If you were a demigod, which greek/roman god/goddess would you want as your parent?


Why would you want that greek/roman god/goddess as your parent?
That said, what abilities would you want to have as a demigod ?


Zeus definitely, he is the king of the gods, thus I would be a princess…even if I’m a bastard, I’ll still call the title :yum: :princess:


Nyx :heart: :heart: :heart:

Edit: Whom even Zeus is afraid of.

Edit 2: The powers of Nyx would be my choice, once more.


Loki, I mean, who doesn’t like to cause mischief :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:?


The Greek/Roman version of Loki is Mercury, messenger of the gods and patron of mischief makers everywhere.


Loki is Norse, not Greek/Roman


in my head… :stuck_out_tongue: :heart:


No wonder I’m getting a shiver down my spine…


Oops, sorry my bad :sweat_smile:

Aries who I think is the messenger of the Greek gods?
EDIT: or Mercuary like @Eiwynn said (thanks pal I.O.U 1 :smile:)


Hermes/Mercury is who you are thinking of


I corrected myself, I flunked history okay don’t judge me!!!


Probably one of the eternally virgin goddesses, like Artemis or Hestia or Athena, because a virgin birth PLUS demigod status would omen forth great things for me.

Maybe not good things, but definitely great things.


My parent? I’d say Kratos, but he’d probably end up slaying me and my mom :sweat_smile:

How about Athena (or Bellona)? I’d say Aries but his views on War are too chaotic for my liking…


I thought you’d go for Artemis. I totally called that you’d reject Aries btw :slight_smile:


Wait a sec, let me check that book, Greek Deities for Dummies

Artemis - Goddess of the moon, hunting, and nursing.

Not really my style…


I will choose Eris, goddess of chaos, discord and strife. My personality is the exact opposite so that’s gonna be fun. ‘Mom, please stop messing up my room, I’m trying to work here’.


Janus so I could see both the past and the future and also do an awesome Matrix Morpheus impression

also I would have power over all doors which means I could break into anywhere
#Janus most underrated God



I’d most probably pick Hades.

I know this might sound dumb,but after Children Of The Gods,I felt really close to him.

I’ll never forget you,Uncle Henry.


I’d think it’d be cool to be a child of Asteria, a goddess of stars and dreams. (“Nighttime divinations” as it’s called)

I mean how cool would it be to control dreams and the stars?