If you were a demigod, which greek/roman god/goddess would you want as your parent?


Definitely Hades, he’s my favorite :slight_smile:


Does the Hridra Count? You know the dragon with 100+ heads.


I would definitely want Nyx as my mother because she can make Zeus, King of the Gods, piss his pants. And that’s a respectable merit tbh. Nyx is an iconic role model.


Do you mean the Hydra ? That’s a monster not a god, so one of your parents would be into bestiality.


I’m a necromancer, raising the deads what I do.


Mother goddess Gaea.
Always Gaea<3


Artemis. For extra angst considering my sex. And the virginity thing.


Hades he’s by far the most normal god while the others were having incest he was like EF this im staying in the underworld with ma wife.


You mean the poor goddess that was just minding her business and he just kidnapped her and forced her to be his “wife” ?


You’d probably be adopted though. Her, Athena, and Hestia ain’t breaking that vow of virginity. They’re like the Goddesses of asexuals lol

@CreoleGuy519 Yes thank you! I hate the whole romanticization of this people try to make.


i know she isn’t a godess, but lately i’ve been feeling medusa yknow? snakes as hair, minimal shampoo and maximal snake kisses…telling people to fuck off or be turned to stone…sigh. also: wings

  1. You’re Welcome. I agree some people really do try to romanticize this whole Cluster F**K of a pantheon

  2. I think it’s hilarious that people keep picking Artemis even though in mythology she made a vow to keep her virginity and turned a guy into a deer and had him torn apart by her hunting dogs for being a peeping Tom. Imagine what she’s going to do to people trying to woo her. Yes I know this is a what if scenario but even in scenarios there are still rules we should take into account so it’s both plausible and possible. Even in Percy Jackson, there were deities that weren’t having children because it would be inaccurate if they were. (Again I know this is a what if Scenario)


Yeah one of the reasons I like the Percy Jackson books because they didn’t completely destroy everything about the myths, they changed a little things but still kept their core characteristics.
Athena, Hestia, and Artemis have a vow of virginity, but doesn’t mean they won’t adopt in a way. Artemis and her Hunters are pretty much her adopted daughters.
Also Athena, because surprise surprise (as always with these gods) Hephaestus tried to rape Athena, but she fought him off and pretty much told him to fuck off, but a drop of his seed fell down onto Earth impregnating Gaia and giving birth to some dude which Athena felt bad for and kinda helped raise him. So yeah Hephaestus ain’t a good dude neither.


Medusa has been my mythology waifu crush since day 1. What she experienced was so horrible. She is the victim, yet she was the one who got punished.


Athena is a virgin goddess but Rick decided that brain children were a good excuse

Goddess of the moon and hunt is pretty cool, so I can understand why they’d want her as a parent. But yeah, it’s kind of funny that people forget that fact.

maybe they should try to join her hunters instead?


Depends on the version, in the original she was already a monster along with her two sisters the other Gorgons. Until some Roman dude came later and made his version with the whole Poseidon thing.


Ah yes, the romans™

I think it was a version where she wasn’t raped and actually went along with it. Mythologies have so many different versions. There’s a modern take on it that Athena helped Medusa by turning her into a gorgon. Imo it’s even more confusing because Athena helped the guy who killed her.


Yeah that’s why I just go with the original since, to much for my brain to remember all these different ones.
Also I just saw a short story of Medusa adopting a blind baby. So if you wanna be her child be blind I guess lol.


Hey, the one on Youtube, right? I saw it too a few years back.

There’s also an illustration of a blind woman falling in love with Medusa.


If you want any relationship with Medusa be blind.


Yeah, I think being part dragon would be awesome.