If you switched gender for a day what would you do?


Imagine one day you wake up the wrong gender and you magically knew that in a day you would revert to your norman normal gender, what would you do?


Depends on the day. If it was a work day I’d probably call in sick (which wouldn’t even be a complete lie) and then spend my entire day behind my computer. (Pretty much what I’d do on any other day off. :expressionless:)

Not sure what should be so interesting about switching gender. It doesn’t affect a whole lot as long as you don’t have to interact with other people.


Well… I have to admit , I have always admired some clothes of a specific era Girls would wear, or heck any clothes that catches my fancy really. So ill have to say id probably be Trying on all the clothes i liked that would NEVER look good on me but …they just look so awesome, hard to say xD.

I cant help but giggle to myself that wearing all kinds of pretty dresses was the first thing i thought about eheh :joy:

Have to admit some girl clothes has that extra spark to it then guy clothes (to me at least)


Call up my best friend and go shopping with her, trying on as much cute/sexy clothes as I could.


With this in mind, I’d spend the day doing something like binge watching one (or more) of the 67 series I have flagged in Netflix


Gender, or sex? 'cause I’m given to understand that they’re different things.

I could give a serious, thoughtful response here, but to be perfectly honest, I would probably react like this.


Yes, I’d gone to the high school and then I would go to the best university. Who knows? But if I’d been shaken, so I’d wondered what I would do.

To be honestly, I want to change sex. But I’m thinking of doing it.

It depends on what you mean. I know that it is the wrong topic, but I also wonder why we use the English word sex, for example, sexuality, intercourse and gender today.


If I switched sex for a day, I’d see about making that permanent. It’d make my life quite a bit easier and more affordable in the long run.


Stream on Twitch and get tons of neetbux donations.


If I switched sex for a day, I would research why and figure out the how and if it was possible to make it permenent, since I know someone who would benefit from that. (Also magic has just been introduced to my life, no way I am letting it slip away again without finding a way to wield it.)

If I could shift gender for a day, I would like to be agender and have everyone know and accept it.


My day wouldn’t change to much. Night on the other hand… sry couldn’t help myself.


Same thing I would do on a normal day…drink heavily


Sleep for 24 hours straight…


I wouldn’t deny it, I would likely try ‘stimulation’, just to see how different it would be for a girl. Otherwise I would keep up with writing and likely stay in since I now have extra parts I have no clothing for… :grimacing:


I would continue to write and browse YouTube. That’s really it.


Go out and flirt with the cutest guys I could find, make a special note of the ones that turned out to be gay, and then hunt them down when I turned back… :smiling_imp:

Ah, who am I kidding, I’d just stay at home writing and surfing the net, like the huge nerd I am. :sweat_smile:


Eh, a day isn’t that long. I’ll propably still go to college and such. Do I insta-grow a beard and moustache? That’ll be fun. Today I am a hairy mountain man and tomorrow I’ll be me again. Most likely I’ll make bad jokes until the shine wears off. My clothes won’t differ much, I don’t like skirts or dresses. The only trouble I might have would be the different hip size and such but I could always wear my PJ’s in case of emercency. I might have some trouble going to the toilet though, but as long as I can sit, I’ll manage. I would much rather turn into a fantasy creature for a day TBH.


probably…get scared I might like it, and on that note complain and moan about my dilemma to anyone who’ll listen, and glare at them if they suggest I’m lying lol.


As far as I know sex is biology and reproductive roles, and gender is a psychological and social thing.

I’m going off the assumption that OP is talking about the physical aspect. In which case I think it would be an interesting experiment, socially speaking. It would probably undermine a lot of my assumptions as to how people react to me.

We’re not the most adventurous group, are we? :sweat_smile:


These answers are hilarious. :joy:

I’d go buy the sharpest suit I could find, go to a bar, and hit on straight women. Most guys have no idea how women would like to be approached, so I could make someone’s night.

…Unless I managed to pick one up, then I would probably have no idea how to work the anatomy. “Excuse me, could you wait there on the bed while I figure out how I should be moving my hips?” Yeah, better call it a night at the doorstep.