidon or Athena. But according to the Percy Jackson app, my dad is Hades. So much for preferences? :0



As for what I would inherit from such a parent, well… I would be as strong and durable as the Earth itself. Being the child of the Earth I would wield all of its primal power having absolute control over all of it’s elements including life, since Gaia is the ancestral mother of all life she wields power over it, as would I. My life would be tied to the earth itself, so even if I was somehow miraculously killed I wouldn’t be gone for very long, for as long as the Earth is still in existence she will continue to give me life.


Erebus, the personification of darkness. As for my power, maybe I could extinguish all lights in my vicinity or something like that.