If you were a demigod, which greek/roman god/goddess would you want as your parent?


What do Zodiac signs have to do with Greek Deities ? Besides the fact that a lot of them were influenced by the Greek Myths.

@Beaterxys When it comes to the big three in terms of power, I think they’re all equal it’s just Zeus and Poseidon’s domains are more respected than Hades, so I don’t think it’s true that Hades would be stronger than his younger brothers.


Completely agree. I’m just biased toward Hades.


I do think Hades is the better/kinder deity though.


Well they’re all dicks. He’s like one level lower though lol.


Nyx.Ancient,mysterious,powerful and (very importantly) protective.So I can do all kinds of stupid shit then run back to my mama


You talking about the goddess of darkness? The mother of darkness and death?


Yeah goddess of the night and darkness, but unlike most gods she actually have a shit about her kids. Also she was the only one Zeus was scared of because she’s was even older than the Titans and more powerful than him. Her, Erebus, Gaia, Tartarus are children of Chaos who is the origin of greek mythology.


Not sure if anyone has mentioned him but i think janus is a cool choice.


Yeah,mother of death,but I remember darkness(Erebus) is her brother with whom she gave birth to death


Lmao that’s exactly what Hypnos did when he tried to put Zeus to sleep and Zeus got pissed. Hypnos ran back to mama Nyx and made her scare away Zeus. So yeah, she’s actually a very nice mom to have.


Chronos is a pretty powerful diety too .-. Not the titan Cronus


You can kind of do that with the video game Smite. All the characters are gods and you fight each other in a Moba type game.

As for my choice, I’d choose Hades hands down. As for my power sets.

Lower tier powers

  • spirit summoning/manipulation
  • negative emotion manipulation
  • ability to see anyones time left
  • shadow/darkness creation/manipulation

Mid tier powers

  • drain life essence
  • regeneration via using life essence
  • healing others via life essence
  • soul reading (able to see any beings past, alignment, sins, karmic level, lies and powers)
  • shadow step (move between shadows/darkness in the area)
  • teleport (using shadows as gates can teleport to distant places)
  • shadow clones

Top tier powers

  • decay (forcibly and rapidly age both the living and non living)
  • possession (can change into a phantom form and possess and control both the living and non living.)
  • ressurection (forcibly recall a beings soul into their if possible restored body or into the body of a living being.)
  • limited area time manipulation (hasten, slow, stop, reverse time of yourself, others and objects, but at the cost of your own life force)

Lots of powers I know, but hey I’d be a demi-god and these seemed to fit the bill with Hades as my father. And it was fun creating this list. :grin:




But that’s a game…


And those dieties are fictional…your point? At least with the game you can duke it out and see which god of yours is better instead of just arguing about it.


Well not all of them, since in Hinduism they have multiple Gods that they actively worship.


So somebody’s belief is fictional?


Everyones free to believe in and worship whoever and whatever they want. Just because I don’t believe in them, doesn’t make them any less real to them. Just like not everyone believes in and worships the God I do. Do I care? No, because it doesn’t hurt or affect me negatively in way.

So quit trying to instigate @DontJudge


I wasn’t instigating I was merely stating a fact.


Not you. I just quoted both of you for the top part. The instigating part was for him only, hence why the @ only had his name for tge instigating part.