If you were a demigod, which greek/roman god/goddess would you want as your parent?


I honestly hated how PJATO flanderized some aspects of Greek mythology and whitewashed them. They were pretty horrible in some aspects due to differing cultural viewpoints (which offends our XXI century sensibilities) but seriously, if you’re going to use the Greek pantheon and the whole mythology that comes with it, don’t sweep things under the rug like it’s no big deal.

But this thread isn’t about that.

You, good sir/madam, are doing gods’ work. Plenty of people who shit on Ares, but not many who see past his failures and acknowledge that he was quite a better parent than most Greek goods.

My Ares mythology was pretty rusty anyway, so it was nice to get an impromptu refresher on him :grin:

Also, it’s funny that people who have said Kratos have the Spartan demi/god in mind, because the actual Kratos from mythology was more low-key and didn’t feature as much in myths (though he was quite brutal as well, at least in Prometheus Bound).

As for me, I’d say either Athena or Nike. Athena because she was the one Greek goddess I’ve kinda liked the most for some years (I even have a statuette of her armed with spear and shield and with her owl lol), but I suppose it’s because she embodies aspects that have interesting relationship between them: warfare (though I always thought it was ‘strategic’ warfare) and wisdom.

However, her virgin status is a problem, so I’d probably go for Nike/Victoria. She’d be a pretty good mother: as the personification of Victory, she’d always encourage me to be better and improve myself in order to succeed in anything I did. Yeah, moms do that already, but imagine the Goddess of Victory doing it. That’d be fucking awesome! Also, if I’m not mistaken, she was the one to drive Zeus’ chariot every time he rode into battle with his lightning bolts. So yeah, Nike is really awesome as far as minor gods/goddesses go. And I’d also get to hang out with Athena too, since they seem to be pretty much best pals. Athena would be a pretty cool Aunt, I think. :heart_eyes:

As for powers, I’d probably have the chance to grow wings and fly (Nike was one of the few, if not the only, goddess/divine being to keep her winged imagery from earlier versions through evolution and cultural diaspora), I’d also like some reality-bending powers, basically having a probability of odds kinda thing that sort of helped me achieve VICTORY in anything I set out to do. I’d be happy with that,

Nike best mom!


Well, if the Fate franchise has anything to say about it, you’re not alone in that regard.


Oho, i’m totally going to be born from a secret liasion between Thanatos and Persephone with Hades as my “adoptive” daddy because who can resist flowers, riches, rebellion, and tragic love story :joy:??


Thetis. Hopefully she double dips this time.


Hades or Prometheus, because I just like Hades and Prometheus loves humans.


iIt’s either of these three,

* Hermes PJ Series and COG kind of painted him in a light that he is one of the sorta much humane gods given the fact he’s the messenger of them, plus, i like how he uses his wits to trick his own family for the sake of amusement

  • Hades. He’s one of the most chill gods, like he’s probably done lesser (or even none) dick moves to mortals and creatures for his own pleasure and desire.

* Apollo. He’s the god of the sun, music, medicine, music, and other stuff that i am interested about; it’d be cool to learn those things from him.



Hades. no contest. strongest of the three.


Not really. Also can’t really compare the strength of those three gods. They’re pretty much equal Zeus and Poseidon probably slightly above.


if anything i say hades a bit above poseidon.


Why is that? Theres no way to decide who’s more powerful. The gods aren’t video game characters where we can compare their powers.


I’m so with you there…Athena for the win! and is that…pisces? no wait…Gemini?

I loved that serie so much…:sob:


In Greek culture there are minor gods who are weaker than the original 12 gods…


I’m talking about Zeus, Poseidon and Hades.


I think Aries is the most handsome and most powerful…

But the old guy Libra will turn into a young guy right ? I forget but Libra has the most hidden power :wink:

@E_RedMark Taurus and Leo didn’t look like ladies , but Aries is quite lady like :wink:


they all couldve been womens if you ask me…

well maybe not the pheonix…:sweat_smile:

too bad they werent though…


The zodiacs themselves aren’t gods…but their are gods/goddesses associated with them .-.


Yeah just wait until Hera hears about you XD
Seriously she was super awful to Zeus’s Bastards, but I mean she was the godess of Marriage so.


Poseidon one of the Twelve Olympians in ancient Greek religion and myth. He was god of the Sea and other waters; of earthquakes; and of horses.
how many skills would i get.
(or so i think)


Venus. Enough said


Ares or Mars